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Hi i'm just someone who writes fanfics join the Grizzly Nation and im new and if you like a story or can tolerate a story then show support to give me even more inspiration to write.


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Another update on A Displaced Xenomorph · 2:57pm Apr 12th, 2018

Guys I'm so sorry, but I'm taking a lot more time on the earlier chapters of a Displaced Xenomorph to explain some things that I should've instead of trying to ignore it and leave it a mystery. So I'm going to write some more chapters and there won't be a new chapter for a while. So I'm really sorry. But I need to make this story better for newcomers and so that it would make more sense.

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Do you have the time to read this blog and respond please?

Thanks for following me!

Comment posted by _LootsAHollow_ deleted Mar 14th, 2017
Comment posted by _LootsAHollow_ deleted Mar 14th, 2017
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