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This story is a sequel to Interview with a Batpony

Many months have passed since Twilight Sparkle, now crowned Princess of Equestria, managed to conduct an interview with Midnight Wind, an amiable batpony that came to stay in Ponyville. She gained incredible answers, yet emerged with a lot of questions still. Now, as another meeting is set, she desires to know even more about his species.

But some tapes are never meant to be shared with the public...

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I approve of this. :pinkiehappy:


More than glad, friend. :twilightsmile:

Would be interesting at the end of this if both Twilight and Midnight fell for each other... I bet that would send some shockwaves throughout his homeland... but that's just me and I like some of the Romance stories between the mane 6 and OC's.

This is really good.


Only thing I can suggest is staying for more, you know... :raritywink:


Thank you, trying my best... :twilightsmile:


Soon, really soon. :raritywink:

You need to ship these two. I would love to read about those two getting together and the reaction out of both regular and bat pony societies. I can almost picture the rest of the mane six's reactions, especially about the blood drinking bit.

He/She already did ship them.

He had the bloodlust for our little Twilight :twilightblush:

But I agree, shipstory is required!


It's "he". :raritywink:

And, well, I do have a continuation in mind, but it might take a while to make it happen. I would just like to try and avoid the, oh so very overused, "Please, bite me, handsome predator!" approach. Getting slightly sick of it, to put it mildly. :twilightsmile:

Well, can't blame me for trying not to insult anyone =]

But i got a question, your bloodlust concept. Can I use it later on in one of my stories?
(Batpony and Twilight being forced to marry due ancient law and snobbish nobles using said law: of course obvious thing happens later on in story)


I can't see why not, it only means that the idea shall have more opportunities to become popularized. :raritywink:

Just make sure to send me a link to the story once you are done, I shall gladly read it. :pinkiesmile:

And, of course, if you would have any questions regarding the desader, feel free to message.

I won't use it untill a few chapters away, they are still strangers who just got to know eachother 2 days ago.
But i`ll send you the link

I might have been secretly hoping for some romance between Midnight and Twilight, but I didn't really expect it to happen. Bat ponies are described as putting high value in tradition, as well as avoiding "outsiders" somewhat, and the topic of relationships between bat ponies and Equestrians is never discussed.


If I shall end up with a continuation, I assure you I plan on adressing this "situation" with outmost care.

Aw... Dangit... The feels are coming... I love your idea of batponies, and midnight is amazing... The FEELS.

Okay, pardon me if TwilightxMidnight is a ship of mine...

I am shipping twilight and midnight, it's just too good!

Yep, I ship, they must be shipped.

And on another note, your world is incredibly well done, I fin it very interesting, and I wish a story could be written using this societal basis for some kind of conflict.

Also, this reminds me slightly of the warrior class of Samurai, somewhat but not entirely, the specialists and the devotion is what stuck out to me


Thank you for your kind words. I was trying to form the noctrali society on the idea of a community who was since the start struggling with hard conditions, forcing them into organization and specialization. Glad to know you find my world well made. :twilightsmile:

Once more, thank you for your comments.

Lovely story, I'm looking forward to the sequel. Just curious, will the sequel will be in the same style, e.g. only dialogue as part of an interview?


I was actually planning on switching to full narration and making it a visually more descriptive story.

Not to mention having a grand plot in my mind. :raritywink:

Great news for me. I strongly dislike stories which are carried entirely by the dialogue, so you can imagine my surprise when I actually enjoyed the interview. Still, I'm glad to hear the sequel will be a more traditional story.

:applejackunsure: Twi have u seen :applecry:around? She never came home last night, then again neither did :eeyup:

I was helping myself to the delicious supply of Ponyville’s apples

Uh..no I haven't.
I'll ask :pinkiesmile: She knows everyponies location


I confess, such a way of understanding this line evaded me when I was writing it. :rainbowlaugh:

Still... I would really want you to make sure nopony else but you listens to this tape...

…and then, Twilight let you listen to it to transcribe it for us. Tsk tsk.


Awesome worldbuilding, I love the language you developed (?) for the noctrali. And the story is very well written. I'll definitely be following your work… :heart:


I have my ways to acquire those tapes, yes... :raritywink: And yes, the language is my invention.

