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Celestia is totally exhausted working hard day in day out, and eventually decides to use magic to get herself some much-needed rest. The spell she uses is a mite too powerful though, and isn't she in for a shock when she wakes up...

Commissioned by someone who wants to remain anonymous. Thanks for the idea though, dude!

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I love it!

part of me wanted to see the "OH MY UNDEAD [TEACHER/SISTER/AUNT]! SHE'S NOT DEAD!" Moment when she finally reveals herself.

But I suppose that wasn't the point.

8511991Thanks! :twilightsmile:

8512060 Some things are best left to the imagination... :raritywink:

I like it, just wish it hadn’t ended when it did. But no matter. Fun enough for what it is. Have an upvote.

8512060 I did, too, but as the author pointed out, some things are best left to the imagination.
Wouldn't mind an epilogue if he decides to go for that, though... :trixieshiftright:

I don't know if this really qualifies as Trollestia, but it was still pretty damn funny. :trollestia:

Maybe I'll do a sequel or another chapter of similar length, if this is popular and I get enough requests (please don't crowd my inbox, though. Just comment below.) :scootangel:

8512144 It wasn't supposed to be 'Trollestia', just a bit of random fun. Nopony got hurt in the end, but I'm sure a lot of explaining had to be done later by various ponies... :pinkiesmile:

the tiny hamlet of Ponyville


This was very enjoyable to read. I nice little bit of randomness to break up the monotony of the day. Great job. Maybe there could be more, but I wouldn't have the slightest clue where to go. Good thing I'm not the one writing it, then!

Discord would reveal the truth at a moment that does not suite Celestia if he knew and try to claim as his own prank possibly. Discord could just as well suggest the Smooze as a successor.

How long was Celestia asleep and not sure if that was a sleep spell if made her appear dead.

Celestia is totally exhausted working hard day in day out, and eventually decides to use magic to get herself some much-needed rest. The spell she uses is a mite too powerful though, and isn't she in for a shock when she wakes up.

If only she knew what she could have done with her eyes to begin with...

I think the point is that she's so used to working hard, it's almost like she's forgotten how to sleep. It makes sense in context (maybe). :scootangel:

Oh no no, I got the point, honestly I did. I just thought from a different perspective it seemed really weird to use magic to do something that any living creature that isn't a goldfish could do naturally. It is an interesting idea though and I like the writing. I just can't help but think how weird it is for magically-gifted characters to use magic for even the most simple biological functions.

Will add to Watch and give it a Like. :)

Lol, if you find time, you should write a second piece that goes over everyone's reaction to Celestia being okay and the fallout for the princesses.

More realistically, Starlight would swoop in and mind control everyone, even a Moon goddess, to worhsipping her and making her the ruler instead.

Starlight OP hasbruh, pls nerf.

This short story really brought a smile upon my face. :pinkiehappy:

For that, and the hilarious premise and the overall work, you get my kudos!

Thumb's up and fav for this, and if there is a sequel, I'll be happy to read it! :twilightsmile:

Okay, I'll try to review this without putting both feet into my mouth, even though only Trixie rivals me in the department.

I loved the tone of the narration and the characterization. Sure, some would say the latter's not quite faithful, but we can all agree it's so much more entertaining than in the show. :trollestia:

I liked these lines;

even bashing herself over the head repeatedly with blunt objects

You'd think she was mega-powerful, or something. Weird.

but frankly she didn't care a jot. Bwhahahaha!

Celestia's first proper day off in eons was far more important than kissing foals, improving foreign relations or attending boring meetings designed at keeping the fabric of society together. In her totally unbiased opinion, anyway.

Besides, she was in charge, and if anypony disagreed she would simply have them executed. Or sternly reprimanded, at the very least. She was feeling extraordinarily generous today.

Eradicate all Changelings from the face of the world? Hmm... good job we won't need that one anymore!

Mix up the title of every book in Equestria? Hmm, not quite what I had in mind, but I bet Twilight will get a kick out of this! Think I'll save it for later.

Not many lifeforms could've translated this long-obsolete tongue... but she was Celestia. She could do awesome stuff like that, don't you know.

She didn't even snore in the midst of her heavy slumber. What majesty! What class! What...


Yes! Yes! Mourn me! Worship me! Lavish me forever! These ponies don't 'get' me at all...

Celestia was most disappointed at her sibling's underwhelming soliloquy, and made a mental note to demote her to star duty as soon as this unseemly farce was over.

"Huh! Useless! Still, what should I expect from a stallion who couldn't even tell the difference between me and a hideous Changeling Queen?!"

"Ga ga goo goo ga!" (Translation: "Actually, youth is far more important. Now, excuse me while I nibble on your ear, Auntie Luna.")

So it's a hibernation spell, not a nap spell; could be useful for sufferers of extreme frostbite or other life-threatening conditions, if their heart can be safely stopped for an extended period of time.

Amazing story I love it but i would have like to see how every pony would react If celestia had burst out of the coffin and what would she do to every pony

My headcanon of what Celestia is like when no one is looking.

I'm kind of curious is this pre-discord release because I can only imagine that this would be something he'd put his two cents in.

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