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Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3 - TDR

A hidden empire, even worse dating advice, bad apples, witch wolves, and the return of chaos all in Season 3 of Twilight Gets a Puppy

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The Crescent Empire. Episode 2, Part 5

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Twilight gets a Puppy
Season 3

The Crescent Empire.
Episode 2, Part 5

[Top of the palace]

Rahs Sparkle was in no way, a warrior.

He was lazy, fixated on his own personal interests, and not very inclined to put too much effort into things that didn't interest or immediately affect him.

Sure he was super naturally tough, and given the very nature of the world he lived in with it's plethora of magic, able to heal from anything that didn't kill him outright.

The Bone Hounds had shaken his world view quite a bit, and although his traits had remained the same, he had taken the time to learn how to defend himself.

He was still not a warrior.

The thing that was lunging at them now WAS a warrior. He was a foul creature, twisted in darkness to serve as a shock trooper for an evil empire. He was larger than Rahs in both bulk, fluff, likely training, and also sadly, other parts.

Because clearly real warriors didn't wear pants.

Had to be a intimidation thing.

This thing had been sneaking around in the shadows when they came in and Rahs had barely caught sight of it as it lunged at them.

Rahs didn't have the genius of his sister, nor the cleverness of his younger brother, nor even the training of his elder brother. All his fights, with the exception of Discord, had been against things that his size and magic eating ability could easily deal with. Heck even Discord was 90% magic by mass.

Despite his penchant for slacking, the need to protect his siblings was ingrained in his very nature since birth. It might have only been to guard their dreams as a pup, but out here that translated to something else. As such he had been in more than a few fights.

In situations like this ponies often said time slowed. While time might have seemed to slow for the others, Rahs didn't notice and reacted instantly. Pushing his sister down with a rear paw and grabbing the pouncing witch wolves arm, shoving his other paw into his chest, claws first, as he used the beasts momentum to send him over the group to crash on the floor. Preventing the witch wolf from landing on Twilight.

He had to thank Jynx for teaching him that throw.

The beast was up again in a second snarling at Rahs, a snarl the moon dog returned .

Rahs quickly shucked his coat, jamming the element of magic atop his sisters head as he did so as he advanced towards the witch wolf.

Against a trained combatant, an amateur like him stood no chance.

This thing was yanked out of the Oneiroi, was born from a race that prioritized survival in a harsh landscape, and was stronger, faster, and more vicious than he could ever hope to be.

He was clearly the underdog here.

But, underdog victories were some of the most dramatic sort there were.

Twilight shrieked as Rahs stepped on her, the roar and the rush of air as something passed over her brought her attention away from the Crystal Heart.

It took a moment for her mind to process what Rahs said, but she was up just as quickly, her horn lighting up even as her brother flung his coat over her and engaged with the larger creature.

Twilight cursed shoving the heavy coat off of herself, yanking whatever Rahs had stuck on her head off to stare at it, she grumbled putting her Element back on.

She hated wearing this thing, she really would have preferred a necklace to a tiara. This thing made her feel like a little filly playing princess dress up.

Readjusted so the Element of Magic was facing the right way on her head, Twilight took a shot at the witch wolf as Rahs managed to break away from it.

The magic blast was snapped out of the air by the feral looking beast and the few claw wounds Rahs had made on it healed up instantly as the creature seemed to bulk up as well.

Rahs flattened his ears and glared back at Twilight as she cried out and rubbed her head. The distraction enough for the witch wolf to plow into him, sending the pair crashing about the room in a snarling ball of red and blue fury.

“Damn.. So that's what it feels like.” Twilight cursed at having her own magic bitten for once.

“Sparkle are you alright?” Comet Trail questioned as he an Swift Shot rushed over to help her up, Starscream moved to place himself between the brawling canines and the others, a pair of wing blades snapping out as he watched the fight looking for a way to get involved.

“I'm fine, just don't use magic. That's a witch wolf, it will eat it and get stronger.” Twilight flinched as Rahs howled out, the larger beast chomping down on his shoulder only for a claw across it's eyes to force it back giving both of them time to heal.” We need to help Rahs......

“BORK!!” Rahs snapped before the pair closed of beasts closed once more and started trading blows, growling and hissing at each other.

“ Wha... but... DAMN IT!!! “ Twilight snapped. “Never mind, I need to remove the spell from the heart, cover me in case something else shows up.”

“Right.” Comet Trail stated.

“The Crystal Heart...... now I remember.” another deep voice said. Whirling about the Guards and Twilight took note of a black unicorn stallion standing in the doorway, his red cloak fluttering in the wind behind him.

