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Story snippets, outlines, short one-shots, and other things that don't warrant a singular story entry.

Just like every other one on FIMfic. See index for more accurate tagging info.


Assassination: Slice of Life, Drama — Celestia explains to an MP how she feels about assassination. [One-shot]
Living Bad Dreams: Dark, Adventure — One night during her patrol, something follows Luna out of the world of dreams. [2 chapters of scrapped story]
The Sisters and The Dragon: Adventure, Faux-Mythology — A young Spike asks Celestia why dragons and ponies don't get along. So Celestia tells him a story: the time two sisters met Tiamat, mother of dragons. [Short scene from a potential story idea]
Untitled Inexcusable sequel: Dark, Alternate Universe — A "friend" from a previous life visits Nightmare Moon. [Theoretical continuation of different story]
Untitled Sunset Shimmer story: Dark, Alternate Universe — [Proof of concept from discarded story]
"The Mirror[ed Princess]": Fairy Tale, Subversive — A guilty ruler creates a mirror that reflects all the good qualities of whomever looks in it. [short one-shot]
Astronomic Changes Outline, Clockamole, et. al: Adventure, Slice of Life, Alternate Universe — Twilight the astronomer must defeat Nightmare Star, but she will need some friends to help. / Sweetie Belle steals Rarity's magic food ingredients. / Rarity's food magic causes issues. [Pieces of unfinished AU]
Welcome Home: Dark, Alternate Universe, Sad — [Discarded continuation of You Too Will Deteriorate]
"Senescence": Sad — Celestia muses about immortality. [Poetry]
"I spied a pretty mare. . .": Limerick — dating sucks. [Poetry]
"Pony haiku 1": Haiku, comedy? [Poetry]
I Hate Hearth's Warming Music: Romance, Slice of Life — Rarity has been lying to Pinkie about something near and dear to her; Hearth's Warming music.

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Well, this looks like it's going to be a fun compilation to follow. I look forward to more.

I liked this, but:

Indigo Morning

I kept reading this as Inigo Montoya and damnit I cannot get that image out of my head.

5084785 5086763 I actually only posted this because I was sort of proud of the first one. Normally I'm not too fond of collections. :trixieshiftright:

But I suppose we'll see.

5087524 I got her name from a box of cereal, so any similarities to other names are purely coincidence. :derpytongue2:

5087524 Me too.:derpytongue2:

Despite the mental derping, this was an interesting piece. I kinda wanted to see more from Celestia and Indigo didn't feel fleshed out enough to be the protagonist but I loved the descriptions of her peers. The pin drop line I confess, felt exactly like your style and I loved it.

Well, I'm certainly intrigued. I hope you build on this.

5410754 I'll admit I'm getting kind of attached to it, even though I kind of barfed out the idea really quickly. I've always wanted an excuse to homage/pay tribute to The Hobbit (probably one of very few modern fairy tales that gets the tone and ideas just right). :derpytongue2:

Intriguing idea. I hope we see more of this.

Doesn't really solve her problem though, does it?

Man, now I want to see a continuation even more

:twilightoops: Well, that's disturbing. There doesn't seem to be much room for further exploration of the idea, intriguing though it is. Still, thanks for sharing the snippet.

After "Tantabus" this chapter make more sense. Like a NM create this abomination to torture herself.

Lambent Dewdrop seems to have somewhere around the end of ch. 1:

Lambent Dewdrop took a deep breath. The air smelled rich and salty, just like it had in the port at Equestria. The Griffon Kingdom’s port smelled subtly different. Smog and smoke played bigger parts in it, and Lambent felt grit stick in his teeth.


Lambent Dewdrop took a bite of her roll, leaning down and grabbing it with her mouth. The plate rattled as she tore the mouthful off.

7488362 The author's note explains the story's rewriting/draft changes. If you download chapters rather than reading them on site, it removes the author's notes.

Wow, that cupcake story is really interesting! Did you ever finish it?

7753290 Most things are in my scraps collection because I didn't finish them :P

There were some nice ideas, but the story had too many issue to pursue.

This is a piece I would enjoy seeing expanded. It just seems to prefer out.

What is so terrible about this concept?

