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When Mat Pat the game theorist gets stuck in Equestria, he must find a way back or forever remain a candy-colored pony in a world which does not make mathematical sense. All the while, he must avoid a persistent pair of lovestruck mares.
Thank you to [url=Emylia]http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Emylia%20Hawke]Emylia Hawke for the amazing cover picture and proofreading and editing my chapters.

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Sounds interesting very interesting indeed

I love how i can hear his voice as i'm reading this. I will definitely be tracking this.

7197356 glad to hear that you are enjoying this story

You do realize that he's married, right?:unsuresweetie:

7197554 yes i know but with stories you can write anything as long as it stays in flow with the story

If the 4 of you that dislike this because im writing this were something happens and yes i know hes married but its a fanfiction i dont judge when someone says the main 6 are lesbians no i go its fan fic we write what we want and thats what im doing ok

Lol I love Mat Pat and I love seeing him in bad situations cause he is comedy gold, I will defintionly be reading this one.

7207738 thank you so much i had this idea while watching an episode of game theory

I am very much enjoying this so far! Keep on going. I can't wait to see what happens next. XD

It's okay, but rather short though. Might want to focus on showcasing Matt's strengths, being his mathematical prowess and in deductive reasoning. He would make for a good detective.

The chapters so far are kind of short, so you might want to put more than just a few scenes per chapter.
This is cool, have you actually emailed MatPat about it? Or are you waiting to finish before all of that?

7241569 heres the thing i dont have matpats email and i honestly doubt hed want to read this cause its something im doing in my free time though if he did find out about it and read it id be suppriesed

7242050 Yeah, I don't have his email either, I guess the best way for someone across the internet to contact him would be through youtube or some kind of social media.

7242108 i tweet him but i get no response but if he somehow comes across this story then i will be extremely happy cause im a big fan of his and i got inspiration from him and his videos so this is my child not sure how long it will be but seeing how good its doing i might keep it going

7242126 Hey, good luck. You got a great thing going on here.

7242170 this has a ton of likes that i am so suppriesed

7242264 I'm not, MatPat is a pretty popular guy, and Game Theory itself is awesome.

7242269 thats so true im glad this is so popular

Whoo hoo! An update! Raise the Sun! Clear the clouds! All hail our lady Faust! I really am happy to see another update for this story, congrats by the way.

One thing though, this chapter doesn't really continue so well as I think it could. The beginning was a little bit jarring, so maybe next time you could just add a line briefly telling us where we are. (ex. Twilight just kept going on and on about wherever this was, though that little tidbit of information Mat Pat had lost in the deluge of information)

Other than that, good job!

eh a little short but still pretty funny.

One thing about "Chapter 2" is causing me an issue....

Twilight went to the human world twice, so it's safe to assume it's after Rainbow Rocks.... but you also said the portal opens once every 30 moons.

My issue is that Twilight created her Dimensional Stabilizer allowing the portal to stay open at all times AT THE BEGINNING of Rainbow Rocks, so he could easily go back, although I have a feeling he wouldn't go back to the human world he knows....

7347114 true but im not having the climax be that simple cause no offense but that kind of sounds like a cop out and a really cheap ending im trying to put him in enough hectic situations. Also this takes place affter season five but before season six

7346904 ill keep that in mind i have an idea for ch4 that i might start typing today or tonight or tomarrow night but this does beg the question in my head which is one who do you think mat pat is going to go for cause yes hell eventually get a mare friend and two would be is this story going to be good enough for a sequel

As much as it seems that Twilight would be his type, what with being a scientist and all, I think that Pinkie might win out because of her sheer disregard for the laws of physics in general. Twilight and Mat Pat would probably end up as debate buddies.

As far as making a sequel, I think it would be best to focus on this story for now, and once the dust has cleared and you're looking at the final product, see how you feel about it, and if you're willing, plunge back in for round two.

7348932 well i already have an idea of who he is going to fall for

Nothing says good morning like a building to the face.

Sorry guys i have been pre ocupied but i will continue this story verry soon

7488759 Gandalf, get over here. His link is broken,

7488773 its supposed to be an evil laugh video

7488777 Ok. Here, let me help you with that. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! :pinkiecrazy:

even for a short chapter that is a bad spot to end on. i just see mat standing there saying "im sorry what!?"

Pinkie Pie and Twilight, shame on you both for going after a married man!

Run matpat! Purplesmart and best pony are waaaaay to thirsty for you to listen to reason. You're stuck with two potential B-class yandere.

Just a quick note, Matpat is one word:twilightsmile:

7904541 i have been putting it as to caus i thought it was to names. Lol i feel dumb

8028088 what if you don't like the story then don't read it

8028781 That argument makes no sense because I can't base an opinon if I can't read it.

Comment posted by ShadowStorm7 deleted Mar 18th, 2017

8030469 sorry i thought you were dissing my story i didnt mean to offend you

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