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Luna begins to question her understanding of the modern day language when she finds that nopony wants to be gay with her.

Olde meaning
'Light-hearted and carefree.'

Reading by Skijarama / Tone Shift

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This is the first time in weeks where the short description made me laugh. Let's see what the story looks like...

You should make one more edit pass ("She merrily made her way over to her sister sat before an ornate dining table") and putting the definitions into quote boxes might not hurt. But it's a beautiful concept and strong execution. Thank you for the smiles.

Hahaa finally some one that knows the old meaning of the word

Meanwhile, Luna soared through the air over the orchard of apple trees known as Sweet Apple Acers.
acres you mean.

Watch out for faggots :rainbowlaugh:

Moral of the story: semantic drift is a female otter.

Wonderful bit of fun. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

This is the greatest thing in the history of everything

Hahaha this was hilarious. Great job.

I was thinking of having Luna call Sweet Apple Acres a "filthy hovel" (in my Head Canon "filthy" = a working farm & "hovel" = built by Earth Ponies)

IRL, I once read most of the King James version of the New Testament. There is one part where he tells his disciples to give away their belongings "then come and sue me". I thought "that CAN'T be right" but I found out later that "sue" used to mean "follow".

Oh, my! That was FUNNY!

Poor Luna. She was just trying her best to fit in and make friends and have a gay time with her new friends, sharing in friendship. That is going to take a while to live down. Maybe that is why we didn't see her during season 2.

Thanks for the laughs and the great story.

Annnnnd the next morning in all of the Canterlot rags...


Poor Luna! :facehoof:

The next day, Luna realizes what happened, and decides to show Equestria just how many boners she can make.

The last time I saw this word used in its old form without any form of irony or humor to it: "When you're with the Flintstones, you'll have a gay old time!!!"

Oh, that was nice. Great concept.

What about "don we now our gay apparel"?

Olde meaning
'A bundle of sticks bound together as fuel.'

Apple Bloom is going to get averystern talking to

I feel sorry for that filly.

I laughed more than I thought I would. I'd love to know how the language will evolve over the next few centuries, and how common phrases of the day would be weird, or even obscene, in the future.

Along those veins, I'm adding another little scene:

Dejected, Luna remembered how she'd calm down with a smoke before she got her 1,000-year furlough. She walked the streets of Ponyville, head down, until she spotted a mint-green unicorn with white accents in her mane and tail and a golden lyre cutie mark sitting alone on one end of a bench. Luna took the end opposite the pony.

"Verily, we could use a good fag in our hoof right now," Luna sighed.

Lyra's eyes shot wide open and her head whipped around to face Luna. "Uhhh, I gotta check with Bonnie, but having a royal third might be fun."

Olde meaning
'A cigarette.'

I fear the day Luna teaching those words to Spike.

:trollestia: sunbutt knew what she was doing, she just let the train wreck happen.

I'm surprised I haven't seen more of these stories.
Well done in any case, short and sweet.

It is too embarrassing to discuss.

Definitely my favorite line

I was born with it!


Linguistics!" Luna

we feel!" She

RIP formatting LOL

Majestically so"

Need a period

any pony

Later, you use "everypony", so keep it consistent.


"To criticize" originally meant "to describe".
"To admire" originally meant "to observe", you "admired" a house burning down and still felt bad about it. :twilightsheepish:

And then Luna figured it out, and spent the rest of the day wringing Celestia's neck like a shake weight.


Nah, Apple and Acer merger. Producing the most expensive mid-range spec computer that'll make millions.

Needs be more of these.
This fic made me rather gay.

and technically used in Disney's Cinderella for a brief moment. Pick your poison.

Hahaha, oh Lordy that was good. I remember when I was younger, somehow only knowing the old meanings.

Needless to say, that led to great moments. How am I supposed to know that a faggot is not in fact, related to sticks or maggots? I feel Luna's pain, and I love this.

Also, it wouldn't been great if she called one of the donkeys an ass.

Her words died in her throat as Luna leered over the dog

Amongst the crowd was Rainbow Dash, who etched towards Luna with an uneasy expression.

For a fic about word choice, those're some very odd ones.

Very funny. I laughed about it in rl.

Apparently 3 people didn't get it

This might have been kind of funny if in fact you had used "ejaculate" in any reasonable way. Or if most of those words were not still in the common parlance. Or if "awful" had ever been used in a sense that was not negative or fearful. Or if in fact dictionaries bothered to explain connotations. Just because the words in "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned," means the same on paper as "I'm sorry, Daddy, I've been naughty," doesn't mean they convey the same idea. The author's abuse of these words betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of them worse than his subject's.

"Linguistics!" Luna shouted, throwing her book onto the table. "Equestrian has evolved since our time! Through the assistance of this compendium of semantics we are now up to date on how to ejaculate correctly!"

Oh this is gonna be one of those fics. This will be fun,


"Huge boner! Nightmare Moon molests Ponyville! Village people proclaim they can never be gay again!"

A fun story, although I was a bit disappointed by how it just cuts off without any resolution.

Maybe a Friendship Report might make a good ending.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that a few boners are nothing to be ashamed of, even if it leads you to accidentally molesting your friends.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

...you know, it seems kinda obvious how that modern vernacular evolved. :rainbowderp:

I don't think I have laughed this hard in a good long time.

Short and silly indeed, but it made me grin.

Gay! We must ejaculate to the heavens how gay we feel!

Oh, I do that all the time. It's some great old fun for everyone, let me tell you.


The "Great Vowel Shift" and Chaucer-era written documents aside, sticking an e on the end of "old" to make it seem "old-timey" is only slightly less of a sin than calling Shakespeare "Old English."

Also, "Ye" only came into use since many typesetters didn't have the proper þ character.


No comments referencing Joker's Boner yet?

You're slipping, Internet.


8703099 Which definition of faggot.. The one for 1500s or so, the one from the 60s or the modern one. That is just one of many words like that that

8703842 I need to collect some faggots for the bonfire.

Or... get down to the tobacconists for a pack of faggots.

Or... make some sauce for the faggots I'm eating for dinner.

(Britain is responsible for this.) :trollestia:

8703763 I also like words that sound dirty but aren't.

Like 'defenestrate'. It sounds like something you do when reading clop fics. :trollestia:

That's exactly why the story is funny. Luna's literal interpretations of the words she learns in a dictionary, and her utter misunderstanding of pony reactions, plus some plot magic.

Ah yes... Since I learned the other meaning of "Ejaculate" I try to use it as often as I can.
And just a few years ago, one song in the Eurovision song contest had the line "let's be happy and let's be gay"
Have a gay upvote!

It takes quite a lot to make me genuinely laugh out loud, but this did it.

Good thing she didn't go to a gaye bar first thing

I am in absolute tears. Bravo.

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