“You should not be here Prince Sombra.”The witch wolf growled his attention switching between Rahs and the unicorn at the door.” Your father forbade you from approaching the heart.”

“That's King Sombra, you foul beast. My father is dead, Managarmr and it is my title now. While you play with... what ever that is, you let the traitor and the other three get close to the heart, clearly you cannot be trusted to do your job any more.” King Sombra snarled. “I will deal with you after I deal with this lot.”

Rahs and Twilight's eyes both widened. Managarmr was the name of the first true moon dog, and the first of the witch wolves to be made.

“Just what we need...” Twilight grumbled.

“Fix the heart Sparkle.” Comet Trail frowned a massive weighted chain dropping from his wing to strike the floor, cracking the crystal.

“Fools do you even know who I...” Sombra snarled before he was forced to throw himself to the side as with a wing movement Swift Shot had filled the air he had been in a moment before with a trio of blades that sunk into the door behind him.

“You're a dumb ass monologuing target.” Swift Shot responded.

“FOOLS!!” King Sombra roared as the three Guards rushed him.

Rahs too had taken advantage of the witch wolves distraction and slammed his fist into the jaw of the larger wolf, the blow lifting him off the floor for a moment.

Managarmr growled before returning the favor and sending Rahs stumbling back.” You should have gone for the throat pup!!”

Twilight ducked behind the pedestal with the heart on it, quickly starting to scan over the spell tied to it. Her black glowing eyes widened as she saw the massive overlay of dark power that had been threaded into very core of the artifact like a demented tapestry.


[Crystal Empire Library]

Spike was freaking out.

Screams of terror filled the air as the researchers ran and tried to find a safe haven in the library. They only found out that aside from being a massive beast, the buffalo was amazingly spry. The destroyed third story stairwell was proof of that. The buffalo had just hunkered down a second, then lept straight up and through the crystalline structure. Gauss and Brahe had been blown off the top floor from and if the pegasi guards hadn't been so quick to catch them the two unicorns would have smashed into the floor three stories bellow like the remains of the staircase.

Two of the others had tried the front door only to find the front of the library was on fire preventing them from escaping.

Lodestone and the other guards were attacking it, but even the massive Nox-cal's attacks barely seemed to phase the creature. The unicorn guards fired off spells at first only for the magic to bounce off the metal plates bolted to the beast, doing more damage to the Guards and the library than the buffalo.

“What the hell is that thing made out of?” one had shouted.

“That's mithril, it's heavily magic resistant and can even reflect spells if properly treated, save your energy.” Moon Dancer yelled out from where she, Sunburst, and Spike were hiding behind the middle row of book shelves in the room the buffalo had been standing on.

“I really should have studied more combat spells. “ Sunburst grumbled.

“You mean any.” Moondancer countered.

Spike blinked at that. "Did you say mithril?”

“Yes, it's a very...” Moon dancer winced as a guard screamed and was thrown through a book case with a sickening crunch. “... rare metal that is highly resistant to magic......”

“And tastes like blue raspberry candy.” Spike added.

“... and tastes like blue raspberry... wait, what?” Moon Dancer demanded looking down at Spike, though the little dragon was already on the move.

No one was having any luck hurting the buffalo, the spell casters had the best chance but the mithril was making their efforts useless.

He had eaten mithril once, Chrysalis' blade in fact.

It wasn't very filling.

Princess Luna had told them. 'If there was danger, do not to hesitate.' The bearers were outside, somewhere, out of the fire he hoped, but if this thing wasn't stopped here it would probably go after them next.

Curse his paladin code.... he really should have tried to identify more with the O&O rogue or something.

Scrambling up a toppled bookshelf that partially leaned over the battle. Spike waited for his chance and when it was presented to him, he took it.

The buffalo barely noticed the scant added weight to his back. He did notice when an armor plate slid from his back to crash to the ground as Spike bite through all the bolts keeping it bound to his flesh.

The Guards took advantage of the unarmored portion of hide and attacked, the buffalo ignored them and focused on bucking the small dragon off his back.

“This is my worst idea since I joined the Cutie Mark Crusaders.” Spike screamed out as he clung on for dear life.


The Dreadnought roared as it slammed into another shield, it back winged and took off into the air again, not able to get through the ponies defenses enough to close on him.

Chunks of it's armored plate and scales had been sliced and cut open by the annoying gnat, none of the attacks had been deep enough to wound it, but the audacity that something dared challenge it that it couldn't instantly kill drove it's fury.

