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Just a writer/programmer who joined the herd fairly late... season 2 was already done. Looking forward to interacting with everybody here!


As the sun sets at the end of one particularly crazy day, Lyra and Bon Bon (a.k.a. Sweetie Drops) venture out to their usual late-night spot. Although they are drunk on the magic of Cranky and Matilda's wedding, there are still a few things left to be said about Bon Bon's revelation. What other secrets have the two been hiding all this time?

* Cover image created using vectors from show, including bouquet by PsychicWalnut (http://bb-k.deviantart.com/

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That first sentence, that name.

OH MY...

and that second last paragraph...

OH MY...

It's Cranky not Grumpy.

“You're not supposed to aim, y'know.”

That one line pretty much made the whole fic; thank you so much for writing this.

Whoops, I knew that. Blah, sorry *fixes

I dunno why I called him Grumpy you guys XD I guess I was totally spazzing on my LyraBon!

Thanks so much o3o


All is forgiven in the name of LyraBon!

OH SNAP! IT'S GARLAND! :pinkiegasp:
Man, last time you were online my username was lollipopchicken, and that was a long-ass time ago.
Good to have you back!

Brb reading this now.

XD I have WAY too many side hobbies. I'm mostly a game dev and programmer, you know. But I'm glad to know I was missed.

I couldn’t bare

Both times, it's "bear", not "bare".

Other than that... cute! And agreed, Matilda. It's about damn time :D

Fixed xD Thank you!

Such a wonderfully written story. I enjoyed this one a lot.

Awww you're so kind. I was compelled to do it.

Thanks to you pones too!

:duck: Spikey didn't you catch the garter?
:moustache: All four!
:raritystarry: Wow!
:twilightoops: Wut?
:moustache: I think Cranky cheated . . .
:raritystarry: How do you know?
:moustache: See the welts on my face?
:raritywink: I thought dragons were tough?
:moustache: Extra heavy duty. . .:rainbowhuh:

>u< I like d'aww things!

Aww, that was adorable!

I like cute! :twilightsmile: Thank you!

this comment's magic though

6128847 Magic? :pinkiegasp: Twitcha twitcha twitch !
:twilightoops: Rarity what are you doing kissin Spike!?!

:moustache: She's kissin my boo boos

6130050 You look like my mom's bunny.

6174742 time to get to my barbers shave and a hair cut two bits ! Still don't know about the ears


Yay!!!!!! So darn cute!!! :heart: :yay:

Gorgeous fluff, lovely ship, and GOLDEN last line.

All in all, everything I need to put this on my Favorites shelf.

LOL it was aimed.
Good story. I almost wish it was longer as I got pulled in good.

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