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Hello this is ShadowStorm you know the not so famous red and black Pegasus oc that is me and so I made this group so you ponies can give me ideas on vlog topics and challenges and ask Shadow and what PlayStation four games I should play now if you so desire you can also make stories on oc's here they can be about your oc or they can be about some one else's oc if you wish to put mine in a story you will earn points we will call them SP and they can be used to be come a moderator in my group but please ask before putting Shadow in a story thankyou and remember TO HAVE FUN and unique is atamatically a moderator cause hes awesome and i have known him for a while he is the pony behind my animations so i want to give him a shout out. Thank you for everything UniqueSKD

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403050 no no no dw im too busy causing chaos to troll if that makes sense IDK ANYMORE :moustache:


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