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Bioshock Crossover

Rarity's been getting busier and busier, leaving Sweetie bored and alone while at the boutique- that is, until she meets a creature...one that won't stop following her around...but, she's harmless...right? Right?

Cover art by me, but still looking.

Featured : 5/24/14

Chapters (17)
Comments ( 234 )

so... moar?!

4372822 Wrote it as a one-shot, not going to write more unless you guys ask for it *shrug*

Just saying, Applejack or Applebloom should have found a Big Daddy, and said Big Daddy attempts to crush Big Mac.

4372922 I didn't want to write a Big Daddy fic, I think that'd be borderline plagarizing 'Me and Mr. B'

this got my interest:duck:
I will read later:pinkiehappy:

This is just perfect but it's left me wanting more.

Interesting, please go on.:trixieshiftright:

*berates you with the power of a thousand readers asking for more*

Cliffhanger one-shot.
Wrote it for the sake of writing it.

Cliffhanger one-shot.


I want to hurt you now...

I like it as a one shot.

Well I'm more demanding then asking, but it still counts right?

Not bad at all. This could get really interesting if you continue expanding on things.

Well done. Well done indeed. I wait for more.

Hmmm, this is interesting, if only I played any of the bioshock games...

God damn it, you did again.

:pinkiehappy: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I can't wait to see more!

58/0, eh? Nice.

I've always wondered if the Bid Daddy's/Sisters could talk...

Don't Big Sisters have telekinetic abilities? Couldn't she have lifted the Timberwolf with her mind and crushed it into a ball of wood and sap? Anyways, keep up the good work, seems to be quite the interesting story you are making here!!

Evil villain mrs N

Weird coincidence this pops up on the Popular Stories list the day after I finish Bioshock 2.

And to the 'read later' list it goes.

The plot twists more than Burial at Sea.


4443418 Maybe she is out of Adam/Atom :applejackunsure: (can't remover which ne it is:twilightblush:)

4447368 Big sister is scary!!!

4443243 If I am correct when they turn people into the BD/BS they put a voice box in their throat to make the noises.

4448455 Um, not really. Also, last I was informed the Big Sisters are just the little sisters once they grow up. I could be wrong, though.

4450486 Yeah the Big Sisters are just Little sisters grown up but I rember in Bioshock 1 when Jack was getting the gear to become a Big Daddy he got a voice box that is why I though that.

4450812 Nah, I've never directly played the games, but I do know that (at least) most Big Daddies can't talk and... I'm not sure about the big sisters.

How long till the next chapter

You don't see a Big Sister doing that every day.

A little short, but still really good.:twilightsmile:

Sooo, something tells me Mrs N, is thinking of Rarity as a little sister now too, cause of Sweetie telling her she's her sister. If not, that's just plain funny. :rainbowwild:

Like it, love it, need more of it.

What's with all the Bioshock crossovers recently?

Folks from the Cyrus household are not welcome here.

4508182 Because we love Mlp/Bioshock crossovers.

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