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Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3 - TDR

A hidden empire, even worse dating advice, bad apples, witch wolves, and the return of chaos all in Season 3 of Twilight Gets a Puppy

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Apple family Rheita Chapter 2

Twilight gets a Puppy
Season 3

Apple family Rheita
Chapter 2

[Sweet Apple Acres ]

Applejack rubbed her chin with a hoof as she pondered. There was a lot to go over with this. The quilt, the fritters, the events, everything. She ignored the squee of Twilight as Granny got to the pictures of Big Mac as a foal, she had seen Granny heading in that direction after the first few pages.

Clearly so had Big Mac given how quickly he made himself scarce.

Granny was in high spirits with the only down side being the lack of a response from her half sister that was supposed to live in Canterlot. Granny hadn't seen her since she was a foal and went to school in the city.

Applejack wanted to find her for Granny, but Granny told her not to bother she didn't expect the mare was still alive at this point.

Still even ignoring that there were a whole mess of cooking supplies, quilting supplies and materials she would need to collect. Just the set up alone would take a few days and the first of the family would start trickling in a few days before the event. Heck the first few would be here by the end of the week.

Looks like Twilight would get her checklists.

Twilight smiled as she looked over the images. listening to the stories that Granny told about each of them. She didn't just focus on Big Mac, but there were plenty of tales about him.

What Twilight noticed however was a pair of ponies that were in nearly every photo that Applejack and Big Mac were in. A pair of ponies that were ignored or quickly distracted from in Granny's stories.

Twilight remained silent about it because of how intently Granny was avoiding talking about them. Applebloom seemed a little more sullen as she pressed against Spike's good arm and Applejack had wandered away muttering to herself as they passed the first of those photos.

Twilight didn't need to have who they were explained, she and Rahs had already heard about what happened to her friends parents. While she wasn't on the best of terms with her own family she was at least better about it now than she had been. Between the wedding and everything else there wasn't a real reason to be mad at them. Until dad tried threatening Mac, or mom went on a grand foals rant again.

Still she wished there was something she could do for them, but at the very least she could make this the best reunion ever.

[ Crystal Empire]

Rahs couldn't hide a grin as he sat back in a chair and watched the three at the table. This was great, he had even gotten one of the palace servants to bring him some popcorn.

“Can you please stop flirting with my wife?” Shining Armor glowered as Cadence actually had a blush from some of the Changeling Queens suggestions.

“No promises, though I could flirt with you if you prefer stud.” Chrysalis grinned as Shining blushed and Cadence glowered.

“Chryssy......” Cadence grumbled.

“Right right fine. Look I came here to apologize for that whole wedding thing. None of it went according to plan really...” Chrysalis offered.

“Except where it did.” Shining pointed out.

“What?”Chrysalis raised an eyebrow.

“ After the wedding there was a convenient influx of new guards and ponies looking to live in Canterlot with no real back grounds past a certain point. Most of the damage to the city was limited to public works with only Guards and nobility being targeted with anything more than simply keeping ponies in their houses. It was a terror tactic designed to get us to look the other way while you slip changelings into positions that could be taken advantage of. I've also broken down the new adjustments I some how know how to make to my shields. You taught me a very specific type of shield spell and added the suggestion while I was in that daze spell to use it to only affect changelings who were out of their disguise, not the race as a whole. I know how to do that now by the way, and it's been tested as hundred percent effective before we came up here.”

Chrysalis' eyes widened.

Cadence was clearly surprised as well.

“I sometimes forget he's related to Twilight.” Cadence smiled.

“Doesn't show it very often?” Chrysalis asked.


“I'm right here you know.” Shining sighed as Rahs cackled.

“So I gather he's right?” Cadence sighed.

“Of course. I needed changelings in position to be able to work a vote to allow us a space in Equestria. Sunbutt's not going to allow it on her own and basically you and Princess Luna are the only ones I can work with without risking losing my head.” Chrysalis sighed. ”Of course you may have also given us another option with this empire thing, but I'm still leery going through with that until I find out more about that Crystal Heart of yours. It does me little good to try and move up here if our presence has any detrimental effects to it.”

