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The one German who is lazy for real.

My Stories

  • The Truth And A Choice Twilight fixed the problem regarding the cutie marks of her friends. Now a conversation with Celestia is overdue. by truekry 2,316 words · 3,019 views · 138 likes · 11 dislikes
  • Daring Do and her number one fan Rainbow was bored to death and then, out of thin air, Daring Do shows up. by truekry 4,595 words · 3,436 views · 276 likes · 18 dislikes

Stories I'm working on @ the moment


  • Bad Mondays A particularly stubborn human is lost in Equestria and is trying his damnedest to find a way out, while surviving the surprisingly difficult rigours of life in a land filled with cute talking animals. Hilarity ensues. by Handyman 834,279 words · 25,419 views · 1,824 likes · 58 dislikes
  • A Voice Among the Strangers An unsuspecting girl finds herself in Equestria, thrust into a world she has no concept of. Unable to communicate with the inhabitants, how will she cope? by Tystarr 205,112 words · 28,440 views · 2,485 likes · 59 dislikes
  • Twilight Sparkle of the Royal Guard Twilight Sparkle is the newest member of Celestia's Royal Guard. Fresh out of the Military Academy, she's ready to prove herself, but will her first assignment be too much for her to handle? by King of Beggars 80,475 words · 16,650 views · 2,305 likes · 43 dislikes
  • Journey with a Batpony Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship, wishes to bring the greatest magic of all to the lands of batponies. Will she succeed in her mission in this distant and dangerous land? by Gulheru 261,358 words · 2,872 views · 192 likes · 13 dislikes


  • The Queen of Hearts Chrysalis attempts getting her crown and her revenge by running a dating service. by Pumpernickel Rye 346,092 words · 8,010 views · 866 likes · 25 dislikes
  • All-American Girl A pony raised amongst humans finds out about her birth mother - Rarity. by Shinzakura 435,294 words · 28,298 views · 1,045 likes · 139 dislikes
  • Pandemic The small Colorado town of Lazy Pines soldiers on through a bad outbreak of influenza in an otherwise typical flu season ... until the OTHER symptoms manifest. by ASGeek2012 419,908 words · 4,873 views · 556 likes · 27 dislikes
  • Through the Well of Pirene [Now EQD Featured!] A young girl must travel to Equestria to rescue her kid sister from the clutches of a terrible magician. by Ether Echoes 367,054 words · 20,033 views · 1,352 likes · 78 dislikes


  • My Life as a Bipedal Quadruped Our hero finds herself in a strange world, and in a strange new form. Maybe this could be a fresh start, you ask? The thing is that she wasn't aware she needed one. by Snakeskin Ducttape 282,670 words · 13,203 views · 1,135 likes · 40 dislikes
  • Mirror's Image Twilight never was a unicorn. And she didn't even know it. by Evilpresident 224,822 words · 37,962 views · 2,990 likes · 72 dislikes
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Nice cover art for Journey. Kudos to the artist.

Thanks for the watch.

If the original story Journey is rated Mature, why is this one rated Teen? :applejackunsure:

Hey truekry. How are you doing? Is your family holding up alright?

I hope you know what you were getting into saying I could post typos I caught in the comments. :yay: If you'd like me to post them differently, let me know. On Nightmare, I've been quoting the bit of text around the error with the error underlined so you can just search for the original text, the put what I think should be there in quotations under it. I've also just been doing one per chapter, rather than doing them all in one go. Kinda difficult to save a lot of copied text on a phone.

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