• Published 2nd Nov 2011
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Equestrian Day Dreams - PonyMarine

A collection of short stories relating to the land of Equestria, and the lands that people populate

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A Very Brony Christmas

A Very Brony Christmas Poem

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Besides me any way
Gosh what a louse

The stockings weren’t hung
No chimney to be seen
No hope round here
A visit from St. Nick
Just wasn’t to be

I wrote any way
Leaping from my bed
A letter to Santa
Lodged in my head

I wrote at the last second
Some hope lodged in my heart
I wanted a friend
I felt alone for so long
So I asked for a pony

Twilight Sparkle first choice
It was My Little Pony
A simple TV show
With Twi and her friends
That had retaught me what happiness is

I licked and I sealed it
Then the room started to shake!
“The hell!?” I exclaimed “We don’t get quakes!”

Then in he walked
Right through my door
Proof of Santa Claus
No cynic could ignore

The suit and the beard
Right down to the rosy cheeks
My jaw dropped in awe
As he started to speak

He said “My good fellow, I’ve received your note
There’s plenty of you bronies in the same boat,
So I thought I’d stop in, at least to say hi
And explain why.”

I can’t give you Twilight Sparkle I’m sad to say
Taking her from her friends
The places she plays
I can however give you a gift much more precious
Insight to shatter your dark and dreary depression!”

“Insight?” said I
“Insight!” said he
“Just look at this year
Indeed the past few months
I’d wager your heart was ten sizes bigger!
So my dear lad what could be the trigger?

“Well ponies…” said I
And he quickly agreed
“Now son don’t you see?
You asked for Twilight
Because you wanted a friend
Every little girls dream was right in your ken
You’ve already got what you wanted
New friends, comrades and bronies
United with joy in my little pony!

You share friendship and joys
Victories and lows
So it seems young man
Your circumstance has changed
So now I think you have
Something to celebrate today!”

I rushed to my desk
To write a holiday missive
I felt horrible being so dismissive
To the bronies in my life
AuroraDawn, Bpen, Jace, Windy and Midli
A Fool on the hill and SouthernCross by way of Sydney
And my friend ErrantIndy. Zaqi, Mega, Miyajim and Tira
Then all my loyal readers
The list just went on
My joy becoming even greater!

As I continued to write
I heard Santa cry out
As my blues vanished from sight
Merry Christmas to everypony!
And to all a good night!

Happy winter holiday of your preference everypony

Alternate ending: I considered this but decided to go for the "traditional" ending instead, as well as issues with a sudden perspective change, etc. This replaces the final verse.

He awoke the next morning
All snug in his bed
a Twilight Sparkle plushie tucked next to his head
a fresh outlook on the day his christmas gift
and the magic of friendship that accompanies it