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Equestrian Day Dreams is a short story project I'm going to be working on that for the most part is literally my own dreams/day dreams that feature Equestria in all it's many varieties. Obviously some of them will be expanded and modified to form proper stories, or it'll be thoughts connected to Equestria expanded to a more story based format such as the first short story "Tattoo You" which stemmed from a though/day dream combo wherein I wondered how they'd react to tattoos in Equestria, especially if they stick with you once/if you become a pony yourself.

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Fantastic, great writing, interesting story, I'm glad you just left out the whole adjusting to Equestria part, funny how it seems so simple to explain our codes and beliefs to ponies on the computer, yet I can't seem to get my story across to people who live in my country . . . I think this is a fantasy for more than just you, it's one for me as well. I wish I could give this 6 stars

<3 you too, Marine~

I wub you too~ Sniffle~ Merry Christmas and whatever and such... What ever holiday! ^__^

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Glad you guys liked it, you're all my reason for the season


Why don't I have dreams about Equestria?:applecry:

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