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Aqua Drops

Basically stories of Celestia and Luna bickering like sisters. Or Celestia being a jerk. Or Luna being clueless. XD


Nightmare Moon.... eternal night.... sun exploded into smitherins... at least, thats what Celestia expects to find when she finds out her little sister is last on the Princess Poll... again. For literally the thousandth time. Well, especially considering what happened the very first time the poll was released.

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Why do I get the feeling this story is kinda based off of this one?

Blowing up the sun? That's one way to bring eternal night.

Well, this is nice,

*post reading comment haha*

What. Really. Twelve votes? TWELVE? Sure Luna had had her bad years with the poll, but twelve votes? TWELVE?

If I were a princess, that'd be the amount of votes I got :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, so... anyone else here wonder if maybe Luna gets last place because of things like her violent temper tantrums? There might be a correlation there.

Trollestia strikes back!:trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

Well, that was rather amusing.

I was hoping for an epic fight between the princesses :(

Interesting polling, biased from the intro.
Luna isn't even mentioned.
:duck: I simply cannot allow this insult to fabulousity go unchallenged!

Poll published by the Sunny Skies Publishing Group.... :trollestia:

7971892 It isn't I have never read that one before... but it was good

7971972 or is it because the lousy biased scumbags of Equestria are lousy and biased? and scumbags?

7973469 yeah... so rude... Luna should have blown it up

That does sound like something she might scream during one of those tantrums, yes.

7974511 wow... I didn't think Luna knew Harry Potter.

I wonder how Twilight would react if Cadance beat her on this poll.

All sounds legit to me. Okay, maybe Cadasce should have placed one higher, but otherwise, seems perfectly logical...

7974481 Still
This story was good. I liked it :derpytongue2:


LOL... this was perfect, nice job

7974841 maybe how Celestia reacted when Twilight beat her... that wasn't pretty

7975042 thanks! :twilightsmile:

7975580 :rainbowlaugh:

7976227 thank you :pinkiehappy:

Good show, keep it up!

I would sure like to read that, or Twilight beating Cadance in the poll, if you wrote it as a fanfic.

7975030 remember how all of the ponies of Equestria would vote. The majority of them dont live in the Crystal Empire and Twilight scored first on the last poll (in that episode Rarity opened her shop in Canterlot)

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