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This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 2

After the insanity of the Royal Wedding, all Rahs wants to do is relax, and maybe finally make it in theater, and find a girlfriend. His Granny Luna and Sister in law Cadence were really interested in that last one.

Of course as one of the Sparkle siblings, relaxation is often hard to come by, particularly with a neurotic sister, a devious younger brother, and all their insane friends. Then add in a demonic rabbit, the return of a great evil, a pegasi betting pool, TRRRRRRRRRIXIE, a massive sports event, witch wolves, a well chewed chaos god, a mysterious thief from another world, and an ancient curse.

It's going to be a busy year.

Another season in the Puppyverse.

Season 4 is live https://www.fimfiction.net/story/456282/twilight-gets-a-puppy-season-4

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From just reading the description, I'm hopeful that Sunset has an appearance towards the season end.


Putting EQG in here is the plan.

But will this season include moon pies?

Like and fav!!! Okay, now to actually read it.


too many of them in fact.

Something tells me that Forthe didn't think his plan through. It's based on the assumption that Luna wants to reclaim the throne, and that she's the same pony as 1,000 years ago.

Also, nice Mr Peabody reference. Wonder where Sherman is.


He doesn't care about her wanting it, he expects the other gods to THINK she wants it and act on that thought. a thought he's going to put in their heads.

lol, the first season was dog puns, the second cat, so this one's moon?

Here we go! I wonder what will happen if Rahs tries to take a bite of Sombra.

a great many terrible and unseely things, and thats all ill be speculating on the matter...

Forthe again huh? I have to say I can't help but feel sympathetic for him. Luna just doesn't seem to at all care about what she did to him, nor is it believable that she has any intention to help him or do anything about his current half-alive state. Despite her actions Luna goes and claims ownership of all the Moon Dogs (that she corrupted and stole from him), as well as claiming Rahs as belonging to her. This says she'd rather keep all that she took and lord over it rather than make amends for the harm she caused.

Speaking of which, are they ever going to deal with Luna claiming Rahs as belonging to her, at all, ever? Because every time it seems like her being so imposing and presumtuous is going to be addressed the story seems to suddenly forget about it and its frustrating as hell. And in hindsight its probably the root of why I don't like Luna at all in this story because is makes it look like she doesn't actual care about him or what he wants whatsoever.

What throne? Do you mean the Crystal Empire? I wasn't aware Luna had any dominion over that.


Luna offered to help him before, he denied her and then set out to spite her every chance he got.

Luna has calmed down about keeping watch over her Grandpup, and it only ever comes up when funny.

Solomon had the throne but Luna was the main 'face of the dark empire and more know her than solomon, so her recovering her 'throne ' is just a way to get the other gods against her.

Hey... I'm names Solomon... Can I sit on the throne of want?

Some how the pair were also lovers and Forth did not want to think about how that worked. particularly given the size differences and that the mare had no flesh.

Thanos and Deadpool like to have a word with you.

I'm very interested in this "mysterious thief from another world" :moustache:

Looking over the stone wall he took note of a number of symbols etched into the stone before him.

If those start glowing... run :coolphoto:

“Break it open.” Peabody ordered.


The black crystal suddenly exploded in a flash of magic spreading shards across the landscape along with a blast of arcane brilliance. Briefly Forthe thought he saw an annoyed white rabbit with a pocket watch in the light.

Is that the god of time ? :trixieshiftright:

Author's Note:

And here we go. Season three...... Moon Puns.

I was wondering what kinda of puns you would use this season :trollestia:

Would Luna blaming Nightmare Moon on Celestia's TERRIBLE Taste in men, using Discord as proof of such claims, be enough to calm said other gods down somewhat on Forthe's Manipulations?


Actually that's how she convinced Bleu and Kaz that she was cool again.

Onwards to the Glory of Stairs!

So Definitely two non-pony Gods on Luna's side. White I am sure isn't going to buy anything Forthe Says considering he was there, The Zebra one, what with her prophecies, likely knows he is full of shit. And Chryssy herself seems to bear no ill will towards Luna and she needs her for her plans anyway. So that is a decent amount of gods who would be against putting Luna in Tartarus.

