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This party is like every party Pinkie's ever had. It's also like no party that she's ever had before.

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Except me.

I still have no idea what's going on.


Shut up and have a good time.

I'm not really sure what happened t the end their admitably, but points for Spike protecting Rarity from the punch bowl. Pinkie's psyche was quite interesting.

I liked it -- I can definitely see pinkie really working herself up to the point where she couldn't enjoy a party at all if she forgot the purpose of the party in question.

Not bad. You should space out the paragraphs, though, instead of leaving it as a pseudo-wall of text.

Discord Chrysa-Moon, what is Sombra chopped liver? :trixieshiftright:


As far as Pinkie is concerned?

Well - to be totally honest - from Pinkie's viewpoint - he didn't actually DO much besides show up, look scary, and give Shining Armor some horn growths. :facehoof:

I mean sure - he had this meany pants "rawr - i'm gonna enslave you" backstory thingie ; but this time around - Rainbow Dash probably hurt Pinkie more denying her a flugelhorn :fluttercry: than Sombra did...


1652786 Well she did that for the sake of Equestria, nopony would have survived if Pinkie Pie had tons of flugelhorns to play. Now how is it that Pinkie Pie can sing so well and yet play a flugelhorn so badly, is there something I'm not getting? :trixieshiftright:

Hmm... this is an alright little dive into psychology. However, the ending left me confused. Is Pinkie happy now, or is she still sad? And what was the party for? You kind of had me reading the fic hoping to finally find that out, and then... nothing.

Also, I personally think you should try spacing out the paragraphs. Easier on the eyes.

Woww. Wants to know what party is about. Y u make Pinkie sad? :(

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