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Rarity needs to borrow Rainbow's laptop for a week. Rainbow needs to get her laptop fixed so Rarity can use it. Starlight needs more alcohol before she hangs herself.

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I feel personally attacked.

And Rainbow doesn't have a tab problem. She has a hardware problem. There would be no issue if she just had more resources to burn. :P

You're right! I've seen the light! I do need help!

*opens a tab about getting help for tab hoarding*


*leaves it open*


That's one of the four browser instances I have open at the moment. #tabHoarding4Lyfe

No, bad. The solution to the problem is not more problems.

Things like this are why 24 is an absolute legend.

Tab Hoarders are they that have not heard of the powerful device called a BOOKMARK.
On Chrome, making a bookmark is ultra easy: just click the star on the address bar.


This crazy son of a bitch has over 900 tabs open across two of his three computers.
Ala, you need help.

...Yeah, this is kinda me. Not ten-fking-thousand tabs bad, but umm...:twilightsheepish:

“I’m… not going to answer that.” She closed that tab down as well, and the third tab began to load. She saw a dark background set around a picture of the Wonderbolts… in poorly-made outfits… lying in bed… and a pegasus who was definitely not Spitfire had her face between the spread legs of a pony who was definitely not Rainbow—

I wheeze'd.

Bookmarks are fine for certain things, but not at all equivalent to or nearly as useful as tabs.

But half of those are valid arguments for saving them for months or even years at a time!

I've many-a-time gone back to my tab bar and expanded a stack for a particular tab that was last used during a late night binge session....

Look, you wanna know the real reason? Google Reader is gone. RSS? Largely GONE. You can't take me away from my old habits made before tabs became a mainstream thing!

Between that and with how my favorites folder becomes a literal library with its own dewey decimal system if I don't collect useful tabs, it has to happen.

I feel personally attacked.

Man...and I thought I was weird for keeping about 12 Fimfiction stories in my Recently Closed Tabs space at all times...

Am a tab hoarder, and I know it which is (part of) why my computer has 24 Gigs of RAM. Never had a problem with it. Adblockers also help:rainbowdetermined2:

I know the problem but its mostly not going over 10, if it hits like 20 i usually just close them all because i lost track.
Although i sometimes find a tab that has been sitting there for a week or so.

I have over 100 tabs open please send help

You just personally attacked 85% of your readers.

Tab hoarder?

As in, this is something it's possible not to be? :rainbowhuh:

My sister’s laptop got destroyed because she was a tab hoarder. I try not to go over six at a time as one tab’s dedicated to writing fanfiction and the other five are dedicated to other stories that need reading or research for chapters.

I know that feeling, I still remember when I had to upgrade to Windows 10 and the Edge Browser imported my bookmarks collection from my other browsers. It immediately crashed any time you clicked the bookmark button (fortunately I mostly use Chrome so that isn't an issue, but still hilarious how the M$ code just decided to kill itself rather than try to open the bookmarks section).

session buddy on chrome is a life saver

This is too real for me... :rainbowlaugh:


20 tabs is reasonable but excessive. If it tops 100, seek professional help.


look atleast tell us what browser you use. If you're doing this in Chrome, god fucking help your computer.

Comment posted by Convair deleted Oct 20th, 2019

The only problem with being a tab hoarder is video ads. 30, 50, 100 tabs? No problem.

2 video ads? Goodbye RAM. I regularly see one video ad eat 4 GB somehow

Oof. This might be me. I think I have about 25 tabs open right now...

I have about 17 I regularly keep open, most of which I use on a daily basis to some degree. also who knew rainbow had boomer level knowledge on computers

There is no help for us brother. We are already too far gone.

This is a term I never encountered before, but I think I’m getting it from context, and it is a behavior that always has baffled me. If I have more than two or three browser windows open at a time—I don’t use tabs—I start getting very uncomfortable and close as many as I can as soon as I can.


I had 700 open the other day. My rig has 128 gigs of RAM, though, so I can have 700 Chrome tabs, FL Studio with a full orchestral bank, and a video game running at 4K/Ultra graphics at the same time, though, and it doesn’t care. Usually, when the browser performance starts tanking, I just use Session Manager and save all my tabs as an entire session, which I will likely never, ever revisit.

Alright folks, this just proves that Rainbow likes to keep Tabs on everything.

Tab Hoarding deserves the death penalty! Vile heretics of the computer age all of them! May the Exterminatus take you all!

I was going to tell you to fuck off, but you make an excellent point. At least, though, none of the 100+ tabs open on my phone are the same thing. Well over 100 tabs, and not a one is the same. I feel proud of myself for that, at least.

But then, I could maybe stand to get rid of a few...

......so...how do you think I should approach this? :twilightsheepish:

I use speed dial + bookmark folders in Vivaldi instead of tabs and it works like a charm. Only thing is I do sometimes tab hoard direct downloads. However Vivaldi doesn’t actively load a tab until you click on it, so it doesn’t really slow your computer much.

Hmm, what if i do bookmark the page, but still don't close the page itself?

Ahh don't attack me please... I always close all the tabs before going to sleep and shutting down the computer...

Of my approximately 500 tabs open across four browser instances, only about 40 are in Chrome. :rainbowwild:

My computer needs counseling. It keeps going to Clop and fanart. I've asked it to stop, but it won't listen.

They deserve it. They know what they did. :ajbemused:

Even bookmarks can't save you if the website faded into the aether.

The "real" solution is to use Firefox. It can go to several thousand tabs with no major slowdown (it doesn't load those tabs until they're first accessed beyond name and URL) Here's some benchmarks from when they added the feature.

*reads description*


It's not only their computer it effects. The bandwidth used by those tabs still checking stuff occasionally, keeping updated etc, can take small connections to a crawl if you add in even a small download

Well, this is a problem I can't relate to. I usually have one tab open, sometimes two, three at the absolute most. Of course I was using web browsers before tabs were a thing, so that probably has something to do with it.


seriously, get off chrome, it eats ram super hard. Chrome is fine as a browser, but it really doesn't serve you in particular well.

pls. I'm a trained, professional tab-hoarder—I know what I'm doing. :pinkiecrazy:

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