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MLP/Skullgirls Crossover. Contains Skullgirls Spoilers.

A weapon lands in Ponyville. A living weapon. Bound and changed, she fought her world's gravest threat. Now she's free, for all the good it did her.
She is called Painwheel: a raging monster with the heart of a little girl. Will she find peace? Or more tragedy?

Ladies and Gentlemen(?), it's Showtime!

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Love skull girls so you have made me very happy:pinkiehappy:

Nicely done, hope to see more soon.

Holy Hell i cant wait for moar Moar MOar MOAr MOAR MOAR:flutterrage:!!!!!

pretty please:fluttershysad:

Nooooo damn you and your cliffhangers

Twilight Sparkle didn't give it a break though. Now was their chance. She almost felt bad, really. Looking at such a sad display made Twilight see less a wild monster and more a frustrated child having a tantrum. It would almost be adorable...if the creature wasn't also terrifying...

Well she IS a child, more or less. great chapter, it's making my want to buy Skullgirls.

4005135 Then my work here is done.

Not really of course. I still need to finish the story.

How long till the next chapter

Well ponies are dicks, maybe they should have started with fluttershy talking instead of being like HOLY SHIT! ITS SCOLDING KIDS FOR ALMOST KILLING ThEMSELVES AND OTHER PONIES! IT MUST BE EVIl!
And attacking it.

4007925 They didn't see scolding, nor were they close enough to hear what she said. All they saw was their loved ones being menaced by a strange creature that they know has attacked ponies just minutes before. They couldn't know the context of the situation.

Plus, Applejack jumped the gun as soon as the CMC were safe. They all can't be blamed for her rash actions. And note that they did send Fluttershy in immediately after. So it's not like diplomacy wasn't attempted; Painwheel just wasn't in the mood to talk.

On one hand, I like the crossover and it's well-written. On the other, it looks like this is going to be another one of those stories where you are going to have the ponies keep making poor decisions and jumping to conclusions for the sole purpose of driving the story forward. It's up in the air for me; I'll thumbs-up or down this based on the next chapter. I just hope the Mane6 do the right thing for once in there lives and don't make problems for themselves as damn near every episode in the show is about.

4009129 So no pressure then?

Don't worry, we'll see the mane six acting a lot smarter next time. Or they will if they don't want to go home in body bags. And yes, I agree that a great many FiM stories are predicated on poor communication and passing around the idiot ball.

It's pretty good so far. I'm interested to see how the climax of the battle will happen.

I've actuallly been thinking of doing a Skullgirls fic myself. Using Big Band. Never got around to it.

Painwheel looked up to the sky. A rainbow trail shot from the roof of a nearby building...followed by two more winged ponies. All three began circling overhead. “What?” Painwheel said, staring at it.

“We're...just...getting started!” Rainbow Dash called, wincing. But despite her pain, she displayed that cocksure grin. “Come on girls! Let's blow this monster away!”

Noooooo! Painwheel must live! also I just now saw her name was Pain-wheel and not Pin-wheel.

Comment posted by Bluecho deleted Mar 1st, 2014

4017192 I make those sorts of mistakes all the time. Like for years, I thought the D in the Disney logo was some kind of esoteric symbol that didn't mean anything. It was only more recently I realized it was Walt's stylized way of writing the letter, which looks like an oval with a line down the middle.

Now you can never unsee it.

This is really good, can't wait for more.

Glory to your story:heart: I just can't wait for more chapters:pinkiehappy: plus it sorta helps when you use my favorite character.:scootangel:


I'ed be p***ed off 24/7 to if I was in that much pain.

4020145 who wouldn't be, I feel so sorry for Painwheel :pinkiesad2:

Ya. the ending to this chapter will put tears in any ones eyes. even more so with the music he linked to.

4020595 yep, the only thing I can say is Brain Drain and Valentine are A**holes

Thy should take notes from Dr.Stein from 'Soul Eater'.

Amazing story so far, I can openly admit that the ending to this chapter had me crying :fluttercry:. Can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the great work!

4020696 Yep, at lest Dr.Stein would of made her look less like a "monster", and more like a girl with a big spinning blade of death on her attached to her back

Yes, but not just that, Dr.Stein would put himself through the testing ringer as well(and probably the nurse too).

4020773 hehehe, I can just see Stein getting ready to dissected Valentine, while she strapped to a table :pinkiecrazy:

4020805 No, while she is awake, so she can feel the pain that Carl has live with every, single, day. :pinkiecrazy: (That may sound sadistic, but let's face it, Valentine deserves it, and so does Brain Drain)

4022685 I think Dr. Stein will have to make a cameo one of these days. He's apparently the new mascot or some shit. I'll think of something.

Its ok Painwheel sleep:pinkiesad2:

I used to have hypersensitive nightmares so I know a fraction of the pain. Great chapter as always..:heart:

Will the pones find out what she was doing and realise the violence was on their heads?

