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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside. (Pronouns: Sock/No!)


Fluttershy comes home from school early, learns more about pegasus magic than she ever wanted to know, and vows to live on the ground for the rest of her life.

Cover art is https://derpibooru.org/981063

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:flutterrage: SPIKE RARITY! I've had enough trauma as foal thank you can I see the draconies when they're born?

"Mom! Dad! Why doesn't my bed fall through the clouds? What did you do while I wasn't at home?!? "

Fluttershy, you don't wanna know. Derpibooru id: 1175485.

Holy crap I actually wasn’t expecting that sudden twist! I’d be laughing my ass off right now if not for the fact that I’m at work and struggling not to lest some unfortunate questions be asked.

Good job! :flutterrage:

actually if there is a carpet under the bed, they don't have to do anything on the bed at all. In fact it would be easier and smarter to have carpets or large mats to cover floors that way.


Wow. That's why I love this fandom: silly idea, serious responses!


No problem. I love to think on how such magic would work, and everything about pegasus magic seems to work on doing things by action. Now I wondering how they keep lighting trapped in bottles.

Well thanks. now I'm going to be thinking about this of all things.

Clever idea though.


Ah, but imagine, 12 years later, when Flutterbutt tells this story to Zephyr.

What will HE be thinking about?


I make it a particular point to never contemplate what Zephyr is thinking about.

That's the kind of parental bullshittery that ends up with veeeeeery unfortunate urban legends and childhood trauma.

Mostly trauma.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Good lord. No wonder Flutters lives on the ground.

Not a happy Flutterbutt that day, nope!

I have no idea what I just read... but I loved it!

That did not go where I expected it to but that made it that much funnier.

While the premise is absurd, the humor was real.

Achievement unlocked!

That is exactly the response I hoped for!

"What about our desks at school?"

"The teachers.... um...." Mom trailed off.

Awesome, but I would have thought horny teenagers would've also gotten involved - via various methods.

Flutterhsy had a thought

Also, the 's' and 'h' need to be switched around.

"Mom! Dad! Why doesn't my bed fall through the clouds? What did you do while I wasn't at home?!?"

Interesting thought...they slip her a sleeping potion before she goes to bed, then they have some 'family fun' with her. It's her bed, so why shouldn't her magic infuse it?

Welp, this was as silly as you promised on Discord.

You know what I really have to wonder about? Wonderbolt HQ has that huge runway. I guess maintaining it is a team effort.

Only quibbles are the swap at the start from calling them "Fluttershy's mom/dad" to just "Mom/Dad" and the overuse of dots in a few ellipses. Some great work otherwise!

Oh no no no no no no no.
But yes.

Oooooohhh mmmmyyyy...
That was an adventure. It makes sense, really, a release of energy into the environment can make an imprint and leave behind some magic. And since unicorns can't really do pegasus magic, its up to the pegasi to charge the enchantments with their magic. Though that doesn't really explain cloudwalking spells.
Maybe it makes a feedback loop that can kind of simulate pegasus magic in the bodies of other ponies.
Great read and silly concept, I love it!

That......that took a turn. A comedic turn but a turn nonetheless.

"Mom! Dad! Why doesn't my bed fall through the clouds? What did you do while I wasn't at home?!? "

I think I may have an inkling:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Wait... why doesn't rainbow dash's furniture fall though her house then?


Oh, she has enough self love to power her house for YEARS.

Shots fired!! Shits going down like 1776!!!


This was hilarious.

Or maybe Thunderlane?

Or perhaps even Fluttershy, Flitter, Cloudchaser, or Blossomforth -- I don't know if the magic swings both sides of the fence or not........

The unknown mechanics of how pegasus ponies work is very fun to read about, and make very good stories. I remember one where the big reveal was that pegasi pooped clouds, and that was why Rainbow Dash was able to afford her own cloud mansion.

But that should mean that any earth or unicorn pony that a pegasus sleeps with would also be able to stand on clouds. Might there possibly be a sequel where we see Fluttershy help cast the cloud-walking spell on her friends so they could go cheer Rainbow on at the Best Young Flyer's Competition?

This story certainly scores points for humor and originality. I've never heard THAT explanation for Pegasus magic before. This was enjoyable to read. But now I'm going to be thinking about magic working in similar ways for other species/races in MLP. Not sure how I feel about that. lol

Then I've done my job!


And years later, she learned about the unicorn cloudwalking spell.

They're still rebuilding Stratocumulus Street...

The twist was creative! The bit with the ledgers was nice attention to detail.

My own fanon is that pegasus blood smeared on the bottom of an object will do the trick. There might also be unicorn magic, but the major implication is that when a young pegasus applies a razor blade to themselves it is ALMOST NEVER because they have an emotional problem, but rather because they are doing that experiment... like making a baking soda+vinegar volcano, except riskier. Gotta have a clean and sharp blade, leaving blood around is hardly hygienic, cutting too deep especially when trying to do too many/too big of an object at once especially if embarrassment delays seeking appropriate treatment, anemia (rare).

Unfortunately, I feel that as a setting designed to teach virtue, even fanfic should do so. To support this, I have a standing rule to downvote any story involving sex outside of a monogamy. This results in a surprising number of otherwise excellent stories getting downvoted, and I know my tiny efforts do little to influence what other people read, but I stand on my principles. I also try to explain this more often than most people do their downvotes, because that is something that I know a lot of authors appreciate and it might theoretically influence their future writings.


Even if you disagree with sex before marriage could you please not try to impose these beliefs on others.

I believe that you ment sex before marrage as Polygamy is the practice of having multiple romantic or sexual partners at the same time. If you did mean polygamy then the story doesn't talk about polygamy it only talks about having sexual arrangements with others. You saying that this story has polygamy in it is like saying dating is polygamy as it never says that there is polygamy in it. Overall you should at least retract your dislike for this story.

You know, I don’t know what I was expecting, but I certainly wasn’t expecting something like this! That was a good twist!

What is married sex, like, 3% of FIMfic?

Heck, straight is probably less than 40%.

My clopfics (between this account and AtomicClop) all have massively positive vote ratios, and none of them are married.

Imma keep doing what I'm doing, mmmm'kay?

Romans 12:14-21; Romans 2:1-11. I rather like the King James and New King James writing of most of these verses, but any bible you prefer will do. (Of course, it's preferable to read whole chapters or books if you have the time.)

Bible aside, you're not sending the message that you wish. Petty human "punishments" only teach others to distrust and reject you. At best, you will be ignored. More commonly you will live in endless, needless strife within your fears and imaginings, if not with other people as well.

But I have doubts it was a church (or whatever your denomination may have) where you first saw to act in this way towards others.

Family members are asking me why I was losing it laughing... I can't tell them the truth..

At first, everything seemed sweet, simple and standart.

And then it was :rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh:

Well done!

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