“Why would I let you, let alone tell you anything about the heart? I'm still mad that you tried to steal away my husband, and you slept with him.” Cadence glowered.

“You weren't even married yet and it's not like I forced him to, he's the one who suggested it.” Chrysalis protested.

“Because he thought you were me.” Cadence snapped.

“I slept with you too and I don't hear him complaining about that?” Chrysalis offered.

Both the mares turned to look at Shining who had taken that moment to pretend to take a excessively long drink from his tea, and hoped to what ever god or universe writer that might be out there they would move on with the conversation soon.

Sadly the rabbit was not that generous.

“In my defense, I wasn't even born yet.” Shining finally offered when the stares continued far past the emptying of his tea.

“That's hardly a defense Shining Armor, I remember what you said at the wedding.” Cadence glared.

“Well that makes one of us. That whole bit was rather hazy.” Shining placated, rather glad Applejack wasn't here. His brothers hyena like cackling wasn't helping.

“See I broke his mind with my mad sex skills... I'm always doing things like that.” Chrysalis smirked.

“Please....” Cadence scoffed. “ You're not that great.”

“Don't give me that Cady I taught you everything you know.” Chrysalis grinned.” But I didn't teach you everything I know.”

“I've taken that teaching and expanded quite a bit on it over the years.” Cadence frowned. “The student is now the master.”

“Unless she has the collar on.” Shining added getting a blush from Cadence a grin from Chrysalis and a retching noise from Rahs. Shining smirked before he turned to yell at Rahs “That's what you get for listening in hair ball!”

“ Shining......” Cadence growled.

“Cadence. Stop. Do you know how often you've brought up Chrysalis in conversation since the wedding? A lot. It's pretty clear you've still got feelings for her in some shape or fashion. And given her …. hmm... about it.... what's the word?”

“Constant harassment?”Cadence sighed.

“Shameless flirting?” Chrysalis smiled.

“Blatant innuendo?”

“Insistence...” Shining glared at his brother.” She clearly still has a thing for you. So we need to work this out like the reasonable adults we are, sorry, are supposed to be.”

“Fine. Though I am married now Chryssy and you're going to have to respect that.” Cadence huffed.

“Fine, but you're also Empress, and Emperor of the Empire and those titles tend to come with concubines and stuff.” Chrysalis offered.

“You're willing to settle for being a concubine?” Shining blinked.

“I mean you studly.” Chrysalis grinned.

“Chryssy...” Cadence snapped.

“What!?! Just picture him in one of those transparent lace outfits they have in those Arabian books.” Chrysalis grinned wider.

Cadence blinked and looked over at Shining thoughtfully.

“I am not going to go out and get fitted for that sort of outfit....” Shining grumbled

“Why would you need to?” Chrysalis grinned. With a flash of green flame she turned into Shining Armor. Granted it was a Shining armor with some artistic liberties taken, and one who was dressed in flowing transparent silks with quite a bit of gold jewelry and even a few obvious piercings.

Shining Armor narrowed his eyes in annoyance and his horn lit up. His burn out was not completely recovered from, but he had more than enough power and skill to lift a napkin up to cover his wife, mouth as she drooled.

“Seriously?” Shining asked as he ignored Rahs who had fallen over onto the floor clutching his own eyes as he rolled about in dramatic anguish at the sight.

“What? This more to your liking?” Another flash of green flame and it was now Cadence in the same outfit with the same piercings and jewelry, as well as a fancier version of the aforementioned collar. .

Shining's mind stopped working, as his wife offered him a napkin for his own drool.

“Bork!” Rahs shouted snapping Shining Armor's mind out of the gutter.

“What do you mean get a room? This whole place is our room?!” Shining snapped at Rahs.

“Ahh breaking the place in are we?” Chrysalis smirked as she let the form she had flash back to her own.

“We still have the kitchen and a few hundred other rooms to break in. This is a big palace.” Cadence nodded.

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