Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

by TDR

The Crescent Empire, Part 5

Twilight Gets a Puppy
Season 3
by TDR

The Crescent Empire,
Part 5

[Inside the Crystal Empire]

“MEDIC!!!”Shining Armor bellowed carrying the wounded kirin through the shield in his magic.

“HERE!” Doctor hospice shouted back, his horn glowing as he yanked a collection of equipment from a cart, including a gurney. The rolling table was quickly set up as the group of doctors took the injured kirin from Shining Armor.

The others that had been hit by the smoke were hurt, but no where near as bad as the kirin and were being helped away from the shield by other Guards.

The kirin guard, Corporal Star Drive, was quickly stripped of his armor, the metal nearly melted off of him to get to his wounds with the armor removed, the damage became much clearer. The night Guard armor's protective enchantments likely the only reason the rust colored Nox-Cal was still alive.

“What the buck hit him, both his back legs and his pelvis are crushed.” one of the doctors muttered, her horn glowing brightly as she let her magic run over the kirin in a scan.

“Check the internals, worry about the bones later.... what tha?” Hospice demanded as his horn winking out as he winced. A wince that was shared by the other two doctors.

Black crystals started forming along the Nox-cal's horn, trailing along his temples and across his spine, pushing up through the skin with wet splorts of rending flesh. Thankfully the guard had already blacked out from the pain. “I can't scan, somethings blocking me.” Dr. Jasper snarled.

“Doc we've got more of that over here, four unicorns have black crystals sprouting from their horns.” A earth pony guard called out.

“More than that,” shouted a pegasus. “Every one of them is developing the damn things!”

“Armor what is this crap?” Hospice shouted at Shining. “Jasper get the trauma kit we're going to have to do this the hard way. What the hell is this shit!?”

“We've been avoiding that thing. I haven't seen anything like this here yet.....” Shining Armor stated looking over to the afflicted unicorns, all of them were ones who had been touched or used a shield to block the creatures attacks. He had done that himself, but no crystals were forming on his horn.

He quickly looked to his sister and her friends. He hadn't wanted any of the civis to be exposed to this sort of thing, let alone his sister. They were all staring with varying degrees of shock, revulsion, or worry. Twilight was simply staring blankly, a look he recognized as usually a form of panic attack where she froze. Better than running screaming he supposed. Spike had his face buried in her mane not able to look at the wounded guard. Rahs was..wait... where was Rahs?

“WOOF!” The large moon dog demanded pushing a pegasus away from one of the afflicted unicorn guards. He crouched down sniffing the black crystals on his horn before looking over at Twilight. “ Bark!”

“Coffee? “ Twilight blinked snapping out of her frozen state, her mind switching gears quickly. “ It smells like coffee? That means....” She glanced over to Shining staring intently at him and his untouched horn. “ Do it, Shining's got no sign of it.”

Rahs nodded, ducking his head down and biting down on the unicorns horn lightly.

The unicorn flinched like he'd been slapped wincing but not daring to move with the moon dogs fangs clamped around his horn. Rahs pulled back after a moment and spit out what looked like a small pile of gray rocks. The unicorn's horn however was free of the jutting black crystals.

“Anything, any surge?” Twilight demanded giving Spike to Fluttershy and approaching, her face a mass of focus as if she now had a problem to solve.

“I feel like shit.” The unicorn muttered rubbing his head with a hoof.

“Perfect. This affliction is a spell. What ever it is isn't stronger than what Rahs can break down” Twilight offered. “ basicly he can digest the spell by either biting or licking the crystals. You sure you're alright Rahs?”

The moon dog considered before licking his muzzle and shrugging. “ Wuff.”

“I'm sure one day you'll find a cider flavor...” Twilight rolled her eyes.

“No offense Miss Sparkle, but I'm not comfortable with your brother licking my horn.” One of the other unicorns muttered.

“He can pee on it too, that has the same effect as his saliva.” Twilight offered as Spike offered an amused snort..

“So..... licking it it is.” the unicorn responded.

Rahs moved quickly to the wounded kirin frowning as he looked at the damage closer up. He let out a sigh before growling a little and spitting on his paws. He hand them down along the guards back working the saliva into his fur and scales and the black crystals matting down the rust colored fur.

