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A Pole by birth, a Lawgiver by trade and a Trickster by choice. Altogether a most friendly, sociopathic madman. At your service...

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Great and Happy Easter! · 9:42am April 21st

Greetings everyone!

To those that celebrate this incredible time, those that do not, those in between, no matter – God's Blessings and good fortune to everybody! May your lives be full of happiness and may any dark clouds on the horizon never stop you from realizing that sun always shines, even behind those!

Have a good time! And don't forget about good old Gulheru. Besieged by life sometimes, but always there. :twilightsmile:

Stay tuned,


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Well... depending on when the entire thing shall be finalized and whether I shall have a good reason to, of course. :twilightsmile:

So, when are you going to come visit America in celebration of this new VISA thing? :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:


Of course. Hello there. :twilightsmile:

Would it be alright if I just said hello?

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