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"Live to fight another day."

There was, some importance behind the phrase that she had heard so very often from her peers, it was almost immobilized in the stone that buried most of the original Spartans that used it.

"Spartans never die, they are just MIA."

Sure any normal civilian, hell, any normal soldier could think as such. Not Laura. She was on the
inside, inside of everything that ONI tried so deeply to snuff out. She was apart of this giant organization that covered everything she tried so hard to accomplish for mankind, in that horrible black ink. She was a Spartan. A Spartan-III to be exact. See, Spartan-II's like the Master Chief everyone knew about, everyone looked upon, and everyone looked towards as heroes.

But not Laura. She would forever be doing undercover Black Ops missions and nobody would even bat an eye. Invade the enemy, recover intelligence, don't get caught. "If you do get caught, you're dead." She was always told. "Shoot first, ask later."

If it sounded all horrible, that wasn't the original intent. Laura liked being undercover, but it's those who get all the recognition, all the honor, whom she feels objected towards. Those are the UNSC's heroes, while Spartans like Laura die in the backdrop, and nobody cares.

One day what if she were to... Disappear? Perhaps forever? Would anyone care?

That's what it's like to be expendable...

Coverart made by the amazing Little Tigress show her some loving! Go check out her work, it's wonderful!

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Well, I guess I'll be the first to say that you did a really good job :) I cannot wait for the next chapter! I am very excited.

I like this, I hope you keep working this story. I've noted that a lot of Halo stories on this site suddenly stop before or after the first 20,000 words. Lets see you fair better.

Hmmm. I like. Let's see if it can avoid avoid dying eh. Pls don't let it die.

I wonder how many more chapters you'll do before you throw in the obligatory covenant invasion.

I'll give you a tiny hint, time travels much faster in Equestria than in the human universe. Judging from how quickly the Covenant figure out Forerunner technology, we are safe to assume it won't be long. :twilightsmile:

The story or the main character? Hehe.

So, if I get to 21,000 can it die then? :rainbowwild: Being serious, I have a very well thought out direction I want to go with this story, and it's sequel for that matter. I've never actually had that with anything else I've written, which makes getting chapters out much harder. I hope to reach at least 150-200k before I move on.

I was afraid of that.This is basically the path of 99% Halo crossovers on this site.

Oh no, you misunderstand. Without giving too much away, the structure that appeared in the first chapter is much more than "teleporters". In fact, most of what the Covenant would happen to get through won't even make it into the same world. I plan on twisting the events, creating an entirely different world I can play with. This is not going to be "Wow magic girl with power armor goes to equestria and kills many purple aliens and now she is revered as a god forever" kind of story. Hell, the covenant play but a small part in this game I plan on creating.

Darker secrets are yet to come. Don't worry.

I can't wait to see what you have in the future. :twilightsmile:

Sounds interesting, I look forward to reading it.

You have not, I am going on 4 years with my original stories...

Honestly thought that was felix in the cover art.

I really like it so far. The story has been set up perfectly and can continue with pone interaction. Keep up the great work!
When will the next chapter be out?

Commissioned some coverart, so it won't look like him for much longer!

Thank you so much!

Well currently I work 5 days a week in preparation for college. I currently have 3,000 words on Chapter 2, from writing about 400-500 words a day. Weekends are when I shine! Expect it sometime this weekend?

If Laura thinks Twilight has questions for her... just wait until the CMC start barraging her for ideas to get Cutie Marks, Rainbow accuses her of being a spy and is right for once, and Rarity tries to give her a makeover.

I have so many ideas for the Rarity encounter, I can't wait!

Really like the story I hope you get another chapter out soon.

I havent seen many banger halo stories but this one was one why'd you stop

Well I’ll make cab bobs.:rainbowlaugh:

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