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Not being the best? That's a decimating. Not wearing Chevrons? That's a decimating. Fighting for the Emperor? That's a decimating. Liking Imperial Fists? Oh...you better believe that's a decimating.

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So you're as dead on this site as half your brothers are in lore?

Here's hoping you come back.

I loved how you mixed bleakness with black comedy, something that is certainly representative of 40K at its finest, or at the very least, of Rouge Trader.

Hello, don't mind me; just a local Daemonhunter. Oh yeah, by the way, are you missing a certain hammer? I believe I found it in a Sub-sector named "Aurelia", in the armoury of a chapter named the "Blood Ravens".
I believe this is yours:

Hello there brother. Care to join a group dedicated to Chaos Undivided?

Thanks for the fav for How He Truly Feels.

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