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After an extensive beta with the happiest, most harmonious ponies in Equestria, Harmony Tracker is finally out! What does Harmony Tracker do? Why, it allows you to know just how much cheer, friendship, and joy you're spreading across Equestria! If you do enough, the government will even give you wonderful prizes! So, my little ponies, make sure to do all you can to raise those scores! The princesses will be watching.

Based on something happening right now, this is a link to the video that taught me the truth and inspired this story. A link will be provided at the end of chapter three as well.

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Comment posted by pottedllama deleted Dec 17th, 2015

This is...legitimately creepy.

I think that "easy smile" of Cranky's got painted on his soul, so to speak. And I have the strangest feeling that, whatever happened when he met with the princesses, the Cranky Doodle that walked out of that "tutoring session" had a whole lot of what had made him Cranky washed away like mud in front of a firehose.

I think I want to see where this goes. Did Big Brother get a makeover as the Solar Tyrant?

Is the video for fucking real? Wtf is this bs... %@#$$#%^@$##!$#@~#~!~@%~~$!#~!#~@~!@!@$%!@#!@@ I'm going to read but I'm already PISSED.

This is legitimately scary...

Yeah, China's system is truly terrifying but we in America have been living under and subject to a system for almost the last hundred years re social manipulation and control and it isn't any different from China's for it's intent, only the approach is different. Rather than using blatantly obvious and clearly visible "scores" the system under which we live is far more subtle and insidious. Wear the wrong brand of shoes or a cheap knock-off, play the wrong video game or console, own the wrong phone brand and you're a "loser". how'd it get to be that way? Simple! Corporate manipulation of Americans through a commercial brainwashing agency called "The Department Of Public Relations" which is really nothing more than a group of people who sit around thinking up effective ways of emotionally and mentally manipulating you into buying things you don't need, using some serious and subtle psychology to make you think that if you don't have or buy or own certain things then there must be "something wrong with you." Just look at old TV commercials from the 50s and you'll get a real good idea of what I'm talking about. New? No, there's nothing new about this kind of manipulation and social control but then, if you hadn't grown up being totally saturated in it, you would have noticed. That's how insideous it is.

I... barely managed to get this.

It was a good story nonetheless, though.

I always thought that patriotism was a good mechanic for nations to keep the population in line, but this is going too far...
Thanks for spreading the news.
Also, the fic is good. And pretty scary because if Pinkie deletes you from her friend list you know something is rotten in the system.

the story is terrifying, the video is terrifying and i want to know what happens in the tutoring but i know it will be terrifying and sometimes the imagination can do more to show how terrifying that something is than to explain it.

on a totally unrelated note, please enjoy the thumbs up

6739911 Yeeeeah no, hoss. There's not really any sane equivalency there. Marketing -- even shysty marketing -- is not the same as a government mandated system that gives people incentive to fall in line.

Unfortunately, yes, this is very much a real thing. It's possible that there is some context we haven't been given, or some other factor that is resulting in us misunderstanding exactly what this is and will be used for. After all, nothing is impossible.

But it is not very likely.


Well, it is when the government becomes intimately tied to corporations as has been the case over that last hundred years, especially in the period after world war two ended. That, alone, is a fascinating part of history. Still, the more you know about something the less influence it has over you.

Scary. Really scary; you did really well at writing this out.


Disturbing to say the least. China is making this system mandatory in 2020 for those of you who didn't know.

Why govern those who are willing to govern each other over social media? It's the perfect tool to keep people in line, without any form of intervention. :fluttershysad:

Also, nice touch with the tag. You could never tell it was a horror story like this. :raritywink:

I read this and got a chill down my back, seriously and legitimately. This is a horror story like the old Gothics, Lovecraft and such, it doesn't use gore to get the horror across, the setting and what YOU think is going on make it truly horrifying. The implied and not so implied threats lying so deep underneath that it takes a moment to register.

Good job, and I mean really good job on this one. I'm calling this a classic, honestly.

Pinkie was collecting them as roof of her harmony



SHe glanced back


And this is just terrifyingly insidious.


Four years and a few days, people. If you ever wanted to go to China, go now, while it's still safe.

Perhaps this is my ego speaking, I but I'd like to think I may have helped inspire this by posting a blog with that exact video.

Good. God. I write a blog post on that very video, and you come out with a story?

Where is the Dark tag? :twilightoops:

I heard of Sesame Credit, but didn't look into it until this story popped up on the front page. All I have to say is, I'm scared.

I also saw this video. Fucking horrifying.


I want to believe canon Celestia and Luna wouldn't stoop to something as low as mind magic. Or any other easy mind control. Or even the hard ways. Perhaps they just put Cranky through psychological counseling and got to the root of his problems?

That said, with how quickly he changed and became "normal", I fear this isn't the case. This universe would warrant a 4 out of 10 on my "kill it at all costs" scale because there's the possibility but no evidence. ("I'm watching you very carefully!"). An eight would be the equivilent of burning their whole planet to glass, and a ten is "No life, even down to microbial life, is allowed to remain in this cluster of galaxies; Or the infinity of this universe, in the event of an alternate reality".

Be glad that a superpragmatist (some might say sociopath) like me is not in charge. Thievery? Permanent disfigurement. Murder? Execution after thirty years and three appeals (one appeal every ten years), no exceptions. If technological advances and forensics can't find enough faulty evidence to prove your innocence in thirty years, chances are you're guilty.

-Post turned into a rather long rant, so I've ended it here. New Blog post may appear with the full text.-

Christ that's horrifying. And why are the earth ponies at the bottom?

I wonder, was the reconditioning surgical or emotional in nature.

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