Damn, this had a lot of good ideas. I hope you were able to convey some of them into other works. :twilightsmile:

7943392 it was mostly Grimdark melodrama :derpytongue2: I suppose it could've been adjusted into an actual story: make it more of a character piece and less of a torture fest. It never got that far into development, though.

7943429 I actually considered rewriting this story into original fiction, but I'm not sure how well it would work. If I ever do, I will definitely let people know.

7943373 Like I mentioned in the author's note, it was mostly a brief offshoot of a single idea. I suppose there might be ways to expand it into a full story, but it would need an actual catalyst of plot and Indigo would need to be a more complicated character. (Maybe she orders the hit without Celestia's permission or something? Shrug.)

Amazing addition. I'll continue to believe in the comment you posted about Twilight Sparkle asking her beloved mentor why she stuttered. :heart: I love the idea of a happy ending.

... Still find Celichtia cute :twilightsheepish:
Also, this Luna isn't the sharpest tool in the shed (well, she IS angry, and most people are dumb when they are angry...) . Why attack before Celly even taught you how to rebuild? Also, why attack something blatantly undead with anything less than full overkill grade spells...
I wonder if listening to someone with a stutter for a thousand years without being able to do anything count as punishment :pinkiecrazy:

See, now Celichtia just needs to take her sister to visit Princess Nightmare Moon! I'm sure that will fix things!


After another round of Luna trying to kill everyone.

As I was reading this, I kept thinking, This is totally The Snow Queen! :pinkiegasp: (I took a course on fairy tales in college). Then I got to the A/N and you confirmed it. I really like this concept!

I have faith that this all eventually ended well. Maybe not the next time Celestia released Luna, or even the time after that, but eventually Luna grudgingly accepts that Celestia needs her much as she will need Celestia. I expect some time apart while Luna messes around with her new skillset, and maybe Celestia never tries to be as active as she used to out of deference, but Luna eventually realises that no pony is an island - the two of them will always have an impact on each other, no matter either's feelings on things.

I would still like to see an additional story in the Conquer series. The rest of the series isn't exactly happy either, but I was okay with that. They were all excellent stories. I would love to see this grow into a full story like the others.

I think the trilogy works best as is. This is depressingly believable given the nature of young Luna, but it doesn't feel necessary.

I honestly didn't expect Luna to be this relentlessly foolish. I mean, she at least appeared to accept that the voice in her head had been leading her astray, poisoning her thoughts, and that killing her sister wouldn't have actually solved anything.

Then she hears the plan to build a new world, and her very first thought is, "Time to kill my sister!" Was it all an act? The Luna Nightmare Moon kill didn't seem to have that much guile.

I mean, Celestia was probably asking too much to basically propose making Luna her student, when being just an unequal co-ruler was sufficient to drive her insane with jealousy. This wasn't going to end with Luna kissing Celestia's hooves. But this feels to me like it's too far in the opposite direction. If you read this, and have a ready answer, I would welcome your thoughts.

8010839 8097034 I was going for "emotionally and mentally unstable" rather than any sort of planned malice or logical reasoning. I suppose this is one of many reasons I never made it into a full story; deciding on the exact nature, intensity, and scope of her mental illness was extremely difficult. Her decisions are not supposed to be reasonable; she a pitiable wreck. But this rough version has her come off as stupid or mood-swingy, rather than mentally ill.

8177099 I think I got the unstable part. What I didn't get was that I couldn't comprehend her actions at all. If a crazy person doesn't follow normal reasoning, in my imagination they are at least following their own "crazy person reasoning". That's why it threw me so hard to see Luna seem to go, "yeah you're right the voice was bad and I shouldn't have tried to kill you RAAAGH STAB STAB". The suddenness of the one-eighty is just beyond my imagination. Although, in retrospect, I probably glossed over the fact that her change in attitude may have crept in during the telling of the story.

Due to FIMfic changing how unpublished stories work, I'm moving the stuff from my unpublished poetry collection over to this (it was never gonna hit 1k words anyway)

Given pony anatomy, I must ask: pair of what?

8495635 That's entirely up to the reader. I suppose part of the joke is the juxtaposition of human slang with pony anatomy.

A shame the show tread this ground; I liked where this was going.

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