The black crystal suddenly exploded in a flash of magic spreading shards across the landscape along with a blast of arcane brilliance. Briefly Forthe thought he saw an annoyed white rabbit with a pocket watch in the light.

What is Angel doing here?


Not angel, White, Angels grandpa
there are however a lot more gods who suffered. Dragons, Buffalo, griffon, harpy, orc, breezy, and so on.

Well in the show Season 3 did start with Sombra.


nah final was new toy line twilight.

they already covered some of the relationships in previous stories Sombra is not related to celestia in any way but he is the son of someone Celestia dated and later mind controlled Luna, to use her.

True, but given Sombra's level of power, my bet is that he is Luna's son.


How many chapters till we get a mooning pun?
Also, I wonder what Sombra taste like.
Probably like💩

Black licorice, or burn meat, or maybe it just tastes like smoke.

You forgot the pegasus that walks on 2 feet and has a permit to punt the sparkle trio into walls if they get out of hand with a giant nurf hammer (joking but can you imagine that just randomly being punted by somone who does it for comedic timing )

I call sombras either Lunas ex or her son

Neither remember? He was Solomons son.

wow three seasons before long this will be as long runing as mlp fim has been.
and it all began from such a silly little concept...murrr keep going you mad genius you.

She relented? When did this ever even happen? That seems like something you would want to not have offscreen. She never relents anywhere that is actually visible qnd it makes it look like she'll keep on claiming ownership of him. Luna just isn't believable as trying to atone, and it makes Forthe look more sympathetic than her.

So we have somepony who think he is a hero who try to prevent the conquest of Nightmare Moon? Plus he think is powerful enough to kill Witch Wolf? I am looking forward to seeing what Twilight would do to him once she get a hoove on him.

Forthe wants to commit mass genocide of innocent creatures just to spite her, and he is returning to normal so he has very little reason for his anger.

Don't you remember? In Luna's story of how she became Nightmare Moon, she said that she was attacked by Solomon the King of the Crystal Empire and Celestia's romantic partner. However, instead of loving Celestia he attempted to control her by hitting her with a spell that increased her fears. Seeing it didn't work on Celestia he turned to Luna when she was hit with the spell she became Nightmare Moon and called out the Moon Dogs to protect her and her new "Master" thus creating the Witch Wolves. After Solomon died his son Sombra took up the mantel and was even worse than his father. This is the backstory of Nightmare Moon and the Witch Wolves. It was told not long after the "Mysterious Mare-Do-Well" incident after Rahs left for Canterlot because of how pissed he was with Twilight and her friends for coming up with such a stupid plan.

“Peabody! We find something!” another dog screamed from further up the tunnel.

You named him peabody. And he's white.

...where's Sherman?


And the glasses don't forget he has glasses

Oh wait if they know the backstory why the buck would the other gods want to imprison her when the others would more then likely be on her side and you have pinkie pie I'm pretty sure gods and spectral or not shes gonna knock you out for messing with her friends lol

Forget twilight they have pinkie pie


They other gods don't trust Luna not to fall back into Nightmare Moon. it happened once, why wouldn't it happen again?

Comment posted by redsopine deleted Jun 1st, 2019

Because it's been shown she was attacked and manipulated into being the nightmare against her own free will and now she knows what causes it shes got a better chance to defend against it and not be punked by it and can give sufficient warning shes under attack by it to celestia and the others which would lead to her requesting to be held until it's been removed again which considering they got the elements can he done in a snap to free her so shes gonna be pissed somone went after her and sunburns gonna be pissed somone tried to harm her sister


The elements were also used on Discord.
And he's still an ass.
Not all the gods trust the Element's of Harmony and Forthe knows this and is whispering in the right ears.

not saying they will all be out for her blood, but there's a chance it can all go south for Luna depending on how it plays out.

9655906 so would it be direct intervention by them or would it be from a proxy/one tasked by the gods to do it?

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