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Sergeant Sarin Miles - Modified Soldier G7-H3 - serves her Empire loyally. The Fatae Empire spans hundreds of worlds, carried on ships propelled by sunlight through the ocean of Ether that is Space.
But in the middle of a scouting mission to a strange, previously undiscovered planet, her boat crashes. Now she's stranded alone on a bizarre world, where magic is stronger, the beasts tougher, and the residents almost too friendly to be believed. Can the super soldier survive on Equestria? Will her superiors mount an extraction? Or has Sarin Miles been marooned on the planet of ponies?

It's a story of duty, adventure, wonder, and tested loyalties.

Cover art shamelessly ripped from Disney's Treasure Planet.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 47 )

for a second i thought somebody had combined MLP with Spelljammer

3736589 No, but if it makes the story more enjoyable, you can pretend it's set in a homebrew version of Spelljammer.

3736710 nah, just the novelty of it

Hmm, could you write more? I can introduce you to musiks that could make the writing process much faster.

3743890 That's okay, I have my own musik situation covered. Thanks though.

And sure, I'd be happy to write more.

3744853 I'd post a mister burns excellent gif, but I don't have any.

Hmm, are you going to make it so that Luna can visit the main characters dreams? If so, then I'm out.

3749037 Sorry. Might I ask why Luna's dream interference upsets you?

3750674 Everyone does it, and it's just a lame incredibly overused plot device. Also it goes against one of my, admittedly very few, codes of ethics, which is do not enter a beings mind without permission. Dream walking by an alien horse princess is classified as without permission.

3752410 Yeah I can't argue with that. Wish I could defend myself, but it is pretty not cool. Still, I've set things up too far to stop the plans now.

I hope you at least enjoyed everything else.

3752797 At least make the character have control over the dream then.

3753678 Can't. It's a dream, and more importantly a memory. More or less. She can't control it, because it already happened.

But don't worry. Luna doesn't control it either. She's just there to observe.

3753869 Well at least none of my OCs are in this, they wouldn't stop hunting Luna until she's a red smear on the ground if they found out about her magic.

3753994 You should write that fic.

3757070 Can't write. Though even if I did, could you imagine the downvotes it'd get? I'd have to move to korea for it to be a positive number.

Okay, good chapter, but what sort of military makes standard a sidearm that only holds five rounds, and has to undergo a lengthy recharging for every reload?

3760033 One that's working with delicate, very advanced light-based laser weaponry in a society whose tech levels are heavily inconsistent. Five shots is about how much they could fit into it. The entire motif I was going for for basically an advanced flintlock pistol rather than a blaster or something. Really, the sidearm ISN'T standard; most troops would have brought out the pnuematic crossbows or taken to a sword. That's the kind of universe it is. Space faring, but basically renaissance Europe when every is said and done.

I could have given the Fatae effective guns, given them to everybody, but then that would have widened the disconnect between their society and pony society.

They had extra battery packs that could have recharged the gun, but that was on the dory when it crashed. Smashed to bits.

3760549 But still, I mean it's not one of my more obscnely overpowered weapons, but couldn't she at least been given an assault rifle with subspace ammo storage and generation? Or maybe that's because my universe tend to be incredibly advanced?

3760567 They have assault rifles - or rather the equivalent of powder fired round shot rifles - but there aren't in wide use. Only one regiment of the military uses such things. They cost a fortune and take a lot of work to maintain. Moreover, Sarin's mission was never meant as an assault mission. It was meant as an information gathering one. The pistol was grudgingly given to her because they figured they might encounter a wild animal or something, or need to use the gun as an emergency flare in case the three on the ground got separated.

3760751 Gun powder weapons are expensive to maintain? What about freaking light pistols? But regardless, don't they have blades that can oscillate at twenty thousand hertz?

3763788 Nope, they do not. They just have regular swords. Well perhaps some of the R&D people in the Empire have developed super blades, but those are hardly issued to the grunts. And I meant the light rifles were difficult to maintain, they being charged particle weapons. Gun powder weapons were merely a metaphor.

