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Follow the mane six as they face the harshest Summer in Equestria's history. Meanwhile,
Celestia faces an inner demon that threatens to turn her into a tyrant and destroy natural order with eternal day.
I will release weekly updates as regularly as possible. Thanks for reading!

Cover image by discordthetrollest, used with permission. Go to his site and shower him with praise here:


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Unpublished, but getting comments from me? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

I can't wait to see where this goes.

This.... is ...... what I was looking for.......
I want to see the scene when celestia gets damaged.

I'm liking where this is going so far. More would be much appreciated. Also, five stars ftw.

:fluttercry: could use some fluttershy

awesome so far though!

I love the use of descriptive writing. I can really feel the heat of the sun from reading this. Also awesome to see Dash and Derpy together after seeing the latest episode. I wonder how that team will work out.:rainbowlaugh:
Great job so far! Hope to read more:yay:

Oh~ I wonder what is going on with Celestia. I hope you can explain it soon. And where is Luna?
I wonder why the weather ponies can't just make it rain anytime as they did in this chapter (unless its a dream). Still, great descriptions and I'm looking forward to find out what happens next.
Good luck with EQdaily!:yay:

Great questions, and they get answered soon, actually - particularly how Luna fits in.

I wish I could update more quickly, because suspenseful stories are just irritating without answers. Thanks for getting into my story; I have been enjoying yours very much.

A Nightmare Sun has appeared. This is a great fic.

Why do 99% of fics have the best pony(Big Mac, no doubt. Haters.) marked as a character, but never use him as a big character?:applecry: You make applebloom cry. You monster.

More, man. I NEED MORE.

I read the last two chapters tonight finally. This is shaping into a very intriguing story. I like Derpy's characterization and seeing more of Celestia's downfall. Can't wait for more.

very good. did we meet on brony net?

Okay, this is gonna sound heartless and cruel, but I'm really glad it was fire that mangled Rainbow's wing. Not because I want her to be flightless, but because if she has to be flightless then it might as well be caused by something DIFFERENT for once. I'm totally fed-up with stories that rely on Dash losing her ability to fly in order to generate drama, so it's nice that this one has some originality there.

:ajsleepy: I did feel like it may have been cliche, but the dramatic potential of a one-winged creature is a siren call too sweet for authors of tragedy to resist. At least she's beyond the point of being able to fly otherwise... Sort of makes it less cliche.

man this is pretty intense

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