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Grammer a Week 22: Word Splits · 2:46am May 21st, 2016

This is Grammer a Week, the periodic blog program-thing where I soapbox about a grammar subject I find interesting. You might, too! This week's installment is about commonly confused words and whether they should be written as one or two. Onto vs. on to? Into vs. in to? Everyday vs. every day? There are dozens of these compound words that can either appear stuck together or separated by a space. Though some word pairs have the same meaning when stuck together, some are subtly different.

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I'm not dead. · 4:33am Feb 11th, 2019

And to those of you who know what's going on, I am not at all being facetious.

I wrote something. I guess it's a bit of perspective for me to say it really doesn't matter that much to me whether you read it. But it concerns Flarity, if you're interested. (And if you're wondering, it's not a philosophical discussion about anything; it's just a story.)

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Wow! You've got so many Stories now, and to think I was there at the very beginning. Keep up the Good work.

I absolutely love your stories! :pinkiecrazy:Keep up the awesome work! :heart:

Are you a fan of spike the dragon and list any spike ship that you faves!?!

unless it's one of those winters where the top of the snow is frozen and you no longer need snow shoes to go in the really deep snow because the ice layer holds you'r wait. I hate those ones because I can't go snow drift diving, I am the most childish of 12th graders

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