The effect was near immediate, the black crystals began falling out of the kirin like grapes being popped off the vine. He added more spit as needed, and although the Kirin's back and horn were soon soaked in drool, all the black crystals were out.

“I'm still being blocked.” Jasper cursed trying another scan.

Twilight shuddered as she approached and cast a cantrip spell that cleaned all the drool from the kirin's fur along with a great deal of his blood. “Try it now.”

Twilight swallowed as she flung the mess to the side of the cobblestone road, her brother going to help the others with more moon dog spit.

“Alright I've got it. Jade start checking his organs work your way up from the worst damage.” Jasper barked.

“I've got a rupture, fixing it now.” Hospice muttered “Jade make sure he stays under. I've got to fix this and clean it out before it goes septic, heart and lungs check out, two ribs puncturing his stomach lining. Liver's clear though, damn lucky there...”

“Saved by spit... that's a new one, we could use that for magic maladies...” Jade muttered.

“The effect doesn't last long once he's away from it maybe twenty minutes tops. We tested it while we were still in Princess Celestia's school, she had the same idea when she found out about his magic eating.” Twilight explained.

“Pity.” Jade offered before turning back to the kirin with the other two.

“Make him ready to transport. We'll set everything back up in the palace.” Shining Armor ordered.

“We need to make sure he will survive first, he's in no condition to be moved more.” Jasper snapped at him.

“We've already lost a mile to that barrier doctor. If Cadence so much as flinches we could lose more, and if that happens while you're here you'll learn if you can treat some one in the snow with a smoke monster trying to kill you. Prep him to move.” Shining snapped back.

“You heard the stallion lets move it, if you lot can walk do it. “ Comet Trail yelled at the afflicted unicorns.

“I feel drained as all crap, but yeah I can walk.” One of them stated, even the ones who's horns had been cleaned of the crystals seemed lethargic.

“That's an after effect, you'll be fine after some rest.” Twilight started before looking back at the triage center. “ Moon Dancer, Rarity, Sunburst! Take up cardinal points here, here, and here.” Twilight snapped pointing a hoof at the spots around the operating doctors. “I'll take point on this you keep it balanced. Doctors don't be alarmed, I'm going to try and make this as steady as possible.”

Twilight's horn glowed brightly, flowing into the cobble stones below the gurney . After a moment the purple mare grunted and a massive slab of stone rose into the air with the doctors perched atop of it, Twilight turned and slowly started walking along the road, with the other four following behind her making sure the slab of rock and it's occupants didn't tilt or tip.

“Spike send a message to Celestia. We've encountered an enemy and it's an asshole” Twilight grumbled.

[In the snow field.]

“It doesn't matter if the mutt was here or not,” Kodiak snarled!” What matters is the night mare empire has returned and 'that' has as well!”

The large bear pointed a claw at Luna who flinched.

“We have already established she was under control....” Celestia began.

“I find that unlikely Celestia.” Lockheed stated.” For a mortal to have developed a spell that allowed them to control a god is far fetched enough. Then you state the Elements of Harmony cured her when they have consistently failed to do anything about Discord and were completely useless the first time the Crystal Empire appeared. Both of us lost a large portion of our population due to her actions and the monsters she created, one of which you still allow to be free. That you are so willing to forgive that after a mere thousand years shows how young and stupid you are ...”

“I'm two hundred years older than you Lockheed.” Celestia snapped. “And as stated, when Discord escaped this time he didn't bother any one other than me.”

“Of course not, because you had my focus. And every one else is so dreadfully boring” Discord stated making the group jump as they looked for the chaos god who wasn't even there.

“My point stands.” Lockheed muttered warily.

“Do I need to point out, that Celestia was one of the leaders trying to stop her sister and was the one who ultimately succeeded” Martle spoke up. “Only the Buffalo were more proactive against the darkness.”

A few of the gods looked back at the hill towering behind them, though if Iinii noticed he made no sign of it, and stared on at the dome of the Empire.

“We should have put her in Tartarus after what she did to Forthe. It was fairly clear she was up to no good then.” Kodiak snapped.

