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Equestrian Day Dreams - PonyMarine

A collection of short stories relating to the land of Equestria, and the lands that people populate

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Author’s note:This almost edda styled piece is inspired by the song "Skyforger" by Amporphis but is not intended to violate their copyright in any way shape or form and their lyrics are not used in any form here. However you should listen to the song: link

The familiar sound of the hammer filled the forge, sparks flying as the massive alicorn stallion labored away at his masterpiece. Intricate craft work flowed around him and from him, emanating from his hammer as he created for the final time. Under the crashing ring of the hammer, a quill scratched softly away at paper, a letter to accompany the gift he was forging with his all of his skill.

My dearest daughters,

I have told you that the time will come when I must leave you, to go after your mother in to the universe... and I have also told you that you cannot come with me. I wish I could bring you, or stay, nothing pains me more then the thought of leaving my little fillies behind me.

He sighed deeply and let the quill drop, unwilling and unable to continue for a moment, he instead turned to carving in to the metal he was creating, these were the center pieces of his creation, the sun and the moon. His daughters. Though he worked on those pieces constantly his efforts now were more focused on the sky, forging the very heavens he was going to give to his daughters.

The hammer and other tools dropped, as did he. Depression over took him and sat hard. His angels were just in the next room for now, resting in their beds as their father worked through the night. His eyes were drawn to the door and he felt the urge to go to them and hold them close.. but no he had to finish his work, had to prepare a place for them. The final gift of a father's love.

"If only I had... just a little more time."

A single tear dropped from his eye bursting in to steam on the hot metal below him, still orange from the heat of the forge, metal half shaped from the blows of the hammer.

"Just a little more."

He took his hammer up again and let the metal from from his forge, hammering and shaping it in to soaring vistas of a grand horizon. He was forging something never before attempted by Alicorns. He was forging an entire world for his beloved daughters, to take them away from this universe of strife and pain for all eternity. He looked back at the mostly finished creation and the name he'd chosen for it rolled off his lips, just shy of a whisper.


He worked furiously now knowing his task was so close to completion and that his time was short. His hammer singing the songs of fire and steel in it's blows and under the cacophony, the quill began to scratch upon the page again.

I must do this however, I have no other choice for myself, but I can make another choice for you. With all of my love I have created a world for you, an enchanted place called Equestria. It is outside of time and space, away from the universe of pain and loss I must inhabit. It will be a world of peace, love and harmony. My little princesses this world is yours to rule. Though you are both young, you have so much potential and such bright futures ahead of you I know you shall be successful in ruling the place I have made for you together.

You will not understand now, why I have had to send you away. The concepts of war and hatred are unknown to you and I pray with all my heart that this shall forever remain so. I cannot subject my beloved daughters to the same existence your mother and I had to survive through. An existence that is quickly coming to a final end. There was only one truly good thing in our lives together and that was the two of you. Celestia, Luna, the two of you must look out for each other and stand by each other in the coming years, you are sisters, you are my daughters, you are alicorns... and you are the last of our kind.

Rule the place I have given you wisely, as your powers grow you will be able to create wondrous things, intelligent beings to fill vast cities and to share the powers of love and happiness with. I wish I could see what you're going to create in the future my darling daughters. I know your creations will make your father look like the truly poor blacksmith he's always been.
All of my love,

The quill and the hammer stopped at the same time. He looked up and realized it had been hours, and that at long last his masterpiece was finished. He affixed the sun and the moon in to the places within the silver orb made up of stars, circling a small orb of blue and green. the mechanics and magic of the device set the sun and moon in to orbit, along with the small constellations he had left for Luna to watch, and to build her own off of, began to twinkle down on a sleeping Equestria, as what was to be Celestia's sun began to peek over the horizon.

He walked in to his daughters’ room, the scroll of the letter he had written his daughters floating along gently behind him. As he stepped in to the small room and looked upon his children, grief overwhelmed him and tears began to stream from his eyes as he nuzzled his daughters a final time. He tucked the scroll in to his eldest daughter's hooves, her soft pink mane shifting in her sleep. His horn glowed with magic, his foals starting to fade from sight as he whispered a final time.

"I love you both"
A large white alicorn stallion in armor of gold stepped in to the room, bowing respectfully to his lord who was sitting by his now cold forge.

"Your Highness... Skyforger... it is time."

Skyforger sighs and begins to put his armor on, the dark metal disappearing against his black coat.

"I know my old friend, I know"

"The princesses?"

"Gone, it is finished."

"My lord..."

"They are safe, it is all I can wish for, nothing will ever be able to harm them, and at last, in death, I can rejoin my queen, come general, the end is at hand for this universe, and we must finish it."

The two stallions stride from the room, heading towards the final fall of night on their world, while in a beautiful lush field a whole universe away from them, two alicorn fillies, the last of their kind begin to stir gently under the warm dawn of a new day.

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