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The Shadow Blot, mysteriously created by a young human girl, escapes persecution by travelling to Equestria with her new friend.

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This is good I like to read the next chater wan it comes out! hehehe I wandder what will happen! and keep up the good work

Interesting fic concept. I wonder if the shadow blot is here randomly, or if you plan some kind of crossover with Epic MIckey.

3912141 Thank you for your interest. No, I wasn't exactly planning a full-blown crossover, I only added the tag because of the Blot- though I might add some of the blotlings in there.

Glad you posted it, I must say I'm very interested in this story.

This is very interesting, but the way you put the sentences together is very script-like and there is also a stunning lack of description, I think you might wanna work on those two things before you continue.

Hmmmmmm......very interesting.

I actually like this story a lot, especially the Blot's personality. I want to read more.:pinkiehappy:

3959855 I should have the next chapter posted soon.

And angel just sneezed and got chills down his spine.

4061403 I might not be able to update for a while, I'm experiencing a little writer's block with this fic, thank you for your interest though:pinkiehappy:

..Very short. Cute, but short.:unsuresweetie:

4840425 I know...:ajsleepy: I'm working on making chapters longer, most of that is planning out what happens next...

-shakes head sadly-

That isnice . Iwould like to see what the blot talks . by ddescribtion it took of sort of Slenderman sort of as being bigger thatn normal pony race shape.

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