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This group is dedicated to all those fics that we once started but never completed.
Be it for whatever reason, for whatever cause, no ideas are bad, they are simply out of our reach to convert into a reality or we simply lack the time to do so.
If you have a story which never again will see light, or you do not believe yourself capable enough to do it, feel free to leave it here.
Someone may yet be able to pick it up and make it shine.


For those who leave their stories...

1) Please post to the appropriate folders.

2) If there is something about your story (Specifics you'd like the author that picks it up to know, or details you'd like for him/her to keep alive in the story) notify him/her through PM.

3) Give credit to whomever decides to continue the story for you.

4) Be reasonable with your demands and don't be a dictator, allow the new author his own creativity

5) 'Adoptive' authors have all the right to refuse to keep writing a fic if they no longer wish to. Don't bother them if they no longer wish to do your story and be respectful of varying degrees of writing skill and style.

For those who pick them up...

1) Search through the folders for a story you'd like to take under your wing and notify the original author for his approval and work out the terms of 'adoption' with him/her.

2) Respect the original purpose and concept of the fic.

3) Original or 'parent' authors have the full right to terminate partnership if they no longer wish for you to keep writing their story. Be respectful of their decisions.

For everyone...

1) Be respectful and don't spam the place with pointless threads.

Thread posting rules:

Do as you please, as long as it remains within the borders of logic and common sense. Spam will not be tolerated, resistance is futile!

Main Folder is for any stories that have been here for too long without anyone picking them up. An insurance of sorts to make sure all and everything gets their proper attention.

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Hey guys! I am supreme overlord and master of your existence, please refer to me as God.

Anyways, we have started something awesome together, and hopefully it will grow into an epic army of abandoned fics. :moustache:

I shall appoint admins at a later time, please send a PM if you wish to be one.

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