Shining Armor darted among back roads and alleys of burning stone making his way towards the large park to the west of the palace. He wanted to get the creature away from the buildings that it was destroying and give the civilians time to seek shelter in the palace.

He also wanted the blasted thing to land again. The dragon kept in the air most of the time, a lucky strike on a wing joint had grounded it briefly and allowed him to close on it and strike at vital points, though it hadn't been down long enough. Drill Sergeant Kaisur had pointed out that if you fought a dragon, getting it on the ground made it far easier to deal with than if it was airborne.

Thus far he hadn't been able to keep it down however.

The other Guards around occasionally took a pot shot or launched a spear at the Dreadnought, but their actions barely seemed to be noticed by the massive thing.

Shining's strategy was simple, strike and move. The creature was trying to herd him as it had done the larger crowd now gathering at the base of the palace. Plenty of the ponies were trying to get inside, but the design of the palace made this near impossible. Small stairwells and narrow doors kept the crowd bottle necked. Shining had to acknowledge the designer of the palace clearly knew how to build to stall invading armies.

The pegasi Guards had flown the Elements of Harmony up to the main the balcony of the palace, he hadn't been able to tell for sure, but it seemed one was missing and the Guards were frantic to find the lost unicorn.

Hopefully they would find her, he had more important things to focus..... Wait, what the hell was it doing?

The Dreadnought had turned it's head and breathed a gout of green flame flecked with black at a three story building that was already on fire.

The building was quickly consumed from the onslaught and reduced to ash.

Shining Armor blinked curiously as he tried to figure out why it had bothered when a shadow appeared over him.

He barely had time to glance up as a three story burning building materialized in the air above him covering the whole street he was on as it fell.

“BUCK!!” Shining cursed and vanished with a pop as the building impacted the street.

[ At the top of the palace.]

Twilight cursed under her breath. Her brother wasn't doing that well against the witch wolf. Buck this was THE witch wolf of the first three ever created. How much power had Luna used in a panic to pull and corrupt them from another world?

The Guards were fairing a bit better, the three fliers were keeping Sombra distracted, but all it would take was one mistake or one time for him to get lucky and it was over.

The Crystal Heart itself was a mess of intertwined spells. It was like a puzzle box from Tartarus. Who ever had done this did not want the trap to be undone. There were other strands too, things that stretched down into the mana lines under the palace, was that what powered the heart? No, these lines were draining power from the heart not feeding it....

“GAH, focus, unravel first.... this is impossible........” Twilight narrowed her eyes looking to Sombra and the Witch Wolf. She couldn't get this done in time, there was too much going on and she couldn't take the time to study it and simply stealing it and running would probably cause more issues than she wanted.

Seems it was time for the usual approach the Sparkle family took in situations like this.

'Why use a mallet when you have a sledge hammer?'

She was pretty sure that was what the family crest motto said anyway.

“SWITCH PARTNERS!”Twilight shouted letting out a blast of magic that ripped between the Guards and struck King Sombra directly in the chest forcing him back even with the mithril armor he wore redirecting the blast.

The Guards blinked at that and Comet Trail nodded, whirling away from Sombra as his meteor hammer screamed through the air. The weapon lashing out to slam into the side of the witch wolves' head sending it staggering away from Rahs.

Rahs took the distraction as a chance to flee the fight, blood soaking his fur. He rushed over to where Twilight was as she switched off to attack Sombra. He recalled the brief discussion of plan B, took note of all the magic around the heart, and then took a big bite.

[Inside the palace.]

Pinkie Pie winced as she heard the roar, nearly stumbling as the palace shook when something crashed outside.

She spared a glance to the open balcony as Applejack was dropped off on it. The farm mare turned yelling back at the guards and pointing as another pair kept Rainbow Dash from rushing back outside.

Pinkie Pie didn't see Rarity.

She licked her lips carrying the small mug onward, holding it carefully in her fore hooves, presenting it to the Princess of Love with the reverence of some pony transporting a high yield and highly unstable explosive.

Cadence didn't really notice as she was too busy struggling to remain awake. The smell of it had helped for a little while, but Pinkie had insisted that she wait for it to cool before she drank.

Cadence took the mug with a small nod to Pinkie Pie before she treated it like every other cup of coffee she had over the last three days.

She knocked it back in a single gulp, ignoring Pinkie's order to just sip it.

Pinkie Pie stared at her in mute horror, before backing away and then running off screaming to take refuge in the kitchen.

