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Celestia doesn't begin the day as the Princess everypony admires. No, she begins it as a tired Alicorn just getting out of bed...

Basically, I've been reading fanfics and noticed a lot of writers manage to take an extremely simple premise and turn it into a good story. Well, I wanted to do that myself and see if I could actually make it work.

In this case, simple: Princess Celestia's morning. I tried my best to make a cute little funny, engaging story out of it. Hope I succeeded!

And for once, no real spoilers except for a few mentions of IDW! Enjoy!

Coverart thanks to onkelscrut on DA!

EDIT: Audio adaptation here! http://youtu.be/1-tVGWNAdXo Thanks to Randomreader-001 for this immensely!

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Comments ( 31 )

That was really nice, why doesn't this have more likes? :raritydespair: It's a disgrace!

That was a really good story, though it was a bit on the shorter side. Nonetheless, well done!

As do we, Tia…Are ye ready?
Correction: Art thou ready?

But nicely written nonetheless, albeit a little short - you could probably get it a third as long again without losing pace.

very cute, i like little 'moment' stories like this


"Celestia slowly walked over to the mail set out for her by her loyal Guards had set out for her."

"Royal wheelbarrow."

Even if I hadn't enjoyed any part except that, you would be getting a like and this story favorited. Seeing as I did, in fact, love this little story and am wishing it was longer... You still get this story liked and favorited. Sorry, I don't have any cake to give you in addition. Besides, Celly would just eat it all. :scootangel:

Not bad at all.

Very well done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh? So you posted something cute huh. Well, two can play at that game.


I liked it. Short and sweet.

Cute and fun. It was a bit too slice-of-lifey for me I think though. A fun moment story but I was startled when it ended because I didn't think it had gone anywhere.

Yo, your story is not in any groups. Ive taken the liberty of adding it to protect celestia, celestia is the best pony, and luna and celestia.

Groups are a great way to promote your stories. Peace.

That was a nice little way to start the morning. :pinkiesmile:

Letter from ponies requesting her presence for various events,

Only one letter for those various events? Wow, that'll take a while for her to read.

Short, simple, and really enjoyable. :twilightsmile: This is a nice change of pace when it come to Celestia starting her day and what not. As far as I know your one of the few only Authors to consider that P.C. doesn't always have a mystic mane and tail. "The Century of the Chubby Celly" and the "Royal wheelbarrel" jokes were pretty good too. Awesome job on the task you set out to do.

SEQUEL! and it must cover that dreaded civil war fought within the confines of her wonderfully cosmic mane! microscopic representations of the bloody and tragic life of battlefield operations, tiny bugbombs and explosions are what keeps the mane so shiny and bright! and only at the cost of a few million sentient insects, valiantly dying and being born within their own world, unknowing of the larger world around them!
did i really just find that to be an entertaining idea?:rainbowderp:

2917605 Hehe, it's actually inspired by this fic where it happens to Luna.

"Century of the Chubby Celly":rainbowlaugh:

This is hilarious. I can totally see how depression would drive Tia to cake. (I tend to eat when I'm depressed, too, despite being skinnier than a rail. And I drink apple juice. Lots and lots of apple juice.):pinkiehappy:

I see in many fics references to the "bad century" after the banishmen of Luna... but have yet to find a fic depicting it. Sugestions?

Just made the likes up to 150!:yay: Whoever put that one dislike will pay.:twilightangry2:

That was adorable. I love it!

Nice :twilightsmile: I love the idea of Celestia being just a normal pony under that regalia, and all the references to the dreaded past days made me chuckle. Great job.

A short but adorably sweet story. Ha the "royal wheel-barrow"...

-Frost :pinkiesmile:

I'm trying to figure out what that yellow thing in the picture is... what looks like a handle is messing me up...

A hammer? A pipe?:rainbowhuh:

Comment posted by Baronvonkame deleted Aug 16th, 2014

4855271 My guess is some sort of tea-kettle, albeit, one with a handle for non magical scum ponies

Oh my... I just had a terrifying thought. What if a headcrab got into Celestia's mane? :derpyderp1:

Shame we couldn't see the royal wheelbarrow in use. This was cute.

This is nice, I'm kindof a sucker for short little slice of life stories like this, no off the wall zany comedy, no grand adventure, not darkly ironic twists, just, a simple little slice of life. It's nice. Have a like.

“Celly, I’ve got a present for you,” said the elder Alicorn, her reddish mane and scroll Cutie Mark standing out against the white fur.

Is this the Alicorn from the painting in the orphanage from Children of the Night?

5840212 Anyone else have Fausticorn as their headcannon? Or is it just me?

I really enjoyed this, and have to admit that I never will write as well as you did on this topic! Bravo!

Very cute, short, and simple!

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