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This story is a sequel to Diamond Tiara's Shock Announcement

Diamond Tiara had something very important to tell her family, but it didn't quite work out. Undeterred, she decides to try again with renewed determination... it can't all go wrong again, right? Right?!

This story is a sequel to Diamond Tiara's Shock Announcement. It's essential you read that one first, or you won't understand what the heck's going on.

Theres ANOTHER sequel after this called Diamond Tiara's Shock Announcement: Third Time's The Charm . Phew. What a lot of reading.

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Spoiled took the news far better than I expected, I would've imagined her to have a few "choice words" for her daughter. But I suppose if that earlier comment, even if it was just intended for a different topic, is any indication, Spoiled herself would've been a lezbian were it not for her parents insistent she marry traditional and into wealth. :rainbowlaugh:

Damn. I was hoping for Spoiled to have a heart attack and Randolph dancing over her body

8120827 Maybe she will later... she's just in shock, for now... :raritywink:
8120854 Wow... that's pretty damn dark. :twilightoops:

One point:

it all has something to do with importing Zap Apple Jam to remote locations.

It should be exporting. Importing would mean they were somehow bringing it in from remote locations as opposed to sending it out to them.

I had forgotten about the date for part one, so that was a bit of a twist for why they didn't believe to me. Also, glad it ended up being proven as true with a big ol' wet smooch.

8120864 Oops, duly fixed. Thanks for the heads-up. :twilightsmile:

I really like seeing these two together! :pinkiehappy:

8120827 I'm sorry, but I can't buy Spoiled Rich being a lesbian. Maybe in her younger years, but her current looks make her out to be straight. Besides, she's way too prissy and up-tight.

Spoiled Rich.exe has stopped working...

Hm... since Filthy Rich already sells Zap Apple Jam and it made the family fortune, I'm guessing he already exports it to nearby locations. But if they could ship it to, say, Saddle Arabia? Send it to one of the major trade towns around the frontier? Open something up in the Crystal Empire? The thing is, I don't see how Filthy Rich wouldn't have already looked into those sorts of things considering that the sell of Zap Apple Jam seems to be pretty important to his business empire. Hm... maybe better jar sealing to keep the Zap Apple Jam from spoiling over the long trip? Better advertising?

Being ugly and having a stuck-up prissy nose doesn't make you look straight.

8121181 I don't think she's ever 'worked' a day in her life... :raritywink:
8121184 Until it's confirmed in canon, I'm sure there are plenty of places that haven't tasted the glory that is Zap Apple Jam! :scootangel:
8120941 My second favourite DT pairing! :twistnerd:

Okay, THAT was FUNNY!!!:pinkiehappy:

Well, given how spoiled rich was potrayed in the Show, I never thought she could react so positive. Another good Story

And so... Someone learned to check the date. Someone ELSE, I mean.

I think she killed Spoiled "Milk" Rich.

8121220 Thanks! I aim to please. :scootangel:
8121257 I don't think she 'reacted' at all, really. Just kind of collapsed, poor thing. :unsuresweetie:
8122142 I'm sure there's a South Park joke to be made here, but I'll let someone else field it. :pinkiesmile:
8122009 That's what he's paid for... to be attentive, loyal and extremely patient. :ajsmug:

8122155 I will take her a long time to process that

8121184 Mm, yeah, okay, I see your point. She doesn't strike me as the lesbian type, more of the gold digger "marriage for money" type.
8121186 And what's the first? ScooTiara?

a room full of joyless bureaucratic suits.

He's giving a speech to the racks at MensStallions Warehouse?

Eh ... the first one was funnier.

Great story and funny too. Although, I've come to expect that from you. This is going into my favorites immediately. :pinkiesmile:

What's Spoiled so disgusted over; she said earlier that she would still "accept" her daughter no matter what? The double standard is alive and well with that one.

8160590 I think maybe she was being a tad facetious... :twistnerd:

Most likely. Either way, she deserves everything she's getting.

"Di, what are you doing?! You..." 'SMOOCH'

Best line in that story.:rainbowlaugh:

All of my :rainbowlaugh:

Oh dear Luna my sides! :rainbowlaugh:

'Fool me once, shame on you'. 'Fool me twice, shame on...' how does the rest of that phrase go again, Filthy?"

"E-Er, is it: 'shame on me'?"

"Nice of you to admit it, sweetie.

My favorite exchange from this whole shebang. Very well done, can't wait to read part 3!

Well, you know what they say: 'Fool me once, shame on you'. 'Fool me twice, shame on...' how does the rest of that phrase go again, Filthy?"

“Fool me twice…uh… well you can’t get fooled again”

Hahaha, I've always appreciated the phrase "Gay as a maypole." just so perfectly delightful. n_n

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