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Old Mares' Tales is a sub-forum of The Round Stable dedicated to fanfiction. Because of the strict rules in place there, you will only find stories of high quality and absolutely no creepy stuff. It is my hope you are able to use this group to quickly find and post about the best works our fandom has to offer.

Some times we miss stories that we shouldn't have, and if you think we did please submit said story to the "Preread this please!" folder.

When adding stories to this group please keep these rules in mind:

No Sexual content. No porn. At all. Of anything. Post it, and you’re banned.

No Excessive violence or gore. If you think it would make a movie rated R, it does not belong here. This also means no Scootabuse or other -abuses in any form.

No furry works (depictions of anthropomorphized ponies). Don’t post half-human, half-pony works. Completely humanized ponies are OK.

OC shipping policy No shipping applies to OCs as well. If the OC creator didn't okay it, it's non-canonical (and thus verboten).

"Human in Equestria" fanfics (which are exactly what it says on the tin) are all terrible and you probably haven't found the magical good one. If you somehow have found the magical good one, be absolutely sure it IS the magical good one or I'll feel bad for wasting people's time.

There are bans on anything “shipping” or “grimdark.” The main forum rules define shipping as any noncanon romance between a nonzero number of characters, and we operate under a policy of zero tolerance: even an offhand reference or joke alone might be grounds for rejection.

Only admins will be able to add stories to the other folders. Please do not use the Main folder!

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This seems to be a fun group to get bans from, when I'd want them that is.


I would assume no since you are talking about the mythical creature and not a half-human, just keep in mind the other guidelines and it should be fine.

Just curious, would centaurs count as furry if they're a separate species?

Hello everyone! :twilightsmile:

That folder is mainly for people to add stuff for us to read with out the effort of going off site. If they truly think the story belongs in the group, they can always sign up on The Round Stable and add it there.


Is that folder still around? Since prereading as a system has been abolished in OMT proper it should be abolished here.

But what do I know, I'm just in charge of OMT. I really don't know how our fimfiction side works.

Do you have to be members of the Round Stable to submit to the 'preread this pleas!' folder?

http://www.roundstable.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2407 I used my malign powers to eliminate the need for prereading. Guess I should've posted this in here sooner but I haven't been on fimfiction in foreverrrrrrrrrrr



You're here for horsie story

M1y reporting for uh... Actually, I don't know what I'm reporting for... :fluttershbad:

Now the party starts! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Argblagrthlg deleted Jan 2nd, 2013

Controversial Superstar artist Yarma is here!

Your group is now complete. :coolphoto:



You have to join The Round Stables forums, submit the fic to Orange Fluffy Sheep, and it if it passes and gets posted, then you can add it here.

So how do I add to this group if it won't let me do so myself? Do I just tell you about it? Very well. The fic I wish to add is Maternal Instinct.

Now look what you people made me do, I registered here.:ajbemused:


Ok, I got some one to read this. So it may still get added since they insist on adding Growing Up.


Its all my fault!

Seriously though Im not adding that fic to the group :facehoof:

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