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Hi i'm just someone who writes fanfics and if you like a story then show support to give me even more inspiration to write.


What is going on? What am I, where am I? Why do I walk through the dreams of abnormal horses? I was just a regular guy and now I'm walking through the dreams of sapient horses. My 'powers' rip me from this dimension to one that I'm never meant to set foot in.

Any sapient creature needs some kind of guidance, someone or something to look after. Something to stand by, a right and a wrong, everyone needs morals. I'm something of a symbol of guidance, I didn't ask to be but I grew into it. Ponies channel all their negative emotions into their dreams, all their hate, sorrow, heck even lust if they consider it bad.

I don't think I'm a god by any standards, I just picture myself as someone who helps. Dreams are powerful especially pony dreams, they have so much magic packed into them! Though dreams can get a bit freaky, trust me they get weird.

But why was I chosen, why am I so special? Is this some kind of joke or is it destiny? What purpose do I have here, why can't I just have a normal sleep? One dreamless night is all I ask for, helping someone out each night is kinda draining. Maybe this is all just a dream, or...maybe I'm dead.

Just, please, don't let the horse on the moon catch me.

Featured 2/12/19, even though it was for a short time it was still awesome, thanks guys!

Featured 2/21/19, featured again?! You guys don't know when to quit, but seriously I love you guys!

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hope you work on this soon

Can’t wait to see where this story leads to!

This is a interresring idea and I really like it. I will definetly stick around for more:twilightsmile:

Interesting ill definitely be sticking around

It's a nice chapter and I like your idea of developing the character. However since you're always using a first person storyteller, I think it was very easy to loose track of who spoke at the moment. But don't get me wrong a consistent narrative perspective is a good thing, maybe just try to make a little comment about who tells the story at the moment. This possible solition brings its own problems and callenges and I don't really have the expertise to tell you how you can fix the underlying problem I just wanted to point out what I think is, or could be, a little problem in this chapter.

Other than this a good chapter in my opinion and I'm looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

Yeah I might start putting in a header for each cut to let you know who's talking. But thanks for comment, im always accepting criticism!

I assume this is going to be noticeable after a while, Adam appears in a bad dream and makes it good, only for him to be blown apart by the moon.

Nice chapter keep it up

Oh god damit. I just wanna read more :raritydespair: :rainbowlaugh:

Well expect a chapter sunday or monday

Hmm different. Will watch this...

Interesting story. Tagged it for now.

I closed my eyes with confidence. I was ready to fight back.

Adam probably need a dream charm like dreamcatcher to give him a fighting chance. It also depends whether he is immune to cuteness overload or not.

Woohoo! I love stories like this. Good job,

I like the idea that Nightmare Moon is still hanging around Luna. Also this misunderstanding lol. Should prove for a good fight.


The next chap will be interresting. :rainbowdetermined2:
My guess on how it continues would be that :

Big Theory
Adam meets Fluttershy in her dream and they start to get along, Luna arrives misinterprets the situation and starts to fight Adam. :facehoof:(Maybe something happens to Fluttershy that prevents her from telling the others he comes in peace)

maybe probably I don't know?

Thinking possibly Nightmare Moon or the previous Tantabus. While the Tantabus never spoke in the show, it may have picked up Luna's mannerisms over time while it was performing it's created intent.

Looking forward to the next chapters and our mystery guest.



I thought my phone was messing up when i saw all those black texts

But all questions shall be answered next chapter.

Thar be spoilers a brewin'

Top bunk? Hmmmmm.... Starts reading WAAAAAAY too much into this. :pinkiecrazy:

Okay now this is interesting I wonder though if the real world he wakes up to is even real and not an illusion

Okay now this is interesting I wonder though if the real world he wakes up to is even real and not an illusion

--->INCEPTION! :rainbowwild:

How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Leading you down, into my core
Where I've become so numb, without a soul
My spirit's sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there, and lead it, back, home
(Wake me up!)
Wake me up inside
(Wake me up!)
Wake me up inside:trixieshiftright:

Ooooooohl he has the first tantabus in his head I’m guessing? Moar!

Luna was too hasty to act rather than inspecting. Otherwise, she would find out Adam just saved Fluttershy instead of harmed her.

This is going to be very interresting. :trixieshiftleft:

Nightmare moon? This is the part where we get a training montage XD

Okay, at this point you can't really expect Luna to be believable at all as the "good guy". When you set all this up to investigate something, immidietly charging in and trying to kill the thing in question just makes you looks like an idiot. Personally I think this is just Lyna having made another Tantabus, this time to play the villian and satisfy her own self-righteousness.

While the concept of the story is interesting, I feel it's relying too much on Luna being an idiot and just impulsively blasting instead of investigating. A tantabus that's trying to communicate should set of some alarm bells that something strange is going on. Let's hope she is going to talk to Fluttershy and realize this 'tantabus' isn't like the others.

True, im trying a little too hard to make Luna out to be the big bad villian. But im having her think in a way that a creature that can become a god if it collects too much power and it can trick ponies. Sure it seems kinda weird that she wouldnt give it a chance, despite discord being reformed, but thats the story im going for. And thanks for your input, keep reading!

I will be putting this on tracking......you have intrigued me.

This is very interesting keep it up

Huh. Genuinely interesting premise- something hard to come by these days in this fandom. This looks good so far; keep it up.

All I do is work at school and then come home to work again. And guess what? I don’t get allowance, and anytime I do my parents pick through it! I mean who gives somebody money just to take some later?

On my first read through and I just have to say,
If you work for the government you still have to pay taxes

Some spelling errors but still glad to see this update.

would definitely like to see the mane six perspective on there encounter especially fluttershy be interesting if his friendly demeanor caused them to have doubts they did the right thing

“Well have do I not waste magic.” I questioned as I picked up the sword.


Well, the two main perspective im going for are just Adam and Luna atm, but im sure they'll put their two cents in.

Huh... I actually had a very similar idea that I just never got around to putting down to paper. Difference was that my MC was completely, and totally transported to the Dream Realm and unable to go back to his world via waking up. Still, same idea with hiding from Luna.

Huh neat, well Did it live up to your standards?

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