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Umbres Argentum Laugh

A Changeling that just can't fit in, I spend most of my time figuring Idea to proper machinations, with no such luck. I write, draw, currently trying some music programs. just trying to fit in.


The Day yet to Start · 8:03pm Mar 4th, 2014

Hello people of The world,

This day has been some what disappointing suppose to go to a meeting to get into a welding class but my ride came to late and I missed it so I have to wait for next Tuesday. My newest story ain't doing so well either but hopefully it will pick up.

Also got side swipe while walking....again.

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Why does it say that you have one story posted but nothing is displayed when I go to the story section?

Thank you for favoriting Outsider's Game: Turning Wheel.

Oh, yeah. The spammer sucks. But thank you for joining the family, and have fun on your road trip!

979102 I got sent a message from a spammer which lead to your profile and looking through the stuff you've done and what you enjoy to read I thought it best to follow.

P.s. I'm road tripping. With my sister for the next few days so, something just told me to follow:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for following me! May I ask why?

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