Cadence smiled tiredly at her antics, Pinkie Pie was just being silly, it was only a cup of coffee.....

Princess Cadence's eyes shot wide open.

[Outside in the, yep it's still snowing, snow fields.]

“Get out of my way mare, that thing needs to die!!” Bleu snarled glaring at the Solar Princes who's magic gripped one of her horns hard enough to keep the dragons massive head down on the ground where Celestia was. The other gods had attempted to stop her as well, though none of them managed to even slow her and they all backed off when Bleu had stepped on Burlap and flattened him to the ground.

He was fine..... and still asleep.

“Calm down Bleu if you go in there you'll be trapped too and only feed what ever that spell is.” Celestia shouted.

“Kayete is going to kill everything under that shield and none of your group can stop him. If I kill him I'll be able to give Cadence more time to get free.”

“I am not going to let you go in there Bleu it's suicioOOOF!!” Celestia's protests were cut off as a train sized tail snapped out and belted the solar mare through the air. Princess Luna tried to catch her sister and both of them cried out at the impact and went tumbling across the ice fields.

Bleu wasted no time launching herself at the barrier only to slam into it like a foal running into a wall in one of those funny recorded moments that win prizes in front of a studio audience.

The shield had grown and forced the barrier back to it's starting point before shattering it completely like glass and expanding another few miles to stop just shy of the train station and the gods standing there.

The sudden expansion flung Bleu back and the gargantuan dragon was launched through the air head over tail to slam bodily into a distant mountain range. The impact of it leveling at least two of the distant peaks.

“What in Equss is going on in there?" Martle demanded as the glimmering pink shield stood out strong in the snowfield, with no sign of the barrier that had been trying to crush it.

[ Crystal Library]

Another Guard screamed out as as the buffalo slammed into him flinging the earth pony across the room to impact another book shelf dropping the whole reference section on insects atop of him. Several spears and a number of crossbow bolts stuck out of the side of the buffalo where the metal plate had been removed, though it barely noticed, if at all.

The creature thrashed and bucked trying to throw Spike off of him though the little dragon had lasted longer than expected on Rainbow Dash and Applejack when they were trying to throw him. Compared to those two this thing was nothing.

Granted Rainbow Dash and Applejack didn't have armored plates to remove, nor did they smell like the death and rot that permeated the buffalo's fur once a plate was removed. It smelled worse than Featherweights arm when he had that cast removed after an accident.

There was also the uneasy fact that Spike had to scramble around the beast s back as it smashed into bookshelves and other trophy cases trying to dislodge him.

So far his luck had held out, but like any run at a casino, luck didn't last forever.

The buffalo stopped bucking suddenly and lowered it's head, the brief pause allowing Spike to bite through another bolt and let another massive chunk of plate armor fall from it.

Though before the guards could take advantage of the new weak point, the beast started to move, slamming into Lodestone and sending the massive Nox -Cal flying before continuing forward and smashing into and through the front wall of the library.

Spike screamed out as the hard stone and crystal pelted his form, the rush of heat from the fire barely felt as they plowed through the ring of flame out into the city street before the palace. Fearful screams from the crystal ponies were accompanied by cries of 'Juggernaut'.

A sudden stop from the creature was enough for Spike to lose his grip and send the baby dragon tumbling up over the buffalo's head.

The massive beast lashed out with a jerk of his head as Spike fell past. The bladed horns impacting the youngest Sparkle launching him away from the buffalo, bouncing across the cobblestone road to land before the palace in the street in front of a Rarity's hat stall. One arm was bent at a bad angle and a trail of purple scales littered the ground between where he landed and the buffalo Juggernaut .

[In the burning City]

Shining Armor smiled as he noted the shield expand. It seemed that coffee or whatever it was of Pinkie's had done something.

Unfortunately this gave the Dreadnought more room to fly around in. The dragon made the most of this by strafing him and dropping more buildings and anything else it could, on him.

Seems his little brother wasn't the only one with messenger flame.

It was getting harder and harder to find a clear spot to attack from, he had led the fight away from the palace into one of the parks nearby, but there were still plenty of buildings and other things nearby for the Dreadnought to use against him.

He had gotten a bit of a breather as two balista bolts had slammed into the dragon, the massive crossbows brought to bear by a few of the former Six Sixty Sixth he had convinced to join the Heart Guard. He hadn't even known any pony had brought those things.

Still they had lost the element of surprise after only three shots found their mark and the team was forced to drop their equipment to be able to avoid the dragons counter attack.

Still the bolts allowed him a chance to recover and find clear ground from which to fight. Something he was rapidly running out of as the whole park was on fire and covered with rubble.

