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Dragged all the way from the Empire by the Crystal Couple, and for what? A wedding! I don't want to watch two ponies get hitched, what did I do to deserve this? I don't want to see all the pomp and circumstance, there's no need for it. I especially don't want all those ponies staring at me!

A good portion of my race was destroyed at a wedding, shouldn't that be warrant enough for me not to go?

Whorlygig isn't the most social of changelings, mostly because he's the only one in the entirety of the Crystal Empire. How do Shining Armor and Cadance turn him into a 'social butterfly'? Take him to a wedding in Ponyville, of course!

Still debating on changing the cover-art.

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I like it. It's cute.

Sequel needed. I must know what's up with Screwball.


How is Screwball thrice cursed?

I like this idea with Wirlygig. Do we get to find out how he meets Shiny and Cadie? I need more.

Aww, this is a really good take on the changeling who was at the back :rainbowkiss:

6095316 A combination of any of these four things listed directly before that remark: fuschia pony+earth pony+sitting on a cloud+beanie

Was not expecting Screwball to make an appearance! Very pleasantly unexpected!


6101329 Why is being a fuchsia earth pony a curse?

6102554 Well, just like beanies, it's probably just a color Whorlygig doesn't like very much.

6095892 Yeah. I'm with you. I'm really wondering why they're taking an interest in him in the first place. Though it does seem to suggest that Worly is their adopted child, but I'm not too sure.

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