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Hearth's Warming is a wonderful time for everypony...except for the naughty ponies who can only expect coal from Santa Hooves. Diamond Tiara is one of those ponies, and she's not looking forwards to it...but a lot can change in a short time.

Merry Christmas everyone!

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

Cover Art thanks to Littleblackraencloud!

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This was realy touching :3

the gifts labeled 'From Diamond to Santa.' ".. We've got to find a spray for those d---d typos good story Merry Christmas .

This was nice. Simple but very sweet :twilightsmile:

Most excellent. I love it when Diamond or other characters are redeemed.

Awwww! :heart:

wait, y did Silver Spoon get coal then?

It is short, but very heartwarming! :pinkiesad2:

What goes around comes around again, and this is a lovely story of stuff like that happening when it comes to good karma. I love the little references and all the little little intricacies that went into this, to be expected from a GW story! I think the line


Is one of the funniest, one of the most unexpected lines of ever heard from a Christmas special!

Thanks for the fav!

And glad you liked it! I thought it would be fun to show one of the reformed characters get the experience of realizing karma's on their side now.

And glad you liked that line! It felt natural for Diamond to say back when she was spoiled rotten.

(WOW I typo'd hard on that last one, DERP!)

No problem man, story, round robin, or comment you always put out great stuff while justifying the content. Not just throwing it out there for the sake of it.


Thanks, that means a llot, especially coming from you, given I really respect your stuff.

Aww that was cute. Diamond really needs more screen time now that show is good

Nice story, but a little strange though, I would've thought there were actual diamonds in the coal, to be a lesson to Diamond, showing that there's goodness, strength and beauty in all of us, and sometimes, it takes some digging, or maybe even some pressure and heat, hard times, tough love, and even trials by fire, to turn something nasty into something beautiful, pure, strong and everlasting....

Good read, good read. Always nice when a formerly-naughty character is expecting the same-old, same-old from ol' Santa, and then gets the shock of their lives. It proves without a doubt that they've successfully made the Turn. Because, if there's one thing everypony knows about Santa, it's that... He knows.

I know the situation is completely different, but I can't help but be reminded of all the "Calvin and Hobbes" strips where Calvin tries to suppress his rebellious nature in hopes of staying off Santa's naughty list.

From what I've heard, the deal with all the coal is that back when that became part of the Santa mythos, most people used coal to heat their homes. So coal was basically a boring but practical gift along the lines of underwear and socks - as in "You may have been a total jerk, but you don't deserve to freeze to death".

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