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Short Quill is not happy.

He has just written what he considers to be the short story he has put the most effort into and now he can't get it published. It was meant to go into a weekly leaflet of short stories known all across Equestria, but the publisher believes it doesn't meet the specific taste of readers and wants it rewritten to be more orientated about the princesses. This is the first and possibly only chance for him to become known outside of Manehatten and one way or the other he's going to get it in the paper.

Even if he has to come up with something he absolutely loathes.

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Don't you change a thing. Unless it's for grammar but I didn't see many things there that needed fixing. Just the occasional comma r in one case it used the word he to refer to Luna.


I get the feeling suggesting edits would only lead to one thing: Chapter 5. :applejackconfused:

( So go for it.) :raritywink:

...Im oddly hungry for muffins at this current point in time.

“This… is the greatest thing I have ever read in my life.”


In order to increase the odds, we might need a Chapter 5 where Short Quill gives up on Equestrian Tall Tales entirely and rewrites for an adult magazine.

I'm thinking Four Princesses Doing Unspeakable Things With A Muffin.

“Fne, if this is what all of you want,” Twilight Sparkle stated and floated over a cooking book, “then let’s show this muffin whose boss!”


Ridiculous and amusing, yet tying up at the very end with what appears to be a rather important little note.

I love it.

:rainbowlaugh: This story is beautiful. Absolutely brilliant.

This is going to be good...

Everypony would be pleased by writing about diamond dogs fighting with gryphons, and the princesses stopping that battle. Period.

Muffins. How to make it more exciting?

Easy. Add cake, and honey.

I almost dismissed this story for sounding too meta, but I'm glad I read it. it was great.

And now I wonder how much of this I'm guilty of, as a reader. :pinkiesad2:

I shall now write a story about the mane 6 merging into one body, and the cheerful--yet abominable--nature of the creature will terrify all the residents of Ponyville.

Thank you for inspiring me.

You should send this to EQD.

Screencap their reactions.

Wow, this really makes me think, kinda reminds me of the "Wizards or Waverly" episode, where the artist guy has so much trouble trying not to be "an organ-grinder's monkey" or something...

I took a chance, chuckled mightily.

Only thing I would change is the title, really. I mean, not only does it contain negative finesse or subtlety, it gives everything away. :rainbowlaugh:


Subtle... really subtle...

Then again, considering the environment as of late, I have nothing against very thinly veiled "fuck yous" to both the audience and the "professional critics" out there. :ajsmug:

Have a like!

You know, it has to be a compromise of sorts when you write stories, if you don't write stuff people want to read, then you won't make much headway, and if you don't write stuff you're happy with, you won't be satisfied either, so you could always write down the original, and then when you're famous and possibly rich enough, that people will want to read your work, because of your reputation and so on, you can publish the original then.... Or the guy could've just made the princesses fight against the four ponies in the room, or their forces or something like that...

This has been sitting in my 'Read Later' list for a little while, and I finally got to it. It was really funny and I can only imagine deathly accurate by today's standards in publishing. It got a good laugh out of me. Kudos!
Unfortunately, as an editor, I have to tell you that there are so many spelling and grammar mistakes in here that it almost made me cringe. Frankly, if the story hadn't made me laugh, I would have downvoted it. If you'd had a proper editor, you probably would have gotten a fave from me, but as it stands, you'll have to settle for an upvote.

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