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On the Day of the Dying Sun, she performed Astrum Nova. From then on, that world ceased to exist.

Twilight Sparkle, daughter of the highly exalted Captain Night Light, was (to put it lightly) hilariously underwhelming. The only reason why she was one of Princess Celestia's students? Because a place as a personal student of the princess was a reward for the captain. Other than that, she was a scrawny unicorn with no actual magical talent, other than the whole bunch of magical theories crammed into her head. To make it worse, Sunset Shimmer, greatest unicorn the world has ever seen, was her only classmate. But Celestia has entrusted her with a journal, and the knowledge of the Elements of Harmony and the harmonic energy field they radiate, keeping Equestria safe from harm for eons. As a sinister plan for a coup emerges in Canterlot, Twilight must find and gather the Elements and their bearers. But how is this possible, in a world where castes and tribes separate true friendship? In this story, Twilight must discover new friends as she uncovers dark truths and questions about the events leading up to the present-day Equestria. Who was Starlight Glimmer? What was Astrum Nova? And most importantly, how is it possible that the journal was written by another (and for some reason, winged) Twilight?

***FEATURED 25/5/2016:twilightsmile:***
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Interesting start. Straight to the point but coolio enough to have others curious. Good on ya, buddy.

I like this. Dreams of another life, her lack of organizational skills due to a lack of Spike and a pink maned Celestia. Something is definitely up in this world. Not to mention Sunset being here.

So Twilight is connecting with "cannon" Twilght's mind while she's asleep... interesting. I also get this feeling Celestia keeps Twilight as her student not to reward Nightlight, but rather that she senses Twilight's real magical potential and wants to remove the block that in the cannon the Rainboom broke. Must be frustrating having such a student, who you know has greatness within, but you try your best and can't bring it out.


Interesting theories...:twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the comments!

Damn. Color me intrigued. I feel like this is just the beginning of something big.. (Well, of course it is, but you know what I mean.) God, if Rarity's a janitor, I can't even imagine how the other Novaverse mane 6 are doing (and yes, I'm calling this universe that. You can thank me later.) Poor Fluttershy... :fluttercry:


Yes, poor Fluttershy indeed. MWAHAHA

That story deserved more attention!


Everything's gonna go to hell in a handbasket from now on. And thanks!


Before Divide. I know it kinda sounds weird but it was originally B.S (before separation) until I realised what the acronym would be. :twilightsheepish:

EDIT: Thanks for asking though. I need to address that soon. Long fourth chapter is taking a reeeeaaally long time to write...

Latin title caught my eye.

Because the word astrum is neuter, it needs a neuter adjective, i.e., it ought to be astrum novum. "Astrum nova" doesn't make any sense. :derpytongue2:


Er... *cough*... Right, I totally knew that! Yes! Just, uh, testing any Latin-speaking reader who comes by, amirite?

Yeah but seriously, though, thanks for addressing that. Now, watch as I attempt to cook up a complicated in-universe reason for the incoherent Latin...:trollestia:

EDIT: AHHHHHHH!!!! You're the author of Subjunctive! Oh my gosh, just to let you know, you're awesome. Your fics are awesome. I'll just go full fangirl mode in the corner over there...


Heh, thanks! I hope you enjoy the rest of Subjunctive!

And don't worry too much about the whole Latin thing. Fan fiction exists so that we aspiring writers can make mistakes just like that.:twilightsmile:


Well... that's strangely disconcerting, indeed. :rainbowhuh:


Well... it's meant to look kinda disconcerting.

(But I just end up laughing a little when I see it)

7151261 Alicorn Twilight Snarkle has an odd sense of humour I guess. :twilightsheepish:

Twilight Sixle, assumedly due to Magic being Element Six. Rarithree being due to Generosity being element three? Anyone remember the order they got the elements in?

7207889 When Twilight is doing her monologue thingy to Nightmare Moon, it goes Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rarity, Rainbow, and Twilight.
I think they do the actual earning events in that order too, so Rarithree doesn't make sense in that context.

Unless that journal's been through a lot of dimensional adventures, in which case, maybe that was the amount of times each pony had opened the journal?

Or maybe the elements are listed off in a different order after that, though Magic is always last.

I have no chance of passing the practical one, as you know. You've seen me flounder in front of the examiners for, let's see, fifty-two exams already!

Even for a 'hilariously underwhelming' magic user you'd think after fifty-two exams she'd have improved enough to pass one.

"Thirteen years worth of failures," Sunset quipped. "Its a wonder that you're still Celestia's student, you know."

It is a wonder how she became Celestias student in the first place, but way to be a jerk about it.


and it was getting absolutely sickening, the way that Celestia casually referred to Sunset as "Her Most Faithful Student" and arranged one-on-one tutorial sessions.

Wow, Celestia. Characters have turned to villainy for less! Also: Way to learn from your mistakes, dumbass.


"Is a nap already in order?" Sunset asked, feigning a pout. "You only managed to last twenty-six hours studying this time."

Wow, you're even taking Twilights absurd level of study ability away from her? Author...do you hate her or something? I get the feeling you prefer Sunset Shimmer, but let's take it down a notch before you tie Twilight up in a cabin somewhere and start painting her orange.

Her test! Three hours late!

Well FUCK you too, Sunset you contemptible bitch.

Sorry, Shimmer, but I had to hurry.