Of course it was going to get worse.

On the other side of the street he spotted a white unicorn mare with a purple mane. Shining's eyes widened as he recognized Rarity. The Element Bearers were supposed to be safe in the palace what was she doing over here?

The dozen or so crystal ponies following her gave answer to that, as did the soot stains and slight chard bits of her mane and tail. The mare had braved the fires to try and rescue ponies.

Unfortunately the Dreadnought spotted them too and swept the edge of the park with green fire and a large gathering of burning debris appeared over the group and began to fall.

“You bastard.” Shining Armor swore, his horn blazing as he raised a shield over the group, the massive chunks of burning building material bouncing off the shield, bringing screams from the crystal ponies and forcing Rarity to turn them around and herd them back down the side street to get clear of the falling rubble.

The Dreadnought however didn't care about them and the moment Shining's attention was diverted, a blast of black and green flame was launched, enveloping the elder Sparkle.

[ Upper tower]

King Sombra roared out, a sphere of black energy flaring out of his horn, ripping into the surrounding crystal and turning it black. The material started growing spikes as the darkness swept through the crystalline room. The jagged crystals rushing across the floor towards Twilight who telported away.

“SWITCH PARTNERS!!” Twilight screamed out again as Rahs rushed forward, darting around the crystal spikes to plow into King Sombra, ripping apart the radiating spell the evil king was using to form the crystals.

Twilight herself appeared behind the witch wolf. Managarmr immediately turning away from the guards to lunge at her and her magic only for a hoof ball size chunk of crystal to be ripped from a wall and slammed into him with the force of a cannon ball.

Managarmr howled as Twilight grabbed anything in reach lobbing it at the which wolf with her considerable magic power, bones, chunks of the crystal walls,Swift Shot's thrown blades, a pedestal, the Crystal Hea... wait nope not that.

The beast could do little but brace itself against the onslaught as everything she was throwing had no magic powering it and what magic she did use was spent well beyond his reach.

Rahs was doing much better against Sombra. The unicorn clearly didn't know what to do when something like his minions attacked him and Rahs was easily laying into him and feeding off every spell the edge lord threw at him.

Seriously black and red? Who designed his outfit?

Twilight stopped channeling her inner Rarity and focused on beating down the Witch Wolf. It was still the most dangerous thing here.

The guards had fallen back to the heart and Comet Trail was passing it off to Swift Shot shouting the order to get it to Cadence if she was coherent or the gods outside the shield if she wasn't.

As Swift Shot took off clutching the Crystal Heart Twilight allowed herself a moment of hope that this had been it, and they could fall back and let the Princesses deal with these two.

Of course that's when things went belly up.

A black crystal shard shot from the wall stabbing into Swift Shot's side as he tried to fly away, the pain of being impaled caused the pegasus to scream out and drop the Crystal Heart. His wings snapped to the side yanking him away from the black spear before it ran him through. The pegasus barely made it a flap or two away before falling out of the air and crashing to the floor against a wall.

Rahs mean while had been smashed with a jutting crystals and was currently flying across the room.

“FOOLS! I've lived around these monsters my entire life. Did you think one as weak as that would be able to stop my magic!?!” King Sombra bellowed as the crystal walls and floors around him started turning black.

“Starscream get to Swift Shot.” Comet Trail shouted as he tried to dodge the black crystals growing rapidly around him, only to find he was trapped in a cage of them and the darkness took up the whole chamber, another wave black crystals swarmed over the fallen pegasi and his tender.

Twilight flattened her ears to her head sparing a glance at where her brother landed, only for a crystal skull to smash into her face with the force of a ice box launched by a bomb that had some stupid adventurer in it.

She tumbled head over tail crashing to the ground by the railing, her magic sputtering as all the things she was holding aloft to throw crashed to the ground around her, blood flowing out of her likely broken nose.

Managarmr rushed forward tossing aside the other skull he had grabbed to throw at Twilight. His prey was down.” It's been far too long since I tasted unicorn flesooof!”

The witch wolf was almost on top of Twilight when a blue form slammed into the side of him claws and fangs slashing and biting anything they could get. The impact was accompanied by a roar that Twilight had never heard her brother make before as the pair of them slammed into the railing along the side of the room, and kept going over the side to Twilight's horror.

Sombra cared nothing for this turn of events and strode across the room, ignoring the fallen and trapped as he advanced to the Crystal Heart.

The King picked up the Crystal Heart with a hoof, smirking at his victory.

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