CURS YOU CLIFFHANGERRRRRRRRRR! But seriously this is really getting good, can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:

Augh, must Painwheel be so difficult? At this rate, she's just going to make herself more enemies and completely mess up her chance to: 1, get help, and 2, make friends. I know it's hard to be civil when your life sucks, but I'll never understand characters who do this in stories, it happens quite frequently in fimfics.
You're captured, your captors hold all the cards, but they are only holding you because they fear you pose a threat to them. You could be cooperative and show them you are not what they fear you to be, thus getting yourself out of the metaphorical dungeons sooner, ooor you kid spit venom, seemingly prove their fears true, and earn yourself a horrible fate... I find the decision easy, apparently most humans who get sent to Equestria do not.
Anyway, nice chapter; hope to see Carol be little less abrasive, especially to one of the first creatures to show her compassion in a long time and the one who vowed to free her of her painful parasites.

maaan she shoulda yelled RAPE when she realized they had stripped her the reactions would have been priceless.



We as the readers also know whats going on, but the characters in the story, don't, so of coarse your going to say that. We have context, thy don't, we know what to expect, thy don't. Besides without conflict the story would feel dull, weak and watered down.

Yeah, it's just that I prefer conflict that arises from things other than poor decisions and characters acting self-destructively; people generally act in the way they believe is most beneficial to them, either in an emotional or real-world way. That being said, Painwheel's actions are at least fairly believable compared to most characters I've read who act like this. Where I believe she has enough "context" to not act like an idiot as the ponies were only responding to her hostile actions and Fluttershy has really only been nothing but nice to her, I can understand how someone use to seeing only the worst in people can become blind to the good in them.
Now, onto something that legitimately bothered me in this chapter; the description of humans showed a level of arrogance that just annoys me. The fact that a pony saw fit to mention humans' capacity for "great evil" along with their capacity for good suggests said pony, and ponies in general, are not capable of the same dark feat, which, as we've seen from Sombra, Nightmare Moon, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, the three colt's who bullied Fluttershy, Blueblood, Suri Polomare, and all of Ponyville's passive aggressive behavior towards Zecora, is not the case. Even Applejack's simple statement of, "that ain't good," upon hearing this description irked me to some degrees if not for the simple fact that she was obviously ignoring the mention of human compassion in favor of human evil, which seems to be the view of most bronies.
All sapient creatures are capable of evil because all creatures, especially sapient ones, are driven by inherent greed. All the the bad ponies act in ways to gain themselves something, most cases being for emotional satisfaction. The only difference between their actions and those of "good" individuals is that they are harming others to get what they want.
Heck, even singling out that it is unique that humans act with aggression in response to fear is arrogant; all creatures respond to negative stimuli in this sort of way. About the only difference that can be pointed out is that ponies react to it by running while humans react by fighting, but even this is a logical fallacy. Very rarely do humans actually fight against threats, and, in most cases, will attempt to flee if possible. Applejack in this very story showed this as she attacked Painwheel out of fear without thinking first. And wasn't Rainbow Dash's every other sentence about wanting to just beat Painwheel up?
All in all, this scene just struck me as low level human bashing, which, bashing in any form, bothers me to a degree. Anyway, that's just my general opinion on the views of human behavior as portrayed in MLP stories; nothing particularly against this story, because I still like it quite a bit.

Hmm... :rainbowhuh: that is true now that you mention it, I'm glad you pointed out the part about the human bashing. That, kinda bothers me too.

4033843 Yeah, I can understand that. The only explanation I can give is that neither the writer of that entry nor Applejack realized their own hypocrisy. Hanlon's Razor and all that.

Although thinking about it, ponies and humans aren't exactly the same. Ponies, a variant on the horse, are herd creatures, whereas humans are hunters at their base. Prey vs predator species, and thus while ponies carry the same penchant for dickishness, as we've seen plenty of times in the show, they aren't as aggressive on average. Most writers portray ponies in a better light than humans because the former, as far as we can tell, have a better track record than humans.

I was trying to be more even handed. I'm more inclined to give human being slack; I'm more an opponent to human bashing than most. Yet the natural reaction, both of the characters and the readers, is to focus on the negative side of that summation than the positive. After all, if everything goes well, we hardly notice. It's only when they go wrong that people get invested.

Twilight..... hav you ever heard of pravicy?
Anyway Good story so far.
Hope to see more.

Well if that last sentence was any indicator, she's going to really regret that choice.

And this is exactly why she should of stopped being so difficult and cooperated from the beginning. Nothing good ever comes from being an idiotic jerk. I swear, if Twilight feints from the pain just in time for Celestia to walk in and jump to the wrong conclusion, I will be very... annoyed.

mah, seems to be in character to me.


...Nothing good ever comes from being an idiotic jerk.

4042074 Don't worry, I'm not a fan of misunderstandings as drama. Why? Because such plots are contrived, standing up only so long as characters don't communicate with each other.

Oh wait...:pinkiecrazy:

Why do I get the feeling that Twilight is gonna need therapy after this?

Aww why didn't you kill them

4043388 There probably is a valid story to be told of Painwheel murdering the entire mane six. That's just not the story I'm telling.

Welp, my question was answered... Twilight has never heard of personal space:ajbemused:........
Anyway, good chapter, hope to see more.:pinkiehappy:

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