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Starlight Glimmer is always happy to answer all requests — when you are the dean of a magical university, they just keep coming.

Well, in fact, neither always nor all requests.

Cover art cropped from Magnaluna's art.

Proofread by awesome Kookelbag!

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Comment posted by Hiver deleted July 10th

Littlehorn? That's university from Fallout Equestria,:applejackunsure:

I didn't know that until it was really too late to change the name, which was given independently, years ago.

There is no Fallout: Equestria in tags.

I know it may cause some confusion. Sorry about that.

No problem, it just creates uncanny links in Multiverse. Canon FoE also had not progressed past season two before bifurcation point, so no "good" Starlight there. There it was the school under Luna's protection and attack on it (because "Luna is evil!") had began the war.

An interesting start! I'm curious where this is going to go from here.

Ok, I have a lot of questions, but that's actually okay, I rather let the narrative explain itself and piece together things on my own, consider me intrigued and hooked!

If you don't mind — if that's okay — list a few most important ones? I want to make sure that narrative does not miss any key points, or if it does then only when I am sure that I want to miss this.

Well, most of the questions I have are from the world itself like Rainbow Dash being a Princess, for example, it kind of threw me for a loop since she seems to me like the last one of the Mane Six who would want to be a princess, but the rest I'm willing to sit and wait for the narrative to explain or take them at face value. Since it's an AU story I'm willing to give it a lot of leeways.

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