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A Pole by birth, a Lawgiver by trade and a Trickster by choice. Altogether a most friendly, sociopathic madman. At your service...

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What's Up? · 4:26pm September 26th


What's up? Well, a general question and one that, I suppose, sounds overly casual nowadays, with everything going on.

On my end things are, as well, hectic. With the pandemic holding strong in Poland, one has to be careful, especially in the workplace. I was have stayed for now and I hope it will remain that way, though, with all the stress pile-up, it's hard to focus sometimes on anything else but surviving.

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Definitely blasphemy. :rainbowlaugh:


I have a full goatee, so that is exactly what I do.

Just think, if you had a mustache you could be twirling and stroking it right now.

  • Viewing 80 - 84 of 84
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