• Published 2nd Oct 2014
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Untitled Sunset Shimmer story

Author's Note:

I wrote this as a test of a random idea I had. Here's the note I originally wrote;

Pre-show Sunset Shimmer/AU/Dark(Tragedy?): Instead of passing through the mirror in her quest for power, Sunset instead grafts wings onto herself using magic. Kinda like that butterfly wing spell from that one episode, only instead of flammable fairy dust, it's Blood Magic.

The conflict comes when she realizes that she doesn't have any earth pony magic, and she has to find a way to get some and turn herself into an alicorn while evading Celestia/the guards/her own deteriorating sanity.

Possible references to all the "alicorn OC" cliches, possible Body Horror.

If nothing else, this shows the importance of creating proofs of concept. As the below shows, the idea is really terrible.

Even in my magic, floating in front of me, the book feels heavy. It took so much to get a hold of, I must be imagining the weight.

The spell sticks in my throat, like my body is scared of what the words might do. I force them out anyway. It’s for the best. If Celestia won’t admit my talent or importance, I will show it to her. To everyone.

Magic swirls from my horn, from the book. The air stiffens, the taste of metal leaks into the air. I can feel the spell forming in front of me. It’s tricky: nudging each piece into place is much more difficult than I had imagined. I’m a prodigy, however, so it doesn’t matter how difficult it is. Another thread falls into place, and another, and I feel the air throb in response.

My knees buckle. The taste of blood fills my mouth. My back hurts. It’s on fire, it’s being split open and burned and cut and it hurts so much.

I don’t take my eyes off the book. The spell weaves in and out of my body. It's gentle buzz of magic is the same as teleporting, but it’s overridden by the pain.

My legs feel weak, my neck feels like it will collapse under the weight of my head. The spell is almost done. I scream. My body feels like it’s been frozen and shattered and put back together.

The spell ends, and the book thunks onto the floor. The air still feels thick and musty, my mouth still tastes like blood.

I stand up, but my legs collapse before I can get more than few inches off the ground. I cough, and blood splatters onto the floor in front of me. My eyes sting, my horn aches. I turn my head. A wing is definitely attached to my body. It’s splayed out and onto the floor, but it is there. I turn to the other side, and my neck strains to finish the movement. There’s a matching one there, too. They’re covered in blood, but it’s already drying and flaking off. The feathers underneath match my coat perfectly.

I smile. It worked. Naturally, given the pony casting it.

I try to move them, test them, and they twitch just as I pass out.

Celestia scanned the room again. She had been in Sunset Shimmer’s chambers only a few weeks ago, assuring her that there were no shortcuts to power. “Talent only goes so far,” she had said. Sunset had seemed so receptive to the idea. The blood smeared across the floor contradicted it so starkly.


Celestia shook her head. “Sorry, what?”

The guard waved a hoof at the floor. “It’s definitely her blood. Mostly, anyway. We still need to test some of the scattered bits.”

“Thank you, Sergeant. Please test every spot you can find, to be sure.”

“Of course, Princess.”

“And add additional aerial patrols to the search party.”

“Of course, Princess.”

Celestia glanced around the room again, then turned to leave. “And find out which librarian gave Sunset Shimmer access to the restricted sections. I need to question them about what else my student has been reading.”

“Of course, Princess.”

“I think I need a moment to myself, to process what has happened.”

The guard saluted. “I’ll send someone as soon as we know more.”