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"In the pegasus empire of Cirra, the quinquennial census of the population was incredibly important to taking stock of the resources of the empire. Two thousand years after Cirra's fall, the records kept by the censors offer an illuminating glimpse into what life was like for the pegasi and griffons in those ancient times. I have translated the personal records kept by one such censor, Aureus Primus, taken during the height of Cirran power in the Diodan continent. I present them here for you to read and learn more about this fascinating pegasus empire that we know so little about."

-T. Sparkle

Supplementary work to Of Skies Long Forgotten. It is strongly recommended that you take the time to read that story first before reading this one, as this story focuses more on the worldbuilding of the setting explored there, and contains some spoilers to the plot of that story as well.

Part of the Price of Loyalty storyverse.

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I like the concept of the being sort of a Pegasus subspecies.

And Twilight's footnote about attempted winemaking.:twilightsheepish:

Tonitri and Fulgur... Going off of some ideas I wonder if it is thunder and lightning...

Migratory long-flight Pegasi. Neat.

The birdhorses needed more birds to take after. Who knows how many more subspecies I'll come up with by the end of it.

Subspecies of birdhorse entertain me. Especially when they become more birdlike like the Gulls.:derpytongue2:

Nimbans are cool. Trufax.

Very intriguing, I look forward to more.

I find it amusing that you started with the supplementary story to my main series instead of the other way around (though I am doing some edits for the fic this one is a supplement for to remove some generally dumb writing that I've left in it for so long).

7393643 The first thing I read was Cadance and her amazing laser-powers thank you very much.:derpytongue2::raritywink: i'm just making up for lost time. and your main series doesn't interest me >.<

I love hearing more of the history that we only got a taste of in Of Skies Long Forgotten and Snow and Shadows (the first ASoS stories I read). This story needs more upvotes!

Very much enjoying this thus far! I look forward to any future updates if you plan to continue this.

Ahh, Nimbus. Site of the most ferocious clash of armies I have ever imagined/seen. (In 25 or so years.)

Moment of silence for this fic, everyone.
It has entered the "Incomplete and hasn't been updated in over a year" bin.

Much ado about counting catbirbs.

Sweet Celestia above, a new chapter! Year and a half later!

I'm genuinely so upset at the destruction of Cirra at the end of Of Skies Long Forgotten that I can barely bear to read about how great it once was.

RexDraconum, a.k.a ArchangelGabriel.

Don't think for a second that I didn't recognize those Ace Combat names!

Wow Aureus is taking a long time to get to the next place :trixieshiftright:

This is a fantastic companion piece for the original story. I hope you continue this one!

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