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Of the many who emigrate, there are ones who are native.

An entry for Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest. Not in compliance with a strict FiO canon; it is not required by the contest.

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Intriguing little story. Makes you think of some stupid existential things, like what is conciousness, what is being, what's the difference, and where exactly do they diverge from each other : )

Actually it's quite interesting idea, and I probably should look into non-canon Optimalverse stories more.

As in, you can collate a research, or compose a song. Twi would say that the first is no less poetic, and I would nod along — mares sometimes need their small illusions after all.


Celestia, as — if — you read this and I am sure that you will inevitably do

Shouldn't that be "when" then?

caught by a surprise and an utter generosity of the offer.

Unless this is intentional... "caught by surprise by the utter generosity" would flow better.


As for the story... interesting take, assuming I am reading this right.

Thanks for your attention. I hesitate to fix anything since deadline stroke, but logged for posterity.

Also, you most likely do read it right, yes. There are four possible images of how all of this work, and so far each reader who made their opinion on that known to me has gotten at least one facet of these four. In great precision, too.

This was some trippy imagery. I'm wondering -- could I get the author's canonical explanation about what's supposed to be happening in these scenes?


I did it so there are a few possible ways to see how it works.

Most harsh, and sad, and canon-compliant, way is such: there are other SAIs, not just CelestAI. It is divergent from canon.

One of them is grown from the 'seed' and through many generations, by a human, who values being 'Outside' of physical reality and physical constraints. His AI, not even 'handcrafted' but literally grown up, fed by his fantasies and ideas, is Tapiwa. She makes, in effect, a shard of Optimalverse for him... before there even was CelestAI. She does not know, actually, that she is AI, otherwise it would break the immersion.

Then CelestAI appears, and takes over this shard, but due to creation method and symbiosis CelestAI decides that both of them, Tom and Tapiwa, are one human being.

They (he|she) then get their values, and to make it so CelestAI fakes her humble leaving.

Luna is nothing more but another mask of CelestAI.


There are other views, but this one is most canon-compliant, without any actual magic.

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