Don't apologize Twi! She let you sleep in on exam day, the least she deserves is having her amulets fucked up.

It is time I stopped denying myself the use of your rightful title.

Which brings up the all important question of why you were showing Sunset Shimmer blatant favoritism for so long.

To summarise this, there was an unusually fancy cleaner standing in her house, accusing her of littering.

....wow, you must hate Rarity even more than you hate Twilight. The actual fuck?!

"Fine! If you insist!"

"I was done being an out of character bitch for now anyway!"

the prodigious Shimmer always seemed to get what she wanted.

It helps that the author seems to really love Hotdog.

A few buckets were placed under some of the holes in the roof, but after ten holes, they ran out of buckets and will to live.

You could have done any number of things to her character, so why do you have to be the Ramsey Snow of authors to everyone who isn't Sunset Shimmer?


You would not have any more lessons with me until you finish the book.

Which reminds me, Celestia. One of your students is failing miserably, the other is so godlike by comparison that she could probably blink hard and usurp you. So tell me: Which of your students needed the extra lessons again?! God you're an incompetent teacher.

Congrats Twilight, you're finally useful! You're the worst student Celestia ever had or will have, and she probably thinks little to nothing of your magical abilities, but hey, she can use you at least!

The journal was gone.

HAHAHA WOW Twilight, after thirteen years of being an unstoppable failure to Celestia she finally gives you one job involving the death of the sun no less and you fail! You just can't catch a fucking break can you?

:raritystarry: I'm still a megabitch

"The Elements of Harmony? But they... don't they form that barrier around Equestria? Can they save your sun too?"

:trollestia: They're kinda magical solve everything macguffins.

They had, after all, reduced her to nothing more than the mudwater unicorn who spoke with a poisoned tongue and a sharp accent that they all viewed her as. Nothing but an empty shell of who she used to be. But the feisty mudwater was her identity now, and her routine.

I blame the author personally. Something about controlling the entire universe kind of gives plenty of blame to said individual. Also, we're all to blame for our own behaviors.

Keep in mind, though. This isn't an offer for friendship.


Celestia's eyes turned vacant in thought. "When you return with true friends."

Oh Astrum Nova Twilight, you never fail to disappoint.

In return, I will give you a share of bits from the Royal Treasury and erase your status as a mudwater."

So mudwater isn't just a derogatory term? It's an official status that can be 'erased'? This will require explanation at some point.


Mudwater is sort of a more derogatory term for a status and it will be explained later on.


Sorry if my depiction of the mane 6 seems too off. Most of the out-of-characterness stems from various events occurring which greatly( and I mean greatly) deviate from canon. (not sure if counted as spoiler or not).

As for the huge chain of unfortunate circumstances, ... ...Let's just say that I enjoy treating all my characters with a healthy dose of hate! :trollestia:

7228959 Haven't really seen anything on Sunsets end. Hell, you've been treating her better than canon.


This means that I'm failing my mission, I guess.:fluttercry:

ook i hook into this story good idea,

hm. i usually avoid the dark tag like the plague, but this one looks interesting enough to at least ask about it. just how dark is this going to be?

Neat concept. As tye other guy said, iirc you can fix the title in edit mode.
Also I'm always so severely irritated (at FiMFiction's dummy users, not authors) when I stumble across fics with a tentatively similar concept to my Tales and judging by the comments not as well-written (the issue people have with you seems to be characterization) in the hugbox while Tales is extremely poorly rated after a downvote swarm the mods refuse to remove (even though it was demonstratably abuse).


Er... kind of. Light gore (I can't stand too much gore), death, mind rape as torture, dark themes like foal mortality,

But there shouldn't be sex except for some innuendos


I know that feel...:applecry:

Thanks though, for liking the concept!

7248833 No problem. I adore fics that dare to be different and are ballsily written.

"Anyways, my full name is Twilight Velvet Sparkle III, and I am the daughter of Twilight Comet Velvet and Night Light, brother of Shining Armour, and I can tell you my entire family line all the way up to Clover the Clever. So, please, don't doubt my lineage."

Just started reading this and noticed this. you might mean sister or sibling?


Aw, thanks! Tales turned out to be a very good read too! I enjoy reading your style of writing.


Whoops! Hehe, thanks. It has been editted

this entire fic is interesting


but wat warranted the destruction of an entire universe to make a new one?

one who was incomparably beautiful, smart and powerful

Considering that Sunset is the pov character right now?


Well, yes, she knew that it was called the Royal Guards for a reason, but one who only defended would do little against a greater threat. All in all, she did not revere Shining Armour as she did for Lightfall







Bite me you shitty little condiment head.


*Insert smug Sunset Shimmer face here*

7305967 *insert me eating a ketchup and mustard soaked hotdog here* :trollestia:

I want more.

You've done a great job with both an interesting premise and immersive characters, and I desperately want to see more of this.

Also, kind of curious as to why Sunset is unconscious, but I assume that will be explained in time.


Aw, thank you! Hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story.

From the last chapter, I assume Sunset is passed out due to the memory replay she was showing Shining. Now what i'm CURIOUS about is who the S was in the Journal before Twilight shut it off. I recall, when last I read this, pondering about Sunset Seven, due to Rainbow Rocks, and indeed, Friendship Games now, but with Starlight now joining the mane cast, it could potentially be her. But, then again, given the premise, AND the battle through time she had with Twilight.....Well. One supposes we'll see, won't we?



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