3763936 Huh, these Fatae clearly have no mind for weapons R&D if all they have is standard steel blades, I'd imagine humanity would have ion pistols at that point, and they'd have a self-contained micro fusion reactor as a power source.

3764489 You are correct. The Fatae have massively skewed priorities. They have the technology to cram three separate kinds of propulsion into their space craft, and can genetically modify people to make super soldiers. And yet they haven't developed much in weapon's technology. They haven't developed - or don't use widely - things like tanks or computers or even just ballistic firearms. Some of that is cultural, and a lot of it is being stubborn.

Either that, or imperial government conspiracy.

3765693 So in essence, if they ever go to war with humanity, we can expect a unified human victory within the year?

3767930 An invasion of Earth? Most certainly. Against the entire empire, not so sure. One planet versus hundreds' worth in resources, the Empire outlasts Earth. But in basically every battle until perhaps late in the conflict, human forces with current age weapons would destroy Fatae ones.

Hmm...there's an idea. Humans Vs. Fatae. I'll need to look into that for later...

3768182 Don't forget, we can wipe out whole fleets with our patented (Probably) Nuclear weapons.

3769444 So basically, we, a single planet, can hold an entire empire ransom if we ever get our hands on one of their ships. Then we'd reverse engineer the technology, apply the technology too our own theories and designs, and say fuck you to anything that can travel slower than three times the speed of light.

3769786 Essentially yes. It's a good thing for the Fatae that humans don't exist in their universe. As far as they know. :raritywink:

3770553 Maybe humanity is on the otherside of the galaxy, slowly building an interstellar empire with ships propelled by blackholes and powered by the universe.

Hmm, Sarin is a fucking retard, I wouldn't have said anything, and if I did, it would be not so subtle innuendos and racist jokes against ponies, and maybe saying her mother was a hamster and her father smelled of elderberries.

3774049 Certainly seems that way, yes. But then again, she's going through some stuff right now (as you'll see when I upload the next chapter in a bit). She's stressed and emotional, and as we've seen can be inclined towards illogical behavior when sufficiently compromised.

3774294 What's an emotion?:rainbowhuh:

3774544 They're what allow people with magic rings to fly around in space, creating energy constructs. Or so I've heard.

3774865 Ah, well it sounds weak and useless, I have zero point generators and universal collider generators for that.

3769786 3773887 the absence of Humans here and the attitude of the Fatae makes me think of the Fatae as that kid who throws together a big posse and struts around school like he owns the place, and Humanity as the kid who sits at the edge of the yard and spends all day catching and killing small animals.

3780191 Basically yes. Except humanity in this case is less the kid at the edge, and more...

...well, that would be spoiling it.

3781309 Humanity is the more the theoretical overachiever in every aspect that all parents demand their children be, and as such is already a master of every single martial art, fighting style, is an Olympic rated sniper and athlete, and is getting rainbow triple s' on all their tests?

Right, finally finished this, and I'd just to say this: I laughed my ass off at the last part. Am I a bad person? Nah, I doubt it.

3785557 Nope. The problem is that saying it would spoil plans I have for way down the line (assuming I get that far). It fits with the schoolyard analogy, but actually saying it defeats the mystery.

All I can say is: you're thinking on too low level.

3786041 WE ARE THE FORERUNNERS, we brought them into this world and we can take them out just as easily if they displease us

3788697 Oh my God, how did you guess?

3788716 my superior inference powers

3788716 So humanity made the Fatae, eh? Doesn't really surprise me, probably a government not unlike the united states one probably tried to engineer humanity in perfect obedience, then some guy laughed manically whilst pressing a button labelled incinerate the government, and then the government went boom, and the Fatae wound up floating through space and landing on their homeworld?

3789230 Something like that.

I'm just going to ignore the entire thing about ships in the description and imagine sublight ships with biiiig lasersails and cryopods

Interesting concept - a halfbreed for that 'whatevercrotta' that spawned this being.

So... invented monster, or mythical one? I think I've read of one that imitated voices, but can't remember now its name...

Good story so far, got me hooked!:twilightsmile:

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