Thank you kindly for your words and the "watch". :twilightsmile: I shall put together a continuation to this story as soon as I am done with my exams.

“You do know that you have a large rate of ideas per minute...?”
“Oh, shush.”


Oh come on Twilight, be careless for once and leave the tape going. All the cool kids are doing it!


Wouldn't you like for that to happen, my friend... :raritywink:

4429291 Yes. That or a visit to their homeland.


Stick around then. :ajsmug:

Will do then partner

I'm actually going to use english this time... ok, let me start by saying I'm interested in the sequel you have planned...

Though I would like to ask... Would it be strange if a certain somepony knew the flavor of their ex-marefriend? My self knowing that my ex tastes like cherry cough syrup sounds a bit ironic considering how in love we both were and we both exchanged bites and like the story suggests it's very rare indeed... But when I moved from New Mexico to Arizona, our relationship was shattered.:raritycry:


Is the sequel still happening?


Yes, my friend. I finished my exams this Saturday, so I am back to writing. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for your impatience. :raritywink:

“First, let me have an answer. To a question I mentioned I shall have at one point during this night.”

“... yes?”

“Are you considered an Equestrian goddess now?”

“Uhm... no, no I am not... Why...?”

“Hmmm... No, this is not the cause then...”

: silence :

“... the cause of what...?”

“Me wondering..."

: hoofsteps :

"... what is the taste of your blood...”

Is it strange that I got a boner while I read this part?:twilightoops:


I cannot really give you a reply other than "TMI", my friend...

4773263 Sorry, I just love shipfics involving Twilight and a bat pony/nocturn/thestral.:rainbowwild:

4242341 *sigh* Spoiler in a completely different story... by another author even.:ajsleepy:


Pardon? What spoiler would you mean, my friend?

5150565 I've been reading cealdra's story since its second chapter and now since they asked you that in comments instead of PMs that development is now 'spoiled' for me.:ajsleepy:

Though about your story, the reveals in the epilogue were obvious from the first story.:stillnoshrugemote:


If you say so, I'm glad you saw through my build-up so well. :pinkiesmile:

Also, it's unfortunate you got spoiled like that. At least you know what you can look forward to, my friend.

I read a story titled a dinner date with twilight sparkle, in which, after the interview, the couple returned to twilights dwelling. Once there, the thestral, proceeded to show twilight, the most intimate show of affection, any thestral could possibly do. He drank from twilight, mostly to sate her curiosity, but I think also to let her experience first hoof, the intimate sensations, of such an activity. Twilight was not yet an alicorn. I believe there might have been more to it, but now, in this second interview, he wishes to drink from an alicorn princess. Perhaps I am overly paranoid, but I think there may be more going on here, than meets the eye. I am drawn in two different directions of reasoning. Either there is an incredible relationship starting, or he is doing some dark natured maneuvering. This will be the second time that he will have drank from twilight, after the first interview. He said that his society, as a whole, is a very closed society. He is here to develop relations with equestria, but he seems to have some personal plans, of his own, that he wants, to involve twilight.


I recall the story you mention. It appeared a couple of months after I've finished my first work in my batpony series and, to be fair, I found it to be a solid work, although emphasizing and benefiting from the "vampire fetish" slightly too much for my liking. Don't get me wrong, it was a superb peace of storytelling in that respect, but I have grown a bit tired of the: "Oh my, I hope he bites me" kind of fiction, even if it has granted the creator a lot more popularity. I prefer a more subtle approach in my work.

I've seen the similarities of my creation and the other story, but I'd rather not connect the character of "Night Song" and Midnight Wind - those two "realities" and story arcs are completely exclusive to one another. I'f you'd like to see more of my way of doing things, I encourage you to follow the story in Journey with a Batpony. :twilightsmile:

Off to a strong start, and there's feels already. Although, if Twi listened to the tape so many times, shouldn't she have remembered the invitation?


I think we can safely say that with everything going on in Ponyville that might have slipped her mind. Also, an invitation is not scientifically as important as other information on the tape.

4263099 I support this idea.

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