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Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3 - TDR

A hidden empire, even worse dating advice, bad apples, witch wolves, and the return of chaos all in Season 3 of Twilight Gets a Puppy

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The Crescent Empire, Prologue

[ Frozen north, Mid summer, deep under the ice]

“Am starting to believe, we are being lied to.” A white furred Diamond Dog wearing lopsided glasses and a red vest grumbled. The canine was rather burly with a sharp wolf like muzzle, though his ears were rounded and drooped along the sides of his head. He rolled a rock past him to let it travel down the slope behind him to be picked up by the cart loaders to be dumped outside.

The cold ground and rocky terrain did not help the small packs digging ability at all. With the ten of them this had been very slow going and he missed the warmth of his den back in the Everfree Forest.

“Why god lie, alpha?” a gray furred dog in front of him questioned. “Him say treasure here, why not be treasure?”

“Peabody! We find something!” another dog screamed from further up the tunnel.

The white diamond dog shoved the other one aside rushing towards the end of the tunnel pushing past the rest of the pack.

Reaching the tunnels end, he looked down to the lead digger, a smaller miscolored hound by the name of Tunnel Rat. The tiny dog was clearing off a stone slab that was nearly as large as Peabody was and a good four or five heads taller than Tunnel Rat.

Ponies would have said it was about ten feet, but Peabody had never understood why ponies used feet as a measurement, they all had hooves.

Looking over the stone wall he took note of a number of symbols etched into the stone before him.

“Dig it out.” Peabody ordered and the other dogs scrambled to clear the stone free of dirt.

Peabody frowned pulling out a small bit of paper from the dirty red vet he wore and looked it over. The markings drawn on the paper matched those on this odd box. A smile crept into the fanged maw of the Diamond Dog. This was what the god had sent him to find, with the treasure in here, he would surely impress the Alpha bitch Jynx and have a proper pack rather than the castoffs he could gather.

The pack cleared a large space around the stone showing it to be a large stone box covered in the odd markings like on the paper.

This was it.

“Break it open.” Peabody ordered.

[On the surface]

Forthe frowned, wisps of snow blew through his form as he surveyed the barren snow fields around him while floating high in the air.

The pack he convinced to help him should have found the source of the power he felt by now.

This had not been an easy year. The summer sun celebration had come and gone in Equestria which meant that Luna had been free for two years now and he had not managed to so much as inconvenience her save once. And then he had failed to kill the Witch Wolf.

Still sending a message that Canterlot was going to be attacked would keep them all hunkered down and in one spot long enough for him to do what was needed.

Who knew, maybe he would luck out and the bugs would be found out. Then the two races could go back to trying to kill each other again.

He hadn't expected Luna to run off to Tartarus to check on the prisoners there. That cess pit of a prison was home to a number of gods and monsters that either couldn't be destroyed, or no one was willing to commit genocide to be rid of. The prison was run by the gods of Life and Death respectively, Grace and Troph. The one was a skeleton of some sort of pony, and the other great mutated draconic creature.

Some how the pair were also lovers and Forth did not want to think about how that worked. particularly given the size differences and that the mare had no flesh.

Still as far as he knew the pair were rarely in Tartarus, preferring to leave various guardians to watch it in their stead.

Perhaps he should swing by later if this plan failed and see what other trouble he could cause.

The return of the darkest chapter in Luna's life would draw the attention of the other gods and remind them of what they had lost to her last time. She had few supporters among those that paid attention to the world beyond their borders, If the other gods decided she was a threat, at the very least she would be locked in Tartarus. Then she couldn't get in his way when he made to kill the witch wolf.

Given her mentality, he expected Luna would try to fight, which would make it even more fun when she was torn apart and tossed in a cell in Tartarus. She would reform of course, but by then she would be trapped in a cell forever. Perhaps Celestia would fight as well and receive the same fate. Then he could wipe out the whole pony race, or make them all subservient to the diamond dogs, who were far stronger and deserved to rule once that foul taint of the witch wolves was removed.

His musings were cut short as he bore witness to a host of diamond dogs scrambling out of the mines they had dug,and tearing across the tundra at top speed. Peabody barely made it out of the tunnel before it erupted behind him. A black shard of crystal broke up through the ice like a dagger piercing flesh it shot into the sky growing out of the ice as a piercing scream rent the air around it as if the towering shard of black crystal was tearing reality itself apart.

The massive monolith stopped jutting up like a dagger. The scream started again making even the ghost god clap his paws over his ears.

The black crystal suddenly exploded in a flash of magic spreading shards across the landscape along with a blast of arcane brilliance. Briefly Forthe thought he saw an annoyed white rabbit with a pocket watch in the light.

Forthe winced turning his head as the light grew brighter, feeling like it was blinding him, far below several of the diamond dogs screamed out in pain from the noise and the light as well.

Forthe shook his head with a snarl, blinking away spots as the screaming stopped. When his gaze cleared enough, he beheld a massive city before him made completely out of crystal.

Forthe smiled darkly for a moment, before howling his success to the heavens.

A moment later a blast of black energy caught him in the chest, ripping apart his partially corporal form.

The ghost cursed, wincing in spite of himself at that attack. Something was watching him, something that had woken with the city. And it didn't want him here.

It mattered little, what he set out to do was done. It was time to spread word to the other gods of this, and what they should do to stop Luna from reclaiming her dark throne.

Forthe took to the winds letting it carry his spectral form to where he wanted.

Around the city a black miasma swirled, glowing eyes green trailing purple motes opened in the midst of it.


Far away in Canterlot, Princess Luna woke with a scream.

TDR Presents

Season three of Twilight Gets a Puppy

The Crescent Empire,

Author's Note:

And here we go. Season three...... Moon Puns.

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