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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside. (Pronouns: RB/20 )


Fluttershy ruffles Princess Luna's feathers.

With thanks to Damaged and Sledge115 for brainstorming.

Audio reading!

Audio reading!

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Funny how Luna's interactions with Dash don't seem to have any unfortunate consequences. Unless you forgot to mention Rainbow got a cold from sleeping under the stars or something. :derpytongue2:

Twilight teaching Luna modern curse words and Luna teaching Twilight the ancient.

Not what I expected, but a lovely mental image.

I wasn't expecting a flashback to my fish-keeping days. But yeah, Fluttershy is a friend to all animals. [ispoiler]At all points on the food chain. Lovely little vignette. Thank you for it.


I tried to think of a Dash-aster, but figured she would just take a nap.

Fluttershy looked up at the feeding shape and smiled. "It's a hawk feeder."

Nature's serious business, shyness doesn't necessarily equate squeamishness...

Perhaps in this story, Rainbow Dash and High altitude didn't mix well? Or perhaps their "snuggling" could have been a bit more (:trollestia:)

As to the others, wow I didn't think Twilight knew some of those words.
What did Pinkie expect?
AJ and the bats...that makes an odd degree of sense.
I feel kinda bad for Rarity
And I feel extra bad for the CMC (although I don't exactly blame the adults, but taking satisfaction from them being scared stiff is kinda mean)
Fluttershy is a better fictional pony than I will ever be as a real person.

Damn, Flutter's hardcore! :pinkiegasp:

I ship it! :yay:

I feel baited. 🐿

It took three weeks before a loaf of bread would stop spontaneously teleporting itself out of that kitchen.


First thing that came to mind, heh.

All that aside, this was a cute little story :twilightsmile:


At the library, Luna and Twilight spent several nights huddled over ancient tomes, translating Ye Olde Ponish into modern, Twilight teaching Luna modern curse words and Luna teaching Twilight the ancient. They laughed together, for the writers of the olden days were far less polite than modern, merrily discussing bodily functions and romantic liaisons in language that required giggling and blushing to translate.

With a side of subtle Tuna, I hope, heh

I've got a couple of sparrow hawks out where I am.

I inadvertently started feeding them via my bird feeders.

But damn, watching raptors hunt is enjoyable.

This was a fun story, though the way you broke the pattern for Rainbow and Fluttershy both brought down the humor, I feel. With Fluttershy, you could have had Luna return home traumatized, like the other ponies after Luna's visits. Alternatively, you could have cut down on the number of ponies Luna visited, to better tie into the comedy rule of three.

The speech bubble over Fluttershy's head brings to mind a vore comic I saw a while back, literally called Nature is So Fascinating. Fluttershy is willingly feeding herself to a giant snake. Human Fluttershy but not EQG. Pink skin with the pink hair.

It's a panel from near the start of the IDW comic series, either issue #2 or #3. Fluttershy is commenting on a battle between jackelopes and chupacabras.

F in chat for Squirrelington the Eighth.

That started good and got AMAZING. Well played. :rainbowdetermined2:

Luna can handle nightmares and fierce monsters, but she was not prepared for Fluttershy.

After a long high-altitude flight, Luna and Rainbow Dash snuggled up together on a particularly soft cloud under the full moon, Dash sleeping peacefully and Luna, with her eyes closed, luxuriating in the simple pleasure of being so near another pony as they shared their warmth against the late-autumn cold.

Lunabow. I can ship it.

Luna nodded sagely, pretending she understood so much as a single word of the explanation.

Join the club, Luna, I don't get chemistry at all.

That was cute! Loved all the disasters that came from (almost) all of the interactions. And yeah, I can see Flutters doing that. Like 10660403 said, she's a friend to animals at all points on the food chain. I just wonder what that squirrel's family will say to her when they find out... :twilightoops:

Fluttershy glared at the test tubes. "The pH is dropping and the carbonate is almost depleted." She grabbed a scoopful of white powder from a barrel labelled Buffer and flew over the pond, sprinkling the powder back and forth.

Fluttershy runs a Ph-controlled CO2 setup... I just know it! :rainbowlaugh:


I guess gH doesn't matter too much, huh?
Running dissolved CO2 in a pond is some sort of rich-person activity that I'm too poor to understand. I think kH depletion might be instead caused by the breakdown of organic matter (which will release H+ into the surroundings).

I've never tried running CO2 but yeah, if you deplete your buffer you'll crash the pH and have problems, exactly.

Reminded me of few months ago had a chicken hawk get trapped in the netting mom put over her herb bed. It was going after a chipmunk everyone got there phone and took pictures of it as I held it. Then there is the merlin that hangs out fucker can fluff up so much looks like two balls of feathers with the tail sticking out.

Every bit of this fic is memorable bliss! It's such a nice progression that feels fulfilling, super sweet, and has those tinges of nice humor! It's all so good! I hope ya didn't mind, but I simply had to make a reading of this feather-ruffling fic!

Audio Linkerloo!: https://youtu.be/u4PS6aIx1l8

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

The punchline was good, but I was charmed by all that proceeded it as well!

Yeah, hawk feeders happen. My mom has a semi-resident sharp-shinned hawk that really likes goldfinches and juncos.


Heh. I believe it. I have red-shouldered and red-tailed, who mostly like squirrel and rabbit.



I imagine those squirrels from when RD had the duty to care for them after the Mark switch, suddenly realizing that the Yellow Terror had returned, and they all were about to have their "Final Destination" moments...

Luna: i fear no Mare but that thing scares me


Excellent ending to the story. I did think the time at the pond was to get fish to feed some of her friends, Like Harry. Still, you did end it well with Fluttershy's true love of all of nature.

Very much on board with this reading of Fluttershy—not only the punchline, but that attention to detail in fish-keeping, too. Hats off to you, from one Fimfic birder to another!

It was, sadly, the magic resonance of the Princess of the Night on those trees that would attract the vampire fruit bats that next summer.

That's actually an interesting theory.
I mean, she does have bat ponies around...

Fluttershy feeds her pony friends to the hydra, because monsters need to eat too! :flutterrage:

10682348 The Chimera, "We're SOOO hungry! We just want some tasty fillies!"

Fluttershy, Oh you poor girls! Here!" Tosses the Chimera the CMCs.

:applecry::unsuresweetie::scootangel: (Of course Scootaloo is excited... she's like Dashie… who's a perv like that.) :rainbowwild: (SEE?! See what I mean? Everything AND the kitchen sink... TWICE!)

Luna then spent a night at the Cutie Mark Crusaders' clubhouse. Wearing a new crimson cape with gold silk lining, Luna told the sleeping bag-ensconced Crusaders stories of her own cutie mark, and Celestia's, and tales of monsters and pirates, wars and battles, hydras and ursas, and other monsters not seen by any living pony in centuries.

The Crusaders did not sleep that night, and barely slept the next night, huddling together in terror. The CMC's guardians found the two days of cowering terror, however, quite relaxing.

Am I the only one who thought the image of the CMC huddled up in a closet fearing a monster would get them, like in Ed edd Eddy with the Belly button eater? Since I’m just seeing Applejack telling them to get out and they scream a monsters name before hiding.

Rarity just can't have nice things.

what comic is the cover image to this story from?


I'm not sure, but "Know Your Meme" says it was #3.

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