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Equestria’s calendar is bloated with holidays and celebrations of all shapes and sizes. Celestia's favorite, however, is always Nightmare Night. There are few things better than surplus candy, after all.

Of course, this year her sister is back, but that probably won't cause any major problems.

A short fluff piece to commemorate Nightmare Night Halloween Discount Candy Day, the greatest of holidays. Thanks to Sereg for prereading.

DT the Lost Water Spirit did a dramatic reading of this story! Find it over here.

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Cute. Odd, but cute.

Is it wrong that i want that cake?

Obeselestia? Interesting, and strangely hilarious. A delightful drabble for Dia de los Muertos.

Couldn't stop laughing.

All the best stories have somebody calling her fat at some point. This was a clearly natural progression.

So thanks for that.

Discount Candy day comes TWICE
the first is the day after Hearts and Hooves Day
the second is a day or so after Nightmare Night

3431701 No one likes those chalky heart candies, though.

Perhaps a bit oblong around the middle? Celestia should just let her gravitational pull acrete the candy upon her. :trollestia:

I think I wouldn't let her up either, but then again I would hand her more candies. I'd like to know how that lollipop made it on her flank too. :rainbowlaugh:

I actually kind of like them but I don't eat a lot of them.

I wish I could burn off candy calories with magic. Leave her to wallow, I say.

what the sweettarts? nah I hits the Leftover love day sales for da CHOCLATE!

“This is no small slight! You look like an inept reenactment of a solar body!”

Damn she just called a planet fat! Celestia makes the planets look bad.

Also Easter, but I'm not sure if there's an Equestrian equivalent of that one. Winter Wrap-Up, maybe, but that doesn't seem like a big candy day.

I'd imagine that Hearth's Warming has an "Eggnog-Chugging day" nearby...

BLASPHEMY :flutterrage:! I like the candy hearts!:pinkiehappy:

Her belt size: Equator

3434799 "The tides are acting funny again, sir."

"Again? They do this every year! And why is it always right after Nightmare Night?"

Celestia, you eat much more and you'll have your own planets orbiting you.

I had the title misspelled for an entire day! :facehoof: Why didn't anyone tell me! :raritydespair:

I would join you Celestia, if only I could roll myself over and stand. We could wallow in sugar coated goodness together!


Just be grateful Gabby Gums didn´t catch you this time, Celly.:scootangel::applecry::unsuresweetie:

Is that ''slice of life" tag a bucking pun?

And then, Celestia had to go to the bathroom, where she let out a candy-empowered cosmic fart.

And thus, the sun was born :trollestia:

3439091I don't think even celestia could stomach that (horrible i know but...):rainbowwild:

Fatlestia... I kinda wanna cuddle that now.

This story had an odd way of putting me in a relaxed and good mood. Well done :ajsmug:

Nice. I wish it was longer, perhaps with another chapter showing Lunas questioning what it feels like to be large and deciding to experiment in it as well. :ajsmug:

I don't know why but I love the idea of the princesses overindulging like this. ^_^

How did she become rotund after a single night?!:twilightoops:

Comment posted by cleverpun deleted Jan 13th, 2015

3506291 Pinkie becomes rotund in the space of few seconds in MMMystery; presumably a few dozen pounds of candy and an ice cream chaser would have the same effect. :derpytongue2:

3507104 She'll better be more careful on indulging sweets and ice-cream, or else she'll find Luna orbiting her.:rainbowlaugh:

3431837 I mean I like the heart candies :heart: + me= hyper me and cavities

Didn't laugh out loud until the last line. The idea that this has happened to her before makes it all at least twice as funny.

Also, great job making Luna's outdated style of speech seem natural and pleasant.

3549183 Thanks :twilightsheepish: Originally I was going to use 'thees' and 'thous' and such, but my prereader said that it was both overkill and inaccurate (since apparently I didn't know that equals don't address each other that way :derpytongue2:)

200(th?) thumb up! This was great :rainbowlaugh:

3552619 Good heavens, I wish 95% of wannabe Luna writers realised that... *sigh*

A very nice, cute story.

Lol. Anyway great job on the story!

This is just a perfect story -- spot-on and side-splitting...

Every year? Wow....

Of all the regrets one could have, that is a good one. Although she'll probably need to invest in a teleportation room where she can simply summon food at a whim to do away with all that movement business.

Dang, Celestia! Talk about letting yourself go!

3507104 It'd probably take more than a few dozen for an Alicorn. At least that's what it could be like.

I like this one. Mainly because (no pun intended) both Luna and Cadence (several years prior) have served Justice on Celestia, and Celestia has to live with her own consequences.

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