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Cranky Doodle Donkey has spent years searching Equestria for that special jenny he lost at the Grand Galloping Gala. He's been to cities far and wide, and searched from the peaks of the tallest mountains to the floors of the lowest valleys. He's seen it all, or so he claims. The roads are his and his alone, and the solitude is something he's simply grown used to.

Until one night, he discovers a filly hiding in a snowy hollow, scared, alone, and freezing to death...

Inspired by a discussion at Bronycon. Coverart by Ruirik.
Awesome audiobook by Illya Leonov!
Featured in the Royal Canterlot Library!
Featured in the Seattle's Angels!

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At last it is done.

Is gonna be a fun one.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Hey, prereader here, just wanted to say thanks to 24 for writing another great story, and I hope all of you had (will have?) as much fun reading this as I did.

This was really good. Very heartwarming.:twilightsmile:

I want more! This story even rivals Summer!

Daring Do discovers precious treasures.
Cranky Doodle discovered the most precious treasure of all.

As someone who has written Daring, and continues to write Daring, in my stories this is one of my favorite Daring stories so far <3

Okay, this story won my heart and gets a place on my favorites list <3

A startlingly underrated story. Have a fav! :pinkiesmile:

...Now I want to see Rainbow Dash's face when she realizes who Cranky is. :pinkiecrazy:

......Also, Cranky's reaction to "Daring Do con". :rainbowderp:

..................Though let's hope he stays away from the merchandise-section, lest the whole convention hall be burnt to the ground. :trollestia:

Author Interviewer

Fantastic. Oddly, I like this final chapter least, because it's so firmly entrenched in things we already know. But it picks up again right there at the end, and well, it certainly doesn't bring down an otherwise excellent fic. :)

That was a very fun read.

What a great story. Of course Cranky has a changling friend. The sheer love pouring out of a guy who searched for his gal for 30 years....

The six years she’d been traveling with Cranky had been the best of her life. She wouldn’t have given them away for anything. Not even to have her parents back.

... I'm loving the read. Really I am... but that right there is pretty damn selfish. Though on the other hand it could be interpretted as selfless. It depends on whether Daring is thinking more about the aspect of correcting two deaths that she is responsible for or the personal gain of having her mom and dad back.

Im going to say its the latter. Shes over the pain of what happened to her parents and as nice as she'd feel to have them back and giving her their love she wouldnt give up her time with Cranky. Its not a matter of refusing to "atone" for her mistake.

How the hell did you manage to get this story in such few words? Have a have, this one deserves it.

Fun tidbit: I've only ever seen one episode, slice of life. And this does so much to explain how cranky had so many different friends.

Also, thirty years in search of his one true love. Thirty years of adventure with an amazing daughter to boot. The guy deserves his rest.
That is, until he decides that the call of adventure is too strong in his blood, and he goes onward to save his daughter and equestria.
That book would sell like hot cakes :pinkiecrazy:

7586021 You should do a sequel, where Rainbow Dash finds out that Cranky Doodle taught Daring Do. I can practically see her pestering him to teach her as well.:rainbowlaugh:

This is honestly heartwarming. Have a fave.

Very good storytelling.

A wonderful tale. Some of the best literature I've read that isn't over a hundred-thousand words.

I'm very impressed with the way you took a strange concept and made it plausible, to the point that I want it to be "true." It's very heartwarming and well-paced. There's just enough information to give us the basic story and let our imaginations fill in the gaps. The fanfic certainly doesn't drag, but somehow it doesn't feel too rushed either. Very well done.

This is absolutely adorable.

It's such a nice story. I could very well see this as canon.

I wish this was canon. I really do. It also deserve a sequel. Maybe Daring want to write a prequel to her book and tell the tales of her early years and who taught her how to be an adventurer.

Or she could offer to write her father memoir. With his perfect memory and her writing talent it would be a best seller. I mean, a 30 years search across the world that's quite the tale.

Rainbow would sure be surprised to find her in Ponyville... And why.

Aww, poor Daring. Good on you Cranky. This is really well written, and I like the backstory for Daring, it expands on why she spends most of her time alone.

Aww, so adorable! Glad to see Cranky is helping Daring to become something awesome.

Aww, such a bittersweet chapter. Looking forward to the conclusion. You've earned a favorite from me already.

Aww, such a sweet heartwarming ending. This is truly a wonderful tale, and very believable. Thank you for writing this. :scootangel:

Now this is a good story!

Cranky watched her go, only moving toward the gate when her excited voice died away somewhere inside the building. As he walked, he felt his muzzle contorting into something it hadn’t done for a long time. Before he knew it, he had a small, proud, happy smile on his face and a warm fluttering in his heart. Ten minutes later, when he saw the khaki filly practically tripping across the snow as she lumbered over to him with a stuffed pack as big as she was, he felt that feeling intensify. As they left Glacier Point behind them, he found it incredibly hard not to reflect the happy grin Daring had plastered across her muzzle.

Awww.. <3!

Smiling, Cranky returned the hug and nuzzled Daring’s neck. “You’re welcome, my little Daring Doodle. Happy birthday.”


That makes a lot of sense!!!!
You're a flocking genius!!!

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