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A long time ago, two sisters ruled over the land: one held dominion over the day, and the other commanded the night. They quarreled, and to solve their dispute, they did something petty. They split the planet in half. They stopped the rotation of the planet—tidally locked it—so that one side would always be night, and the other always day.

Rarity is a member of the Corona Empire's parliament, sworn to do what is best for her country. One day, Queen Celestia summons her for a private talk. She asks Rarity to do something unthinkable, unfathomable, unheard of: deliver a message to the leader of the Nightscape, Queen Luna.

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Cadance and Twilight have discovered something about the Alicorn Amulet. Whenever someone rejects its promises of power, it weakens the Amulet's magic. In theory, if enough ponies should be tempted by it and reject it, it would destroy the amulet forever.

They summon the help of volunteers from across Equestria, in the hope of destroying it for good.

Project Lead/Lead Editor: cleverpun
Additional Editing: Kai Creech

All chapters written by their respective authors;
Titanium Dragon
No Raisin
Kai Creech

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This story is a sequel to Inexcusable

She looked just like Princess Celestia, except marred and broken. Her ceremonial barding had rusted slightly, and dirt matted her coat. Most noticeable was her hair; black streaks accompanied its usual multicolored luster. They looked like discolorations in an old photograph.

Worst was the scar across her chest. Her armor covered it, but nothing could hide what it meant.

The tarnished Celestia smiled at Luna. "H-hello, monster. I would say I am glad to see you, but that w-w-wouldn’t be quite accurate."

A big thanks to AlicornPriest for editing/prereading.

Russian translation by MLPMihail, with editing by Randy1974.

Comments contain spoilers. See here for a complete series timeline.

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Twilight Sparkle was headed to the Canterlot Historical Revisionists Convention, when a lightning bolt struck her Starswirl the Bearded costume. Forced to find a quick replacement, she spots a pony selling costumes. The sign adorning their booth proclaims "100% Curse-Free Top Quality Costumes!" The pony is even wearing a dark cloak and ominous hood: surely they are a costuming enthusiast.

Normally, Twilight wouldn't buy any merchandise from a shady vendor, but there's no way she's going to show up to the Canterlot Historical Revisionists Convention without a good costume. The historical revision enthusiasts would eat her alive in every debate she attempted!

Surely the merchant is obeying Equestrian truth-in-advertising laws.

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After the board rejects her research application, Doctor Luna tries something foolish; using herself as a test subject.

Surely diluting a pony's inner darkness is a worthy goal? Surely perfecting her elixir is worth the risk? Surely.

Thanks to Yami Vizzini for prereading and to Nonagon for prereading/editing.

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Ponies say that if you wait at a crossroads with darkness in your heart, you can trade your soul away for power.

Trixie thinks this sounds like a good deal. Surely her soul is worth much more than the average one. Certainly enough to afford revenge against that life-ruining Twilight Sparkle.

But maybe exchange rates for souls are not as favorable as she expected.

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Late one night, a young Spike asks Celestia why he is the only dragon in Equestria. Celestia tells him a very old story: the time two sisters challenged Tiamat—the Matriarch of Dragons—to a contest of knowledge.

Thanks to JeffCvt for editing and Blank! for writing most of the iambic pentameter/some of the rhymes.

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This story is a sequel to If You Came to Conquer

Princess Nightmare Moon had tried to keep it secret. She had suppressed her power, feigned ignorance, played the outdated fool at every opportunity. She should have known that something like this would happen. A threat that would reveal her, whether she played dumb or not.

If she had to reveal herself, then at least she could protect Equestria in the process. She nocked the arrow. The bow felt so flimsy, but she could not risk him absorbing a spell. She laced magic across the arrow and the string and the air, enough to make it fly faster and aim smoother. She sighted him easily; Tirek was a large target. Now he only had to turn around. An arrow to the spine would kill him simply and instantly, no matter how much magic he had absorbed.

Once he was dead, the hard part would come: explaining herself to Celestia.

Prereading thanks; Meta Four, Blank!, Yami Vizzini, and especially Craine

Russian translation by Doof
Chinese Translation by Dreams Set Free

Comments contain spoilers.

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Story snippets, outlines, short one-shots, and other things that don't warrant a singular story entry.

Just like every other one on FIMfic. See index for more accurate tagging info.


Assassination: Slice of Life, Drama — Celestia explains to an MP how she feels about assassination. [One-shot]
Living Bad Dreams: Dark, Adventure — One night during her patrol, something follows Luna out of the world of dreams. [2 chapters of scrapped story]
The Sisters and The Dragon: Adventure, Faux-Mythology — A young Spike asks Celestia why dragons and ponies don't get along. So Celestia tells him a story: the time two sisters met Tiamat, mother of dragons. [Short scene from a potential story idea]
Untitled Inexcusable sequel: Dark, Alternate Universe — A "friend" from a previous life visits Nightmare Moon. [Theoretical continuation of different story]
Untitled Sunset Shimmer story: Dark, Alternate Universe — [Proof of concept from discarded story]
"The Mirror[ed Princess]": Fairy Tale, Subversive — A guilty ruler creates a mirror that reflects all the good qualities of whomever looks in it. [short one-shot]
Astronomic Changes Outline, Clockamole, et. al: Adventure, Slice of Life, Alternate Universe — Twilight the astronomer must defeat Nightmare Star, but she will need some friends to help. / Sweetie Belle steals Rarity's magic food ingredients. / Rarity's food magic causes issues. [Pieces of unfinished AU]
Welcome Home: Dark, Alternate Universe, Sad — [Discarded continuation of You Too Will Deteriorate]
"Senescence": Sad — Celestia muses about immortality. [Poetry]
"I spied a pretty mare. . .": Limerick — dating sucks. [Poetry]
"Pony haiku 1": Haiku, comedy? [Poetry]
I Hate Hearth's Warming Music: Romance, Slice of Life — Rarity has been lying to Pinkie about something near and dear to her; Hearth's Warming music.

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A few days ago, a strange, rotating block appeared in Ponyville town square. Twilight hasn't been able to tear herself away from it…

"Crossover" with Tetris and Super Hexagon.

FIMfic still needs a Stupid tag.

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