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The graffiti did not bother her. The art of vandalism was, in some form or another, as old as civilization itself. The content, on the other hoof, was an entirely different issue. “Princest Is Wincest,” it said. Bad grammar and spelling were one thing, but this was an attack on the Equestrian language.

Luna frowned. She would have to ask Celestia about this at the first opportunity. Perhaps there were spare funds for a literacy program. If nothing else, Tia might be able to explain what exactly the phrase meant.

Thanks to Wade and Sereg for prereading. Thanks to Burraku_Pansa and especially Midnight Rambler for editing.

Dramatic reading, courtesy of CaptainBron3y.

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And so Luna delves into the horrors of incest.

Wait, did I say horrors? I meant greatness.

Heh, this was funny! It's always...interesting...to think about how the characters would react to our culture as bronies and pegasisters, especially when it comes to us cloppers:trollestia:. Also, I guess in this universe, the "Streisand effect" is called the "Celestia effect":raritywink:?

Now to find that fic you alluded to at the end:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: (well, if it exists:twilightblush:...knowing our culture, though, it probably does in some form)

Well, that was the most unlikely title I ever expected to show up in my feed.

3453241 Unless you can come up with a horse pun for "Streisand" :derpytongue2:

3453387 Nice to know that I can still surprise despite doing the same things over and over :rainbowkiss:

i kinda want to see a sequel where Luna asks Cadence if she thinks 'Nightmare Moon' would make a good dominatrix... while Twilight is putting on makeup for an important date...:pinkiehappy:

Canterlot has one of the highest literacy rates in Equestria. Ninety-two percent, as of last census. Even ignoring some bureaucratic embellishment, that is quite exemplary

Wow, that's actually pretty bad. that's about the top 50 percentile for us.

The Shetland effect?
Sorta phonetically similar... :trollestia:

3453714 Cadance: I dunno, Auntie Luna. I don't think she would be very good at showing restraint. Shiny and I try not to be too rough with each other.
Luna: :rainbowderp:
Twilight: :twilightoops:

3454246 Wow, I seriously underestimated first world literacy rates (and that is really the sort of thing I should have checked :facehoof:). Thanks, fixed :twilightsmile:

3453725 Thanks :twilightsheepish:

My favorite part of this is still how all the graffiti reads like the comment section of a crappy fimfiction princest clopfic. So good.

3454329 I just thumbed you're comment in agreement because I have seen it before as well.:twilightsmile:

I imagine Luna doing this to the next graffiti painter:

Don't worry Luna, in our world, everything is incest if you want to get anal about it.

Pun intended.:trollestia:

3454329 3454825 lolno luna is mah waifuh nmm iz meanie. clesta an luna shoud get married i love them good story but it shoud have more sex mebbe wit twilight an shinning?


NightmareMoon and TyrantSun would make beautiful foals together.

Those poor guards... :rainbowderp:

Also I now have a mental image of a hydra doing the polka.

And I honestly wonder if Celestia is just patiently working towards actually warming up Luna to these concepts... warming her up enough to encourage her to try them for real.

Amen. Awesome story, loved Celestia's bit on "ideas" and "familiarity". You can't base or punish someone for a fantasy, yet that's all a good majority want to do. Great ending btw xD

This story has restored my faith in the American preschool system.


One word, two letters, three characters.


The grammar was the first casualty in a long war on meaning. Vocabulary was the second. Luna could certainly recognize slang, sometimes even decode it, but these particular portmanteaus were beyond her. Capitalization was the third, though by that point the massacre was well past complete.

The responses scrawled beneath the graffiti prevented any ceasefire. Each one was like an artillery shell at a peace talk, compared to the original travesty above them. “They can prin my cest any time,” one said. “Tartarus yes!!” another emphatically declared. “NMM is bukin hot,” a third read. Despite the low standard, the others only got less coherent and more objectionable as they went, not unlike a real war.

Oh God, this is hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

this was a pretty good read. Especially that ending. :pinkiehappy:

"Especially that one with the genderswapped foursome with Nightmare Moon and Cadance." I died laughing.....:moustache::trollestia::yay::eeyup::pinkiecrazy:

I couldn't quit laughing through all of this.

That is probably one of the funniest descriptions I have ever read on Fimfiction, just the stone faced reading of that and the declaration of war on the Equestrian Language is fantastic.

Welp, time to get started on "Princess Celestia and the King of Darkness" then. :trollestia:

lo liek da stoee tis lk uldo en den sum. Ice erk bra.

Ow, it hurts to write like this. :facehoof:

Oh and one more thing:

>genderswapped foursome with Nightmare Moon and Cadance
Want :moustache:

The sequel. We need a sequel where Celestia DOES show Luna the stories. Well, that or Luna randomly finds them...:rainbowlaugh:

Oh sweet Chrysalis! that ending was pure win.

Celestia certainly takes it all in stride. I wonder if she ever wrote any of them...

Interesting exploration of the Streisand effect. Sort of a Catch-22, really - do you allow your subjects to treat you this way behind your back or do you do something about it and thereby cause it to increase?

You, sir, deserve a mustache. :moustache:

That's exactly what I thought, she isn't mad that they're doing it, but that they're doing it wrong.

Well, it's less rare to see an non-cover image story get into the featured box - but still pretty darned rare. Congrats.

...I expected a Supernatural crossover...

it was a great read!

you earned a like, and follow:twilightsmile:

oh, wait, i was already following you :twilightblush:

Okay, I admit, that was hilarious.

Also, "X verbs a Y" sounds like a porno about the English language. Sounds like something Twilight might write.

Great for a chuckle and always glad to see people share their thoughts on things we see get featured every day… Maybe not that extreme, but you know.

Thumbs up :D, great job!!

Wait Wait wait wait.

Your a preschool teacher writing about "wincest" (even if it is comically)

I am scared for the next generation. XD

off to read the thing.

nailing a list of complaints to a public institution

Martin Luther, very nice.

huh. this looks like it could be funny. you wrote this?
cleverpun? I love the name. seems familiar...
wait! you're the one that wrote elements of excess aren't you?!
now I gotta read this.

After finishing, I find it very safe to repeat myself.

very nice.

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