“Forthe is an ass, and it wasn't as if we even had a law about that yet. All she did was try to save a few mortals and Forthe lost his shit about having to share his portfolio when he didn't even have to in the end.” Teacup muttered. ”As for the selective breeding rule, need I remind you about koalas and raccoons, BEAR god??”

“She did try to fix the issue too. Forthe was very against any sort of help aside from her killing the ones she saved. It is hardly a crime to NOT take a life.” Kaz stated. “Forthe was the one who was at fault for refusing.”

“Until she turned loose her monstrosities on Equss and nearly destroyed him because of it.” Kodiak snapped.

“I'm afraid I wasssssn't part of thisssss when it happened. Sssssso I am unsssssure here.” Ascepius offered.

“I will fill you in later if you wish, but it was not of my matter either at the time.” Rhino stated.

“She has been freed for two years now and has been checked out by a number of gods to show she is free of Solomon's control and the dark taint.” Celestia responded her tone starting to get a bit uneven at the constant bickering circle.

Luna had yet to respond and simply took the accusations.

“In your care, with your allies.” Lockheed stated.

“Are you questioning my skills Lockheed?” Bleu glared at the griffon.

“Please, you are capricious at best, and lazy at worst, you probably just waved a claw and said she was fine.”Lockheed responded.

“We can settle this now if you all...” Celestia tried.

“She has been rather silent this whole time.” Fledge pointed out, looking like some sort of vulture now.

“Because she knows she is guilty!!” Kodiak roared.

“Silence on a subject does not mean guilt!” Kaz growled.

“Yet to not even try to defend oneself from accusations...” Lockheed countered.

“It would be easy to simply.....” Celestia tried again as the bickering continued.

“Body language could be interpreted as guilt if the accused is unwilling to speak.” Rhino pondered. “ I have several texts on that.”

“I thought you had no ssssay?” Ascepius questioned.

“It is a simple bit of knowledge, I am not siding.” Rhino huffed.

“Please just listen....” Celestia frowned.

“What was that Lockheed!?!” Bleu snarled.

“ I shouldn't think something as uncultured as you would understand what I was saying.” Lockheed snarked.

“Bitch, your race came about when a full bird fucked a cougar, and I'm not talking about military rank OR attractive older females.” Bleu hissed. “Don't talk to me about culture!”

“ENOUGH!” Kodiak snapped, shoving past Martle and Rhino. “If none of you fools will do anything about the danger before us I will drag it to Tartarus my self to be rid of its corruption.”

“Kodiak stop... “ Celestia moved to stop the massive bear.

“Out of my way mare, this no longer concerns you!” the towering bear god snapped and shoved Celestia aside, storming towards the unmoving Luna.

There was a flash of red light.

[Where mares glow, and stallions plunder ]

The night sky over the plains lit up with a red glow. A whistling sound sent a number of smaller animals scurrying for their dens. And sent the larger, deer like creatures with thick tails hopping off towards safety.

A falling star arced through the sky slamming into the earth with an explosion of fire and a great gout of dirt and rock being flung into the air as it impacted.

A few of the braver roo's hopped closer, peering over the lip of the massive crater that had formed and still radiated heat.

At the bottom of the crater was a large ursine form of that looked vaguely like a chard kola.

The first roo blinked noting the two burn marks on the underside of the brown figures chin that looked like horse shoes.

“Huh.. drop bears getting a bit more aggressive now,coming in from space.” The second commented looking up at the sky.

“Ow.” uttered Kodiak

[ Former ice fields near the ski resort.]

A plain of black ash and rock radiated out from a central point near the ski lodge stopping just short of where Princess Luna stood.

Steam filled the air soaking the gathered gods, save Iinii who remained unmoving and uninterested in the goings on near by.

The snow and ice had not even had time to melt before it was steam, or in some patches here and there , on fire and burning merrily.

In the center of this clearing, which also held the other gods, all of whom seemed slightly chard, save Iinii who was still outside the ring, was a pure white alicorn.

The mare was standing on the bare ground, the rock melting or turning to glass under her hooves. Her mane and tail were lit up in a fiery orange that whipped in the air like it was flame itself. Her eyes were bright crimson and her breath sent blasts of heat hot enough to ignite the air before her nostrils.